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Nutri System Complaints
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12/12/2006 - Rochelle writes:
I was on the Nutrisystem auto-ship program for about 8 months. There were extra things that I ordered such as a water bottle and then a set of water bottle caps that make your regular water smell like you are drinking a fruit flavor instead of plain water. I never received the caps and that is after I called and explained that it was missing from my order. They promised that it would be out in a seperate order and I would receive it in two weeks. I never did get that. My husband and I agreed I should stop the program since I wasnt really losing any of the weight, so when I went to cancel the auto-ship I was told it was finished and I wouldnt receive anymore. However I still received another shipment and was charged the amount. I called and when I finally could get someone to help me I was told that the lady that originally told me my auto-ship orders were stopped only put it on hold with a start up again in 2 months. Bah so the second lady finally gave me the RA code and confirmation number that told me my auto-ship was truly cancelled. Even though I sent the shipment back to them with all the required information I never did receive my money back for that last one.

11/8/2006 - Rosemary writes:
Every month before my order ships I get an email suggesting I order my favorite foods. And every month, my favorite foods are missing from my order, subsituted with things I don't like and don't want. This is both disappointing and dishonest. Although having Nutrisystem ship the food is convenient, there's no point if I get things I don't want. They promised to issue a $25 credit to make up for my disappointment, but of course they did not actually do so. The last straw was the oatmeal. How can you run out of a common item like oatmeal? A tiny little granola bar is not an acceptable subtitute for hot oatmeal. At least if I shop at the grocery store I will get what I want.

7/1/2006 - Jean writes:
I started using NutirSystem 2 weeks ago. I finally took sick. The amount of Soduim in the food they send you should be Against The Law. That much Sodium in any diet can eventually kill and obese person. They told me that the Sodium content was half the recommended FDA allowance. NutriSystem are Liars. They want your money. They give you very little food in the containers then fill the spaces with gravy or sauces. The food is salty. Save your money. I have resorted to throwing the food out for fear of returning it to them and they reship it to another unsuspected customer. NUTRIYSYTEM should be ASHAMED of their product and to advertise or target overweight people for their financial gain is SINFUL! America Beware.

1/19/2006 - Cheryl writes:
The food was not what I expected and I still had to buy fruit and vegetables so I didn't feel they lived up to their infomercial. The only way to cancel is to talk to a service representative...GOOD LUCK!!! Nobody seems to answer the customer service phones. Finally, after two months I got their office number and was put right through to their customer service, however their customer service representative put me on hold three times during the conversation so I ended up being on the phone 27 minutes with him.  He agree to send FedEx back to pick up the most recent shipment and reimburse my money so it is not over yet.  And I will still have another box at my house that has never been opened!

1/8/2006 - Tabatha writes:
I ordered nutrisystem and after trying a few of the meals and not liking them I returned the product.  This was in august of 2005.  I was told it would take up to 2 billing cycles before i got my refund.  It is not January 2006 and they still refuse to issue me my refund even though i sent the product back.  They say they have no record of my shipment back to them.  I know they received it because i got a signature card back in the mail.  When I called them to make sure everything was ok they told me they received my shipment and that I was scheduled to get my refund on November 2.  On November 3 I called  because I never got the credit and they had no clue what i was talking about.  They said the never got my shipment and unless i had proof there was nothing they could do. I DID NOT keep the proof after they told me everything was in order and I would be receiving my credit! Now i am out $300 and they won't return my phone calls or emails and just keep saying there is nothing they can do to help me. Dont they notice a huge box of food sitting there with my name, address, and order number on it????

Neil writes:
The products that Nutrisystem shows on TV are nothing like the actual products you receive.  They make it look like you are gettinghuge amounts of food per meal.  I was onthe program and the actual food is abotu 1/3 of what they show on TV.  They seem to take 3 servings and pile them together.  The program works, per se, but whatthey show on TV is pure BS. 

Mike writes:
I have called these people four(4)times to cancel my autoship program. Each time I receive the same story and no results. Do not give these people your CC info. The only way off autoship is to cancel your card.

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