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Orange Glo Complaints
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3/19/2007 - Rogan writes:
My wife purchased this product from an infomercial. They have charged us every few weeks for the product, though we only ordered one, and we never receive the product.

1/10/2007 - Heather writes:
Oh my gosh! I am so sick right now! Just spent about 5 grand on brand new hard wood floor and it is ruined thanks to Orange Glo! Went to purchase some wood cleaner for my brand new wood floor. Openned the package and put orange glow all over my floors. After I am done i notice that the floor looked like it had dried glue all over it and had these horrible streaks everywhere. There was refinishing product in the package, and it ruined my floor! Why the heck would they put refinisher in a kit to clean a wood floor?? I didnt want to strip it! I called the company and they said that I should have read the fine print on there product and that the damage to the wood floor is irriversible. i just dont understand why they dont sell the refinisher separate from the cleaning kit? I dont go to buy paint and ask for stripper to apply it with in the can. If anyone else has had this happen and has any suggestions on how the fix it, please feel free to e-mail me at []

11/12/2006 - Sherry writes:
I bought the Orangeglo wood care kit when I first moved into my new house. I tried the cleaning product, but it didn't seem to leave a nice shine on my floor. Then I read the instructions on the refinisher and decided to try it. Big mistake!!! It has completely ruined my hardwood floors. There are streaks, long strips of dull wood, and you can see every place I applied the product. I will probably have to sand my entire floor, and it's only 4 months old. I will never use their products again!!

3/2/2006 - Jerry writes:
I bought an Orange GLO kit that included a mop with a dusting attachment and wash pad.  The Orange GLO Harwood Floor Refinisher that came with the kit as used on my polyurethane finished hardwood stairs.  The only hardwood showing is about 12" of the ends that are not carpeted.  I put the refinisher on the exposed hardwood floor following the directions exactly except for using the was pad because the railing on my stair case made it where I couldn't reach it, so I used a damp terry cloth towel.  The product removed my finish down to the bare wood!  I called the 800 number and was told that not using the wash pad and micro fiber pad was what caused the problem!  What difference would using a different fabric have to do with the wood being chemically stripped??? Thank God I didn't use it on a large area of my beautiful hardwood floors!

Rhonda writes:
I ordered the product from an infomercial, that showed how well it cleaned shower doors. It was suppose to take off scum and hardwater stains with ease. It did no better than plain water. In other words, it did not clean. I called to ask why the product did not work and they said I should purchase another product that might work better. Yeah, right. I will never buy from an informercial again. If it is a good product they will sell it in stores. I have learned my lesson about television products. 

Maggie writes:
My husband ordered this in a orangeGlo and OxyClean combo from the television.  Well the Oxyclean works great and it has become a regular cleaning product in my house... But the OrangeGlo will never see the light of day in my house again.  It didn't cut through grease like they claimed and it seemed to have left a oily mess of its own. Figuring I may have mixed it wrong I bought the OrangeGlo/OrangeClean wipes at Sams club, and found that it didn't do much better. The better Orange product is the OrangeClean Foam in the spray can.  It does a great job cutting the grease from the stove when the kids try to cook for themselves.

Saundra writes:
I bought the Orange Clean by Orange Glo International.  I came with a 64 ounce refill bottle.  When I went to fill the spray bottle--lo and behold, the spray fixture would not come off to refill the bottle.   Yikes.  Consumer ripoff. I tried to contact the website on the bottle which waswww.greatcleaners.comand it came up blank. Never again in my household and I e-mailed everyone I could possibly think of. Companies like this should be put out of business.

Maryann writes:
I have had some issues with a distributor for Orange Glow but that was some time ago.  After speaking with the company I found that the distributor was an Outsourcing firm and was to be replaced due to customer complaints. As for Shaundras issue with not being able to reach the web site, it was fine when i tried it. Perhaps there was a browser issue.  I found a contact number, it is worth a shot if you would liek to register a complaint.  1-800-781-7529,  good luck. I happen to like the products especially Oxyclean....

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