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Oxiclean Complaints
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2/1/2007 - Brandy writes:
Unlike others here, I have actually had good experiences with Oxyclean. I had an indoor cat that I had declawed. Well his paws got infected and he got little blood spots on my beige carpet. The Oxyclean got every bit of blood up. One thing to be aware of though, if using it to get spots out of clothing make sure that you rinse it THOROUGHLY because it will leave a light spot if you don't. I've never added it in the washing machine so I can't comment on that, but I use it for spot cleaning a lot. We keep a tub at our house at all times.

1/28/2007 - Ruth writes:
I purchased a container of Oxiclean a while back and used it immediately in my laundry. It didn't make any difference. Since then I used it on different types of stains, such as shoe polish and scuff marks on a linoleum floor. I scrubbed for a while, and even a concenctrated mixture didn't remove the stains. I will try to use it on different stains until the container is empty, but I don't plan on purchasing this product again. It's a scam.

1/9/2007 - Julie writes:
I bought this product and found it really does not do all that it promises. It just doesn't remove stains. I would not recommend it. Wast of money.

2/18/2006 - Jordan writes:
I was walking in my kitchen when my little cousin decided to spill juice on me right before we went to church. Oh joy, it was red grape juice. So I decided to grab a new product called oxi-clean. I followed the directions and what happened? NOTHING! It was the stupidest thing I have ever wasted my money on.

2/17/2006 - Roger writes:
I have been cleaning carpet for almost thirty years, and have seen customer, after customer screw up thier carpets with this product. They say they are the "Stain Specialists" (MY ASS!) But I can tell you that I have made alot of money trying to fix what thier product screwed up.

1/27/2006 - Brad writes:
I am suspicious about any 'miracle' cleaners I see, regardless if they are sold on TV or in a store. Whatever happened to the two cleaners nature intended, water and elbow grease? I had heard some good things about Oxi-Clean, but I still didnt want to shell out the bucks to buy it off the TV. Then one day I went to the Dollar Store, and saw the smaller tubs of Oxi-Clean being sold at two for $1. I bought a dollars worth, thinking 'It couldnt hurt to try it'. Boy was I wrong. Not only did it not clean my clothes better than detergent alone, I also did nothing to remove a grape juice stain on the carpet by my front door. Thankfully, the carpet was a darker blue, so when the Oxi-Clean made the stain spread and reset, it actually almost matched in with the carpet. I shudder to think what it would have looked like had the carpet been white or another light color. Even worse, I had to scrub for almost 20 minutes just to get it to spread out. When I sprayed it on like I was supposed to, all it did was bubble then sit on the carpet. As for the laundry, the first couple times it didnt appear to do anything. Then I started noticing an odd smell coming from the washer. Every time I used Oxi-Clean, the smell grew stronger. Then on the 4th time I used it, I pulled out my black shirts from the washer to discover long grayish streaks on them. I rewashed several times in hot water, detergent and color safe bleach, I had to rewash the shirts 3 times to make the stains fade enough to make them barely noticeable. Im thankful the shirts were pre-shrunk, or I'd have had some real trouble. As for the odd smell, after we stopped using the Oxi-Clean, the smell slowly disappeared, but it took more than a month. We had to resort to using half a dozen scented drier sheets with every load we cleaned to cover the odd smell left behind on the clothes by the Oxi-Clean. This product does not do what the ads promise. I have heard several times that Oxi-Clean is basically nothing more than powdered hydrogen peroxide. Well, when I was in my late teens, I discovered by accident that Hydrogen Peroxide (in the brown bottles) is a great way to soothe bad sun burns- I had applied some to a bad burn that became infected. To my surprise, the burn suddenly felt cool, and the pain subsided for a little while. Maybe Oxi-Clean would help with that, too. I doubt it though!

1/23/2006 - Lauren writes:
I bought this to clean a spot on my oatmeal-colored carpet.  I'm not sure what caused the stain, it was just a dark spot.  The Oxi-Clean made it worse - even darker and larger!  I couldn't believe it.  I thought the carpet was ruined, so I decided to try [] because I had nothing to lose.  It rubbed it into the stain thoroughly and let it sit overnight.  Then I used my [] (a small spot cleaning machine) on it with plain water the next day.  It worked great - the stain was completely gone!  That's what I'm going to use on stains from now on.

11/29/2005 - Anonymous writes:
This product dosent work at all it didnt have enough power to get the blood stain off my carpet. Dont be fooled by that little man saying it works.OXI CLEAN DOSENT WORK!!!

11/11/2005 - Kevin writes:
Yesterday I got a little spot of highlighter on my favorite workshirt, a blue and white colored Cutter and Buck polo shirt, and a coworker handed me a sample pack of the oxy wipes.  I rubbed the wipe onto the little spot of highlighter and endedup with with a huge yellow stain.  Thanks Oxyclean...

10/20/2005 - John writes:
I bought this product at Wal-Mart after being pounded over the head with infomercials. It does nothing. Nothing. You might as well be paying for an empty container.

9/16/2005 - Alison writes:
I saw the commercial for this product for several months.  They said it even took care of set-in stains.   There was a huge spot on the living room carpet from when my dog was very ill.   I decided to purchase it one day and try it.  The stain appeared to go away.   As the carpet dried, however, the stain came back even darker than before.  (I followed the directions exactly.) It was awful.  We ended up having to have the carpet guys come earlier than they usually do to try and undo the damage because we were having a graduation party the following weekend. Fortunately, I bought the small tub so I didn't waste a whole lot of money.

Marie writes:
After seeing all the amazing commercials about OxyClean and how it takes everything out of everything, I broke down and bought it...my husband is an auto mechanic so what could be better than this product to get the grease out..WRONG! It did absolutely nothing!! And I also tried it on a stain in my carpet, like immediately after my daughter spilled...again nothing..even using my steam cleaner with it didn't help...this stuff is not worth the $$... 

Melissa writes:
I was very fortunate to not have had to buy this product to learn that it is a scam. A salesman came to my door trying to sell it to me, and sprayed some on a pet stain in the hallway of my apartment. I was amazed to watch the stain disappear before my very eyes! I told the salesman to return in a few hours when my boyfriend was back from work, because he had the checkbook. Sure enough, he never returned. Perhaps he knew that by the time my boyfriend returned, not only would the stain return, but the area around the stain would be bleached white! I didnt have to pay for the product to learn my lesson, but boy, did I have to pay to replace the carpets in the apartment! At least bleach would have kept the origonal stain from returning (which is what I did several months later, before moving out).

Shirley writes:
I sent for a refund for 5.00 back in Sept. and i have yet to receive it it was on a 6 pound tub of oxie clean which i bought at bed and bath in Southgate Mich. I also soaked some cloths that were boood stained for two hours and the oxie did not take it out i am very dispointed.

Pam writes:
I tried Oxyclean to treat a pet stain on my carpet. The product instantly removed it but once dried, the stain had become larger in circumference! I have been retreating it for the past 2 weeks.  Oxyclean is not standing up at all and is a rip off. Spotshot is a much better stain remover.

Jennifer writes:
I am very disappointed in this product.   My clothes do not come out 'whiter'.  I accidentally got pasta sauce on a white shirt. I took it off right away and soaked the stained section in Oxi Clean solution (made it like the direction said).  It did not come out.  I personally find that "Shout" works much better without the hassle of having to dissolve the crystals.   All I do is spray.  I should have learnt after purchases so many failed products from T.V.  I purchased this from Rite Aid.  I could not find their customer service anywhere online.  Lesson # 1 - never buy from a company that does not have customer support.

Larry writes:
I am always weary of products on infomercials, but I saw Oxi-clean at Linens and Things (a store with a very good return policy), so I decided to try it: WHAT CRAP! I bought it to clean the grout in my bathroom (the commercial claims that it whitens grout) It DID NOT whiten my grout, but it did leave behind an almost impossible to remove residue.

Jessica writes:
I bought oxi clean at wal mart after seeing so much about it on t.v.   I have 2 kids and a husband that works in the coal mines.  So I figured this would be great.  I was wrong!!  I was putting a scoop in each load of laundry like it reccomends,  it was eating holes in all my clothes.  At first I did not know what was doing it, but read up on oxi clean and found out it can actually eat holes in fabrics.  I immediately stopped using it, no more holes.

Jason writes:
Oxiclean is a good idea.  It's basically hydrogen peroxide powered.  Hydrogen peroxide is great at cleaning up cirtain things, like blood and most other bodily fluids and organic things.  The problem with Oxiclean is that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is rather weak to do the job of hydrogen peroxide should normally do.  This too makes it way overpriced for the rather low hydrogen peroxide content it has.  You can save yourself alot of money buy useing plain old drug store hydrogen peroxide in the brown bottle.  Even better for much stronger hydrogen peroxide, you can purchase "food grade" hydrogen peroxide online that's 35 percent strength.  It can be diluted berfoe use because it's very strong stuff.  One bottle should outlast several buckets, cans, or whatever of Oxiclean, and it will be much more potent than Oxiclean even when diluted.  More uses and information of hydrogen peroxide can be found online via any search engine.

Neil writes:
Oxyclean has left a brown blotch when used to treat an unknown stain drop on the carper.  Even a professional could not get it out of the carpet.  He said Oxyclean draws up the stain and does not remove it.   What can be done and has anyone else experience such a phenomena/

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