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Peel Away the Pounds Complaints
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Angie writes:
After flipping through the channels and seeing the "Peel Away the Pounds" infomercial, I finally thought I had found the answer to the extra 40 lbs. I had gained from my recent pregnancy.  I was so excited!   Even my husband was excited.  I went to order the product via the 800 number and I found it so difficult to order!  The guy on the line kept trying to get me to order this and that.  And then he told me that a 3 to 4 week delivery was going to cost $12.95!  But for a mere $6.95 extra I could get the product in 7 to 10 business days.  So I opted for that since I really want the product.  But just let me tell you...it is a SCAM!  Those patches actually made me and my husband HUNGRIER!   The way they make money is on ridiculous shipping.  DON'T FALL FOR THIS INFOMERCIAL.  It is truly a waste of time, money, and anticipation. 

Staci writes:
Ordered the "Peel Away the Pounds" from a TV infomercial. Said I would be charged two monthly payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling.  Received my credit card billing and was charged $138.98!! For what - I don't know.  Now I will dispute the charge and be returning the product.   Don't know if it works or not but don't like being ripped off.

Anita writes:
Peel Away The Pounds is such a rip-off. I feel stupid for even trying it. It looks like an obvious rip. But there is something that happens to overweight people (or whatever is the issue) when you feel you've tried everything...maybe this is something new that slipped in past the FDA. No, it's not.   It's the same old story. Insert credit card, withdraw funds, see no results. Maybe the birth control patch does work, I don't know, but the Peel Away The Pounds patch DOES NOT WORK.

Bob writes:
I purchased the "Peel Away The Pounds" product and follwed the instructions. The only thing that "Peeled Away" was my money... I did get a refund, but when is a Consumer Protection agency gonna put dowbn the (a) law and stop these companies from "LYING"?

Debbie writes:
Recieved product in 28 days - 30 day money back guarantee began when order was placed.  Product didn't work AT ALL.

Tracy writes:
I ordered it and received it timely, not a problem.  I was charged correcly.  I tend to respond well to diet pills that increase my metabolism and what not...but I have heart valve damage from phen-fen so I opted to stay away from those.  This Peel Away the Pounds products is complete placebo. It did NOTHING to help my appetite what-so-ever.  I am done with buying products from infomercials.  I wanted to thank you for this site and allowing a forum for people to communicate displeasure with what they order from TV.

Paige writes:
I too tried this product along with my mother and we both feel complete morons. We lost no weight and lost NO appetite. What a total ripoff. I would love to know if this product has truely helped someone loose anything besides money.

Reggie writes:
I got weak and odered the product. After thinking about the 13.95 S&H, I immediately decided that was to much to pay for such a small package. So I called to cancel but was told that number was for taking orders only. I was given a non 800 number to call for cancellation. After about 10 attempts and no one answered the phone I gave up. I tried the web site still no response. The bottom line was I could not cancel the order. When the package arrived I tried the product and it did not work.

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