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Natural Health Certified Hoodia Complaints
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11/11/2006 - April writes:
I order the Natural Health Hoodia with the toll free number 18668234567 and website []. As advertised, I was to be given a 15 day free trial and received 2 bottles (60 tablets) of hoodia on October 3, 2006. When the completion of the 15 day trial period came, I called to get an authorization number to return, (the paper work said you had to get an authorization number to return). The man I spoke with said 15 days was really not enough time for the hoodia to get into my system and said he was extending my free trial period to an additional 20 days and he wanted me to double the amount I was taking to 2 tablets 3 times daily. I specifically confirmed my addition trial period, and he agreed I would need to call to get a return authorization number by November 6th, 2006 if it did not work for me. The pills did nothing for me.... so on November 6th I called to get a return authorization number. The person from Natural Health gave me a return number. The following day I logged the return authorization number on the return and sent the empty bottles back to the company (I used all of the hoodia during my free trials and return the empty bottles because the paper works said "return the 2 bottles with no questions asked") I mailed the return through the US Postal service utilizing the Priority Mail service with a tracking/confirmation number. On November 8, 2006 (2 days after the cancelltion) the Natural Health Company charged my account 59.90. I called the company to inquire as to why they still charged my account even though I had a return authorization number. The girl automatically said I did not return them and even though the bottles were empty that I was still suppose to return the empty bottles. I told her I did return them and even had a confirmation number from the post office. I gave her the confirmation number and she than said I was suppose to have them returned by October 31st. I asked her to do the math of 15 day trial and a 20 day trial equals to 35 days which would put the trial period into November...not Oct.31st. She then said that they never give an additional 20 days it always an additional 15 days (well. an additional 15 days would have still been past October 31st). She was very rude and said she would have to speak to her supervisor. I was placed on hold for 40 minutes. When she returned to the call, she said it would have to be turn into the corporate office for a ruling since I did not compile with the October 31st deadline. These people at Natural Health Hoodia are liars and scam artists. Please do not let them get away with doing this. Please do not let this company scam you out of your money, especially since their hoodia does not work. AP

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