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Oreck Air Purifier Complaints
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1/16/2007 - Mark writes:
A total waste of money. Having used air purifiers for over 25 years this had to be the cheapest, worst performing one of all. It doesn't cover the size of the room claimed, it didn't clean very well, and I guess I am paying for the infomercial...

9/20/2006 - Amy writes:
I purchased two Oreck Air Purifier's about 18 months ago. I have had numerous problems. They sent me new ones, they sent me new collecter cells (twice), they sent me a cell cleaner. Nothing works, I cannot use them if the air is humid at all. I live in NY on the beach, so tell me how many months I cannot use them due to humind air. they pop and snap all the time. I have had no luck with customer support. I want my money back. I am going to go to small claims court. They are not worth the money at all!!!

2/28/2006 - Michael writes:
i bought 2 of these a year ago because of the add said it would take away cigarette smoke among other things. but my main reason was for cig smoke. i'll say that it does do that, but at a heavy cost. after about a month the filter/coils began to pop meaning they needed to be cleaned. after cleaning with the recommend spray $4 a can it lasted less than a week before the popping 10-30 times a min began again. Now after approx. 15 cans, and replacing the warranted coils 5 times i'm totally disgusted with the claim/ad. Customer service was no help, all i can do now is return the coils every few months for the next 10 years. i was thinking about buying a vacuum & carpet shampooer but can't do it because of the misleading statements made on my first dealings with them. The oreck repair shop were i've come to know the people there very well say i'm the only one that has this problem, i find that very hard to believe. I offered to exchange these for a vacuum, both to save them $$$ in having to exchange the coils 4-5 times a year, and to save me the cost of returning them 15miles away. i'm extremely dissatisfied with a company name that i trusted for years. good luck to the others that smoke and expect these cleaners to do what the add claims. mike 

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