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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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12/8/2006 - Cheryl writes:
Hello: After ordering the books from a TV commercial over 2 months ago, which have been charged to my bank account, I have still not received them. I spent an additional 9.95 for express shipping and ordered the weight loss secrets for an additional 9.99. I refused all other offers they tried to get me to sign up for including the newsletter, website sign up, etc. and the list went on and on when I was on the phone with them trying to get me to agree to offer after offer. So far I've only been charged for the books, but I plan on keeping a close eye on my account for any future bogus charges. It's really ashame that this man can continue to scam people out here with false promises for the almighty dollar. After researching him (which I should of done before ordering)I feel like a idiot for being taken. I think the man needs to have a class action suit filed against him!!! He really stinks. Cheryl

12/1/2006 - Tracy writes:
August 1st I order 4 of Kevin Trudeau books paid for in full $39.00 I have yet to receive one book,it is 3 months later still no books.I have been calling the 3#'s I was given and emailing the itvdirect.com and still nothing,I can't get a realperson on line at all.It is wrong that this man has taken from people, God don't like ugly and you reap what you sow,I pray that Kevin T makes things right with all the people he has taken from. I guess we all have learned something from this, Trust no man..

12/1/2006 - Jeff writes:
Long story made short: 1. Bought book in 2005, interesting but nothing special (eat right, exercise, smoking is bad for you, big companies control doctors/govt). All of this is free info on Internet. 2. His book states again and again that some info is only available through the Web site - that the FTC etc won't allow him to publish it in a a book. 2a. Signed up to his Website to check it out. BIG MISTAKE. Almost no info there. Kept account for a few months, hoping that they'd populate it w/ something interesting... you guessed it - nothing new or almost so. 2b. Emailed them to cancel in late 2005. No reponse, and they kept billing me. 2c. Filled out online form again to cancel 4/12/2006. Got automated response w/ a "ticket code #". They kept billing me. 3. Tried calling them - no response. You CAN'T get a person - they just have an elaborate system that forces you to eventually leave a message. 4. Filed formal dispute w/ my credit card company. No other options left to me. He ONLY wants your money, not your good health. Google search for "kevin trudeau felon" - now THAT is the valuable information. The guy has been making MILLIONS FOR YEARS and needs to go BACK TO JAIL. If you must be an idiot and buy anything that he makes - buy a USED COPY ONLY so that he doesn't benefit. Don't be like me and millions of other saps.

11/30/2006 - Cathy writes:
I have recently ordered two of Kevin Trudeau books and paid extra shipping to have them come in three to five business days. That was on November 17th. I received my credit card statement today, November 30th with the charges on it but so far I have not received any books. I have tried the number they had on the tv program but have gotten nowhere. I believe its a scam when your are promised something you pay for, they take your money and then you get nothing in return. I see so many complaints on this man, wish I had checked him out before I ordered anything from him.

11/29/2006 - Betsy writes:
I was suckered into buying Kevin Trudeau's idiotic book from a TV commercial. I got the book but then ITV Direct took another $19.90 out of my checking account for something called Sea Vegs without my authorization. That was in early Septemner. After repeated attempts to get my money back for the Sea Vegs I never ordered and never wanted, I still haven't got the Sea Vegs nor a refund. This company is a total scam and needs to be sued big time. They robbed me! I'm sure I'm not the only one they have stolen money from. ITV Direct is a huge fraud!!! Maybe a class action lawsuit would be in order. They are thieves and liars!

11/28/2006 - Beth writes:
I placed an order on September 27th 2006. It's almost December and I still haven't recieved the "free" books. I too have called many times for a refund of my 19.90. Yeah right, transfer and hold................ This guy is looking at a major lawsuit if he doesn't refund ALL of our money!! I'm sorry for all of you who are also victims. I am a firm believer in natural methods as opposed to drugs, but this messenger is ruining the message. I hope he gets his act together.

11/24/2006 - Joseph writes:
Sent a $30.00 Postal Money Order to ITV Direct 3 months ago for free natural cures books, After many phone calls and letters not a single responce. J.D.

11/24/2006 - Arthur writes:
OK,I'm not going to say what has been said here many times by other victims .Th stories are pretty much the same.We are all victims of this ugly scam by Kevin Trudeau.Me and many others here are still wondering why this guy is still doing his evil deeds without any intervention by the government.??!!Could we form an alliance and perhaps do something such as a class lawsuit,a formal complaint letter with all the victims' signatures to the gov't,Oprah,Dr Phil,CNN..just expose it as much as possible.We should unite and voice our anger to the world.Please someone stand out and take the lead.Anyone ,any idea? I called the credit card company today to reverse the charge and to cancel my card to prevent further unauthorized charges but the credit card company said it wont be able stop future charges since we have already established a relationship with the book company.Has anybody discussed this with their card company?What's their take on this?

11/24/2006 - Cassandra writes:
I also made the stupid mistake of ordering those books almost 2 years ago. Then in Aug. 2006 I saw a charge on my account for 71.40. I called right away and got a story about how it was a computer error and that I would have a refund in about 4 weeks, I was not happy about this. Here it is almost December and I have called about a dozen times and e-mailed once so far. I called just an hour ago and they fed me a line about having a meeting with some big wigs about all the refunds that they owe. So I told them fine I will call back Monday and everyday after that until I get my money back that they stole. Has anyone contacted the BBB about this company ITV? Has anyone been given there refund back? I think Kevin Butthead should go to jail.

11/23/2006 - Dan writes:
Over 2 years ago I ordered the book, I have had nothing else to do with ordering more or contacting them. As of 11/06, 2 years later, I got an email opened it, and the next day 9.98 was taken out of my checking account. What's amazing is I haven't done anything for over 2 years and they still have all my credit info. I never was asked if this was myt current account. I am going to the bank to have them put a block on this account. That's all. He's a scam, and is on national TV getting away with it.

11/17/2006 - Keelyn writes:
What is going on in this world. Like many others I decided to order two of these books from TV and called (NEVER saying I would like a news letter!!) It took forever to get my book. I ordered one for my mom as a suprise ( just today I realized that she never got it. So just yesterday I saw a charge for 71.40 on my bank account. I googled the info and called bank right away. I felt sick to my stomach. Fraud no way not to me. Well I called the company (ITV) and yes like many others it was all answer machines and email. I waited on phone for about 10 min and finally connected. I was feed Bull crap. I wanted supervisor ( they said she is in meeting). Support pretended to be talking to her while putting me on hold. I asked for her voice mail and they said they cant transfer me to there. I wanted her ext. they gave me 5233. I called it and nothing does not work. I decided to look back on my account about a year (which was when I ordered books. I was charged 71.40 then too. The bank said there is nothing they can do about the charge 9 mths ago. Well I decited to call company back and try a different method. I played dumb and just asked questions. The company only said that they could only give back the 71.40 that was just charged. Bull CRAP! I was mad and let them know they cant take from people. The support lady said that they had a computer glich where people were accidently charged for the subscription. Oh my goodness (do I look stupid) So I wanted to talk to supervisor again and asked for ext again. THis time the lady said they dont give them out and said she has voice mail. I laughed and she trans me to what sounded like a cell phone message. Ok not working so I had my husband call. He began by asked if he could talk to who stole his money? They did not say anything but what is your phone number and they avoided his questions. Here is the funny part. He was trying to tell them my first name and the idots could not understand it. He began with K. the support said A. My husband said NO K. Support said K as in CAT? MY husband said NO K as in KITE (that made me laugh. Anyways finally they saw my account and talked about giving refund (that will prob not happen!) but then they said that they will put it back on card. My husband said well we had to cancle the card. The support said can you give us another card so we can refund it to that card. My Husband said "Do you think I am an IDIOT you want my card so you can steal more money from me? He asked for a paper check to be mailed and they said they dont do that. The ended the conversation with a few simple words and hung up. Now I am writting here. This needs to be taken care of. Has anyone got any money back? This Kevin Man should go back to Jail and find some SOAP! I will find a way somehow

11/16/2006 - Janet writes:
I ordered the two Kevin Trudeau books - special deal, supposedly-just pay S&H. Well, they HAVE my $34 (I see where other people only paid $19.95) --- as of August 29, 2006 -- and here it is November 16, 2006 and NO BOOKS! I have called and called and called customer support (leave voice mail only)and I have emailed them 10 times to find out what is going on. I FINALLY received an email (shock of my life) and was told my books had been shipped on October 27th -- (they are definitely coming pony express ---) Actually, I bet they were sent BOOK RATE which for two books would be about $2.00 MAX. WE MUST STOP THIS MAN!!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW HE CAN GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!! I WILL PURSUE THE MEANS UNTIL I AM VICTORIOUS. HOPING OTHERS WILL ALSO CONTACT THE FCC -- AND NOT GIVE UP ON STOPPING THIS GUY! It's already a battle in the US with the FDC regarding alternative solutions to health problems and now this joker (HOW DARE HE!) is punishing the very people who would support him. AND, OF COURSE, FOR THE ALMIGHTY BUCK!

11/15/2006 - Lee writes:
Ordered the books. Tried the trial membership to naturalcures.com. Was never able to log on. Have been charged for services for the last couple of months. Was given a number to call (by the woman who took my order) in case I decided to cancel. Well, no one ever answers that number. Ever. So I emailed naturalcures.com (both cust. service and cancel membership) and...nothing. Contacted my bank to see if there is anything more I can do before seeking legal recourse. Let's take this guy to court. He's not changed at all. He's still a swindler. I do like the books, but this is no way to do business. I couldn't be more disappointed in this guy. It's shameful to do that to people.

11/14/2006 - Arlene writes:
I ordered the books )two for 12.95 or some such amount) and did receive them about a week ago. I also received the newsletter, which was supposed to be the first one is free and then you are to cancel any further ones. I thought I had a number to call and cancel but then could not find it. In the meantimes, I was charged $5.95 which came out of my debit card and come to find out another $5.95 the same day. I began to panic thinking that they were going to keep charging me till I ended up bounced and in trouble. I saw a commercial for another book by some woman, sold by the same ITV company which sent the scam newsletter and I called it to cancel my subcription, which I never ordered, of the natural cures newsletter. I was on hold about 15 minutes but finally someone came on the phone and said my order would be cancelled and they would reimburse me in 3 or 4 weeks. I like the way it takes seconds to debit an account and a month to credit one. Anyway, here's the number if any one needs it. 800-668-8951. You will get thru to a snotty young guy,and then tell him your problem and he will put you to customer service. Or just press customer service and wait for a good long time. Good luck.

11/14/2006 - Kaczmar writes:
Aug 2006 I ordered the 2nd book of Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau. The lady on the phone tried over and over to sell me more products, my answer was always NO I just want the book, she assured me that the book will arrive in 2 -4 weeks. Well it's now months later and I not only did not receive the book but got charged for it and to make matters worse now I am being charged for a newsletter for the amount of $5.95 every month I never got the newsletter either. I contacted my bank unfortunately they're unable to stop the payment. I want my account to be credited.

11/4/2006 - William writes:
I too bought these books off an infomercial, paid the $19.90 for shipping, but no one informed me I was signing up for anything else. My bank was charged a $5.95 fee for something from ITV, and I called the 800 number, to which they put me on hold forever, I hung up after 50 minutes. The 800 number also told me to go to their website to cancel my subscription, to which I never knew I had, and at the website they want you to sign up for something before you can access anything on the site. BOOOO Kevin Trudeau! I canceled my credit card, so they won't be milking me of anymore of my hard earned money! AND on the matter of the book...BOOOO THE BOOK! What BS, all the guy says is that so-and-so told him how to cure this disease, but he can't tell you or he'll be thrown in jail, but this doctor told him that, so go talk to this doctor. Horrible book, horrible author. DONT BUY INTO THIS SCAM!!

11/1/2006 - Tracie writes:
I purchesed the natural cures book by Kevin Trudeau as well as the newsletters. It didn't take long to realize that he just keeps repeating the same things over and over again without telling you what he says he is going to tell you. I cancelled never recieved a refund and now a year later my credit card is charged $71.50 without my consent. I called the company only to be put on permenant hold. I finally called my credit card company and they reversed the charge back to Natural cures. Be very careful of this company. Kevin is right that we have to change our diets and the way we live to cure our diseases and that there are better ways than dieting but he does not inform you on just how to do that and what those better ways are he just keeps referring you to check out his website which will charge you yet another membership fee to accessit. Kevin is just out for the money.

10/31/2006 - Mary writes:
After getting the Natural Cures book,I cancelled the news letter the following month. I did not get my money back. I e-mailed, called, and sent a letter requesting the "Newsletter" be cancelled. Now again I am charged $71.50. I am so angry. What do you have to do to get this organization to stop already. I plan to contact the Attorney Generals Office and the Better Business Bureau. If enough people complain maybe our govt. can help. Burned Up in Pa.

10/28/2006 - Ingrid writes:
A few weeks ago I ordered the pay-for-two-books-incl.-shipping for $19.90 deal - after seeing TV commercial. Placed order by phone. Bad idea. By the time I realized I had given my card number and other info to a machine and received no physical address of supplier, it was too late. Never got a confirmation such as other companies send you immediately. Then a week later, my account was hit for several hundred dollars by it's anybody's guess. ITV apparently couldn't locate my order. Since I never have been an identity theft victim before, don't usually buy this way, I was stunned. Well, so it goes. Lesson learned: Don't buy via infomercials, or if you must, do it the old-fashioned way, send a money order to a known mailing address. How do I really feel? I've been had!

10/28/2006 - Bob writes:
tried to get a refund from ITV and it's impossible. anyone have suggestions on how to get a refund after returning the product?

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