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Nicer Dicer Complaints
Total Complaints: 3
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1/21/2007 - Margaret writes:
my nicer dicer broke with only a quarter of a onion first time use very poor product iraved 2 family and friends how much i wanted this great looking product i finaly got one first time out it broke

6/28/2006 - Brad writes:
This product is a flimsy piece of junk that does not even remotely work in the way it appears on TV. Onions DO NOT come out in perfect dices as advertised, and mine didn't even come with instructions. Try a tomato in it and it becomes crushed and juice spills everywhere. When you press down on the unit, it feels as if will snap at any moment. The advertisements for this are fraudulent and this product should be investigated. The good reviews I've seen for this on [], here and elsewhere are written as if the producers of this product are out there acting like "real" consumers. Don't believe them!!! This product is junk! And there's no way to return it -- I've tried.

1/28/2006 - Claudia writes:
Nicer Dicer is a piece of junk - cannot dice even the small cut in half onion ! better yet there is no one you can contact ever when you call the 877-441-5511 number - just a machine stating to leave a message and someone will call you back within 24 hours...well lets see its been 3 days & counting no emails returned nor a phone call ! Ladies and Gentlemen this is a SCAM - DO NOT PURCHASE ! I bought this as a Christmas present and trully regret it ! it seems so easy and smooth to cut on this gadgett which of it is impossible to cut ! does not cut at all ! the customer service to onon-existant - only time i actually spoke with someone is when i called when thy have the informercial. After that was gone - you could not reach anyone ! As I am still trying to get info on how to return and get my refund - becuase they DO NOT ENCLOSE ANYHTING IN THE BOX such as a sticker to mail back and return info...NOTHING ! 

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