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One Sweep Broom Complaints
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10/14/2006 - Marty writes:
The one sweep web site is a complete scam & rip off. When you purchase the unit you do not see your total until you have already purchased the below average broom. Your second free broom is a complete rip off & scam. You are asked if you would like to have a free broom, then on the next page you are told it will be 20 dollars shipping & handling. The two brooms for $19.99 ends up costing about $75. Then if you call the customer service line to cancel, they tell you your order doesn't show up for 72 hours. The kicker is you have only 48 hours to cancel your order! They people are theives & should be out of business.

5/13/2006 - Tom writes:
I saw the one sweep broom advertised and thought that I would buy it. I went to their site and was going through the motions of purchasing one and I kept getting pages that wanted me to upgrade or buy other pages.  I had already given my credit card number but I had not confirmed the purchase.  I left the site thinking that, since I had not confirmed anything, I would not be charged. A few days later I received an email telling me that the product was being shipped to me. I never received a confirmation letter from them. I called their customer service to cancel the order but they were useless, telling me that I could return the product.  I received a package from them today that is not the broom but the size of it looks like it may be the replacement heads that I didn't order. I am returning this package unopened and I will not pay them any postage and handling since I did not open the package. I will dispute any charges to my  credit card. These people are hucksters and con artists.

2/11/2006 - Jenna writes:
My complaint isn't with the product itself but with the service that takes the orders(automated). I have been using a similar product as the one sweep for over a year and I love it!!  When I saw the same product for $10 and get another for the S$H i was sooo very excited.  However, when I tried to order this item I first got an automated system, which you can't ask questions of and second the frre heads for life are $3.95 S&H EACH, which leasds back to the fisrt, do we have to purchase the heads for life right away or will there be another offer???? I was going to go for the origanl deal but the service couldn't seem to get it together so my order wasn't even completed.  I will take the advise of others and go to the local drug store in the as seen on tv items there at least we can deal with real people. Besides this ordering service not on the up and up you should try this or a similar product, I love mine.

1/27/2006 - Helen writes:
On or about June 12, 2005, I saw an   infomercial for a long handled broom.  I am somewhat handicapped and on a limited income, but thsi would be a great help in doing my housework.  It is a good product.  The Invention Channel offered this broom for $9.99 and a second broom free.   On Jun 18th I realized that there was a problem when I found I was charged $50.96 on  my credit card.  When I called, I was told that I ordered the "deluxe" model, which was more (not according to the infomercial).    ordered what was advertised.  I called several times and was told to return the brooms (at my expense)  in the original container (one of which I had disposed of).  I wanted to  keep the brooms.  I simply wanted a refund of the overcharge.  I got nowhere.  Since then I have found that this company has the same address as Telebrands Corp which has been in trouble with the FTC.  To make a long story short, I saaw the same broom advertised in a [] ad, [] being a large chain drug store. The product (sold in an idential box) sells for $9.99 at []. I would suggest steering clear of any Invention Channel ads.  I'm not through with them yet.  I will pass this same information on the the FTC and the BBB in New Jersey.  [Also, whatever you do, don't ever answer an informercial from Internet Treasure Chest.   That is the mother of all infomercial ripoffs, and possibly the most expensive as they,too, misrepresent themselves, and can rip you off for thousands for something they never deliver, i.e., a successful home Internet business.] Back to the brooms.  There is a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee that starts on the 366th day after the purchase.   They ask that you return the shipment with a $6.99 check or money order for shipping and handling.  The shipping address is in Van Nuys, California under Deluse One Sweep. The BBB report on Telebrands Corp shows the President of the  company as Aj Khubani. This is a good product but if you want one, I suggest you check out your closest Walgreen or other chain drug store, or if unble to contact them, write the manufacturer in Van Nuys, California at 7850 Ruffner Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 90406.  The info operator has no phone number for this company though.

8/6/2005 - Slava writes:
I ordered One Sweep and One Sweep Deluxe. Paid $33.97 for both. My advice for those who consider One Sweep is: do not upgrade to "Deluxe". They promise that Deluxe is made with better technology and bla, bla, bla. In fact you receive the same broom as the "regular" one. How do they dare? They just made me paing $10 more for nothing. To me, the whole thing looks like a scam.

Donald writes:
I just ordered One Sweep from Invention Channel by calling 800-844-6033.  I ordered the broom at $10. and another broom for an additional $6.95 S&H and the original S&H of $6.95  and then when I was all through with this automated phone order, I was somehow charged $43.96 which just does not total up right. I believe there is some sort of a very deceptive con going on with this. 

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