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George writes:
This Product is Crap.  It does not work.   They are lying to people.  I ordered the product for weight loss.  They gave me a deal on these other pills that they have.  I paid for it, when I got my order, it was not included.  I called the company and they told me I never paid for it but they can send it to me free only if I waive my 30 day return option.  I did it.  I tried the product for a little over 60 days.  I lost 10 pound.  I problably lost that 10 lb from diet and excersise.  This product was suppose to boost my weight loss but all it did was boost my debt amount.  Don't buy it.  

Susan writes:
ComplaintsWhen I ordered Pentabosol the sales rep told me that if I added just a little exercise I could easily lose up to 20 pounds in one month.   I tried the product faithfully for two months and it didn't work at all.

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