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Pasta Express Complaints
Total Complaints: 15
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3/19/2007 - Lauren writes:
I bought the Pasta Express using [], thinking that, as a college student, it would be a really easy and fast way to make meals. Not having a vessel to boil enough water to fill the whole thing, I bought ziti to reduce the amount of water needed. I had to heat water twice to even get close to cooked pasta- AND took at least 20 minutes to cook... when the pasta box says 8-10 minutes. Still, the pasta was always under- or overcooked, gummy, and always stuck together. Sauce and parmesaen cheese doesn't hide the horrible taste of the pasta. The tube is difficult to clean, the strainer top is *very* difficult to snap on, but comes off easily, and the thermal wrap doesn't seem to keep heat. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

2/2/2007 - JulieAnne writes:
I have a Pasta Express and I've never used a product so bad. The spgahetti I tried to make with it was so pasty that I would never have wanted to eat it. Plus, if I've got to heat water in a pot for it so I can have boiling water, then I might as well throw in the spaghetti. I let it sit for 13 minutes and it was still not cooked and tasted terrible. I had to boil more water and finish cooking the spaghetti over the stove. I can not imagine that anyone would recommend this product. It was a very big waste of my money and also my time. It took me 7 minutes to boil the water - then another 13 minutes to try and cook the spaghetti. Your directions that say the pasta will cook in 7-10 minutes is very misleading. I could have certainly cooked it on the stove a lot faster and easier.

1/9/2007 - Julie writes:
I am soooo disappointed with this product. It will not cook the noodles completely. The first time I used it, it took almost an hour to cook a box of noodles. I had to drain it once and add water a second time just to get the noodles almost edible. It just won't keep the water hot enough to cook the noodles. It a waste of $ and takes longer than using a regular pot.

1/1/2007 - Brenda writes:
I bought this and used it one time. It is a piece of crap. The pasta does not cook, it just clumps together and makes a total mess. The infomercial is a total lie. I tried to get my money back, but had no luck doing so. I think it is easier to boil water, in a pot and do it that way. I am really disappointed in these woman on the infomercial, they should know better!!! Do not buy this product!!!!

12/23/2006 - Michael writes:
I'm afraid this one just doesn't work as advertised for making pasta. Works OK for asparagus, other vegetables- just not pasta. Doesn't cook it, pasta sticks, tastes raw, not al dente. Tried it several times- I give up. Waste of $. And I bought a tea kettle to boil the water to boot!

12/12/2006 - Camille writes:
I purchased my Pasta Express at my local [] store...thank goodness it was only ten dollars...I guess it is true that you get what you pay for... It works absolutely horribly on Pastas...The only thing it is good for is to steam veggies...and that is much more easily accomplishes with one of those dollar store veggie steamers...true, you do not have to wash out any pots and strainers, but you still have to clean and wash all the parts...so you may as well just use that cheap little metal steamer...and the water does not even have to be strained...

10/8/2006 - Bert writes:
My wife actually bought 2 of these, Pasta Express tubes. The first one she bought at []. We tried using it and the first time we poured boiling hot water into it the side of the tube fractured lengthwise. spilling the water all over the kitchen. It's a real wonder she wasn't severely burned. She took it back to []. They returned her money, because they no longer carried it. because of customer returns and complaints. My wife ordered another one from []. It came with 2 tubes, a short one and a long one. It came with a cap for each. We used one tube, the short one a couple of times. It worked real nice. The yellow lib fit the short one. We then used the long one this evening. We used the red lid. I made sure the lid had snapped on before filling the tube with boiling water. When the cooking time was up I turned the tube up in the sink. Instantly the lid popped off and all of our pasta went into the sink. We ended having Swiss Steak on slices of bread. We didn't have any more pasta. After getting over my enraged response, I began looking at the tubes and the lids. I discovered that the yellow lid fits both tubes tightly and it actually difficult to remove. The red lid does not fit tightly on either tube. It appears to be slightly larger size and even when it snaps on, as it should, it slips off very easily. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. There is no phone number or E-Mail address for the distributor, Tristar Products, which sells all kinds of gadgets on TV. We are filing a complaint with [] about our problem with this product.

9/29/2006 - Veronica writes:
Gross, gross, gross! My husband and I love pasta and were really excited to try this product. We wasted SO MUCH FOOD because we thought we were doing it wrong, but honestly, it's just a crappy product. The pasta came out undercooked AND overcooked, gummy and flavourless... do not buy this product, just enjoy your pasta the old fashioned way.

9/10/2006 - Steve writes:
I bought the Pasta Cooker thinking it would save time and be easy on cleanup. the pasta was so gummy my son and i could not eat it. I would not recommend buying this product.

7/26/2006 - Mary writes:
I ordered the Pasta Express from watching the infomercial on TV. It looked like a great way to cook pasta and vegetables. When I tried to dook green beans, the watet didn't stay hot enough to cook the beans through so they tasted too crunchy almost raw. I tried it a second time and lsft the beans in longer and they still weren't done so I filled the container a second time with boiling water and left it for another 5 minutes or so and they still didn't get properly cooked. I tried to cook orzo next. I followed the suggestion in the directions to pre heat the tube with boiling water before I added the ingredients. I left the orzo in for about 20 minutes and ended up with a gummy substance that was tough and stuck to the bottom of the tube and to the sides. Now I am unable to figure out how to get a refund. When I call the company directly I am put on hold for 30 or more minutes. What a scam!!!!

6/22/2006 - Penny writes:
I bought Pasta Express after seeing it on the TV infomercial. I was looking forward to having a nice plate of fresh cooked pasta for myself and my mom. What we got was a mishmash of both cooked, uncooked, and gummy stuck together spaghetti! This product advertises that it cooks pasta in minutes! Well, it took over twenty minutes for angel hair spaghetti - angel hair takes about 5-6 minutes to cook, so where was the timesaver in that? I promptly packaged it back up and got my refund. A big big disappointment!

5/28/2006 - Sarah writes:
I purchased this product off of QVC after seeing the cheapest price that I'd seen it selling for. I got 2 large sized tubes and a personal sized tube for only $35. That should have been my first clue. I've only used it once and won't ever again. I let the pasta cook twice as long as I was supposed to because it was still hard and it never cooked right, just got gummy and it all stuck in the bottom in a big clump. What a piece of junk.

5/10/2006 - Kelly writes:
This product does not work at all.  The pasta comes out gummy and sticks in a clump to the container. Parts of the pasta were hard and uncooked.

4/20/2006 -   Linda writes:
This is the biggest scam on the market and definitely does not work.  After attempting to cook pasta three times longer than suggested time the pasta was still raw, gooey, and totally uneatable. I tried it again with a smaller amount and got the same results.  Don't be fooled.  I wasted $50 in total for a piece of junk.

4/11/2006 - Hazel writes:
hello! We tried this product (pasta express) and were very disappointed in it to say the least... The spaghetti was very gummy and actually ruined the taste of it. I will be going tomorrow to get my refund.. People, save your money! Hazel 

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