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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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12/28/2006 - Peggy writes:
I placed an order for the Natural Cures book, paying the additional $9.95 for speedy shipping (this was meant as a Christmas gift). the charge of $29.85 was taken out of my account on 12/7/06. It's after Christmas now and still no book. The person at customer service tokd me ti was being shipped tomorrow. I said I wanted to cancel the order and she said they don't give refunds, that I was paying for shipping only and that the book was free. Looks like I got scammed like the rest of you, but I'm going to keep persuing this through BBB or whoever I can contact. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Peggy

12/28/2006 - Teresa writes:
I just purchased this product from ITV, so the special was: get this book free and just pay s&h, but if you act now, you can get the first book also free and just pay s&h. it shoul;d have been just under $20.00. I looked at my bank account online and I have been charged 109.90!! WHAT!! I said NO to every offer they tried to sell me. She asked, is it okay to add this to today? NO NO NO!!! I am so upset and I am calling every # I can find for customer service until this is resolved. Luckily catching this this early I can go to my bank and cancel the order for unauthorized charges.

12/28/2006 - Erika writes:
I ordered the twoo books from TV back Sept. 14 2006, and I sent them the money order,but I received nothing as yet, I have phoned several times ITV Direct, and they told me the first time that the books were on their way in the mail. It is now Dec 28, 2006 and have no books yet. I realy think some one shpuld this Trudew Gye responceble for this fraud he is doing, he colecting the money but does give the books. I don't why the Tv let him advertise in the first place when he is not willing to hold up to his promise.

12/27/2006 - Cheryl writes:
#We saw the commercial and it look very interesting. We ordered the books and did not receive them after we saw the charges on the credit card statement we call the 800# and was told that we could not cancel the product. If we did we would not get any money back anyway because all we were charged for was shipping and handling, the books were free and they said no refund on s&h. I saw the books in [] and saw they were NOT inertesting once I stated reading them. I want my money back (19.95 s&H) SCAM it is..

12/26/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I work for a company that takes orders for Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures books. I have had many complaints about orders not recieved, and I personaly ordered these books, and paid $9.95 extra for 5-7 day delivery. It has been 20 days and still no books!!! I take calls all day long for NEW orders for these books STILL offering 5-7 day delivery! I had a csll Today, (12/26/2006) from a customer that placed an order in Sept. and still have not recieved their order. I have reported this to my supevisers and we still take orders for them!! I realy wish I could just tell them not to order!!!-- they are being ripped off!!! On behalf of all order takers----I am sorry!!! I wish I could stop this somehow!!(I could stop takeing these orders, but there are 1000 other contractors who would still take them. If anyone is going to start a law suit....PLEASE post it here so we can all join in and STOP this theif!!!!!!!

12/26/2006 - David writes:
I purchased two of Kevin's books after watching infomercial and also after quickly looking over the first book in a bookstore. I find that there is a bit of useful information here, but most of it is Kevin's tirade against the government and drug companies, and many vague references to cures, but not really the cures themselves. Not that I trust the government or big business all that much, but here's the rub: Kevin is just as dishonest as those he claims to be fighting. When I ordered the books--which came 6-7 weeks later--I signed up for a free sample of his monthly newsletter, which I could look over then unsubscribe at any time. It came with the book and is filled with even more tirades than the book, so I immediately contacted them to cancel my newsletter subscription. Sure enough, I was charged on my next bill, which I disputed with my card company. I have contact natural cures five times to cancel my subscription (you can't talk to anyone--only leave a message). I'm going to call them one more time and also file a complaint with the MA and IL state consumer protection agencies. This is a scam, pure and simple. I mean, how many people are going to dispute the charges or call a dozen times to get the subscription canceled? This is how Kevin is making his millions 'help' people. Best, David.

12/22/2006 - Jared writes:
this company is a total scam! the first problems was in august of 2006. i ordered the natural more natural cures book after seeing the info commercial. then i decided to googled mr trudeau. found out he has a rap sheet a mile long and that the products he sells are a scam. so i decided to cancel my order. they said i cant and i have to call thier so called customer service # 1-800-240-3417 they said you cant cancel. so i filled a complaint with the beter buisinss bureau. also reported to my credit card they got me my money back. so kept trying to send me the book i kept telling the post man to refuse package they got so desperate they left on my door step i went back to the post office told them i refuse package and why would they drop a first class package on my door. than a few weeks later a guy in a plain white truck knocked on my door with the package, i told him i refuse the package, he said he was from the post office i dont think he was i think he was a from natural cures he was in plain cloths and a plain pickup truck. 6 months later passed and i looked at my credit card statement it should that they where taking money out of my account again. i called them up and they said that i called and placed another order wich was not true. reported them to my credit card company and i'm getting a new card # and my money back! i reported the to ther bbb again and they atorneys general office. i will provide you with all the info you need. the head quarters is based out of massachusetts. so any bbb or attorneys general complaint has to be reported the massachusetts office. if enogh people complain the company CAN GET SHUT DOWN. Here is the info Consumer Protection Program of Community Action, Inc. 145 Essex Street Haverhill, MA 01832 [] This is a State Government Agency here is the so called natural cures head quarters bbb for this area Better Business Bureau, Inc. Serving Eastern Massachusetts, Maine & Vermont 235 West Central Street, Suite 1 Natick, MA 01760-3767 508-652-4800 508-652-4820-Fax [] Firm ID: 83494 Business name: Direct Marketing Concepts, Inc. Address: 55 Cherry Hill Drive City: Beverly State: MA Zip code: 01915 Business phone: 978-299-4400

12/21/2006 - Randy writes:
I purchased the Other Natural Cures book 2 weeks ago, online. It has been 2 weeks and still no book!!!! I emailed the company a few days ago, and guess what, NO RESPONSE. This is a true scam. Their customer service is extremely rude. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can go about reporting this company???

12/21/2006 - Nancy writes:
My mom is going through the same thing with these people. We are having the bank stop these charges as they are unauthorized transactions. These are illegal charges! Call your bank!

12/20/2006 - Larry writes:
1. Purchased pair of books Sept 21, 2006 from ITV. 2. Called the automated phone number and cancelled the newsletter in October. 3. November and December, a pair of $5.95 charges for the newletter I am not receiving...nor want. Sigh. I hope they answer my call tomorrow and provide immediate financial reimbursment. However, if I get the runaround or this continues, I will file a formal scam complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's Office. After reading the pain people are having in dealing with this company, I feel pretty foolish for ordering Trudeau's books in the first place. Larry

12/20/2006 - Kelly writes:
Ok. I must say I fell for this crap too! Thank the ol' mighty lord for giving me a ZERO liability credit company!! I charged the two books of only shipping on December 3rd with and additional 9 and change for 3-5 day delivery. it is December 20th and noticed a charge of 29 and change, but STILL NO BOOKS!!! I haven't read Mr. Trudeau's material, but so far I'm not impressed. If I EVER receive charges from this man in the future I will contact my lawyer and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. By the way - Don't be fooled by the defendants of these products.. If you read closely to the defenders, you will notice numerous grammer and spelling "flaws" from people who should be well educated like private investigators and such. Please notify me and everyone else if anyone ever plans to file a class-action lawsuit against this poor, pathetic excuse of a researcher.

12/18/2006 - Gloria writes:
On Sept. 04, 2006 I ordered the book Natural Cures on T.V. It was a special offer I paid for the shipping and handling, $9.95 with my debit card. On Sept. 08,2006 my bank account was charged again $9.95 for the same shipping and handling fees. I called customer service and filed for a dispute. On Nov. 02, 2006 ITV Direct refunded me the amount of $9.95 back to my account. I was ok. Yesterday morning I checked my bank account on line and I discovered another charges been made by ITV to my checking account for 9.95. when I called this morning to open a dispute nobody knows anything and they do not want to cooperate in removing the charges. I am so frustrated. These people keep accesing my bank account since I gave them my debit card.Mr. Kevin Trudeau is ruining his reputation by using such a swindling company. I will never buy anything from him.

12/16/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I work for a callcenter company that takes these calls for orders, and please believe me I DO NOT like this product! I take the calls because I have to and that is all. I'm not allowed to say ANYTHING about researching this man or anything to anyone who calls in. Please understand that as an order taker I am doing my job. I have complained to my supervisor about these calls and complaints I have received and nothing has been done. I have asked to be released from taking these calls and tried to change my schedule and was told I can't. I can't speak for my co-workers, I can only speak for me, but I hate taking these calls knowing even just a little bit about what is going on and feeling powerless to do anything about it. If you call the order line, please understand that the order taker is probably miles away from the ITV Direct offices and has no power to do anything, even if they want to.

12/15/2006 - Tim writes:
at least a year ago I ordered only the book. then I found out I had been charged for monthly newletters that I didn't want and never ordered. Then today I find out that they have charged my credit card $71.40 for what I don't know but certainly never authorized! It caused me overdraft charges and I'm having an impossible time contacting anybody to get this taken off my card! If anyone out there knows what to do, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! This is messing up our buying Christmas presents and its just not right that they should get away with it! Where do I sign up for a lawsuit?!

12/15/2006 - Ruben writes:
I called a number that i found on their web page 1-800-589-7193 kept pressing "0" after during the audio infomercial and when it asked to leave a voice message i kept pressing "0".....stay on the line listening to the dumb song. A guy picked up the phone and i said "About the Natural Cures BooK" he asked if i would like to place an order and i said "No i want to know what happend with the order i placed and never got"....he hung up on me. I called back again and he hung up...again and I told him sum things i probably shouldnt have but it kept him on the line. He gave me a customer service number 978-299-2299 that i plan on calling tomorrow. Give him a couple of calls really early in the morning if you feel like giving him hell...I feel a little better hahahaa

12/14/2006 - Sherry writes:
I was suppose to buy one book for $19.99 and get a cd and another book free. I was charged $34.00 twice on my credit card but was reimbursed for one of the charges. I have tried to contact the customer service number and held for 20 minutes and still no one answered. I haven't given up yet. All I want to do is send these stupid, boring books back and get my money refunded. This man should be prosecuted.

12/14/2006 - Justyna writes:
I too fell for this. Ordered the books 11/15 for free just pay s/h $19.90. Still haven't received anything and if not for the charge on my credit card today for some newsletter that I never received or signed up for I would have been totally blind to what is going on and still waiting patiently for the books, as I thought this guy was for real. He's been on my favorite radio station, books sold at Walmart, etc. Who would have thought he was a fraud. He's a very good liar. Anyway, after reading all these posts I'm not even going to bother to get this settled with them cause it seems pointless so I called my bank to freeze my card and issue another and I'm also filing a dispute with VISA so I can get my money back. For anyone that has fallen for this I would suggest you do the same. I bank with Wachovia and used my debit/visa card to make the purchase. I had an incident similar to this about a 16 months ago and VISA issued me a credit right away and were able to take care of everything for me. Hopefully they'll be able to do the same again. They told me to just fill out the dispute form. I don't know if every bank is the same way but I would give that a try because calling Natural Cures will get you nowhere AND DEFINATLY CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARD IMMEDIATELY AND GET A NEW ONE.

12/12/2006 - Joyce writes:
Oh, no wonder! I have also been charged $19.90 for "Natural Cures" and have received nothing. I have also called them at 1-800-215-0063 to no avail...Now that they have our information, will they continue to charge us? What can we do? joyce

12/11/2006 - Linda writes:
Well Ya'll, I too fell for this scam and have tried numerous times to call the 800#'s with no results. I see many people have talked about a class action law suit, but no action has been taken as far as I can tell. I am as mad as the pope without a bible about this whole situation. Write back to this web site with a yes or no if you are interested in starting a law suit against this crook. Lets see if we can do something together.

12/9/2006 - Alice writes:
I have read Kevin Trudeau's Books and like many others had no doubt that getting his books would not become an issue. Not getting his books did not even cross my mind, until 8 weeks had past. I to sent a money order ($19.90 for shipping and handling) and have not received the books as promised. ITV Direct program should be responsible for allowing the unprofessional staff to take the orders and for the dishonesty in delaying people's orders. I still have hope that my books will be sent.

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