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Owl Light Complaints
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12/13/2005 - Debra writes:
I placed a order for the Owl Light on the internet after seeing the ad on TV. I printed off my order which read: 1 Original Owl Optical Light $10.00 + &6.99 S/H (for a 2 ounce product) Then 1 Bonus Original Owl Optical Light $0.00+ S/H $6.99 then 1 Original Owl Light Additionals $10.00 S/H $0.00. I know it is confusing but it breaks down to a little over $10.00 for each one. When I   received my order in the mail it had only one Owl light in package and had billed me $16.99. I called and talked to Derk with customer service who informed me that the order process had not been completed properly! That I would be charged an additional   shipping charge to send the rest of my order. Even though my print out of my order says "Your order is complete, Total for 3 is $33.98" Are you as confused as I am? So I said forget the whole thing I will send this one back. When I asked what would be credited back to my credit card he said only $10.00, they keep the $6.99 shipping charge, plus you pay to send the thing back! This is how they make their money, they could care less if you are a happy customer. If they keep that S/H charge and you send the product back, well that's just icing on the cake for them. Making a profit and keeping their product(sounds like a great plan) I'm just one of thousands that this has happen to. Please don't be the next. If only I had researched the complaints before ordering. Not only that just this pass week they were in our local store for $10.00 each. It remains to be seen if they are worth even that amount. 

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