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Perfect Pigment Complaints
Total Complaints: 6
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11/26/2006 - Diane writes:
First of all, I agree with the price thing..they charge you the whole amount all at once. What is up with that? Secondly, I DID like the product and tried to reorder it when I ran out of two of the shades...WELL...that was back in AUGUST...I am still waiting! They charged my credit card on November 9th and today is November 26th and I still haven't received it!! Thirdly..have you ever tried calling these people? If this business does not succeed, its because of the Customer Service, NOT the product!

11/8/2006 - Brenda writes:
I returned their products since the company charged me full price and additional charge for rush shipping and then sent it to me slowest possible way. This was back in July of this year. They just charged my card again and sent me new product. I have been trying to call their customer service line and it is just a recording and no one will call you back. I have filed a claim with the BBB of Santa Barbara against this company.

10/15/2006 - Anonymous writes:
Same as other buyers, i got charged double when i received the product while the advertisement said "Only $24.95 plus S&H". Advertisement Fraud Alert !!!!!!!!!!

8/11/2006 - Rhonda writes:
I ordered Perfect Pigment last week online under the assumption that, like the advertising says, I would be charged for the first payment now and the second payment in 30 days, if I don't want my money back within 30 days. My online receipt reflected just one large payment, so I paid for a long distance call to customer service because no one answered the 800 number. Customer service assurred me that I would be billed 2 separate payments. Today, my Visa debit card was charged for both payments. So much for truth in advertising.

8/10/2006 - Donna writes:
The advertised price online and television is 24.95 plus 7.95 shipping and handling. However, when you go to order the product an additional 24.95 will be billed on your account in 30 days. There is no process of talking to a live person on the phone. There is no way I would buy from this company since I cannot talk to a human. This is false advertising-is she that desperate for money?

7/24/2006 - Tina writes:
The infomercial leads you to believe that this product is $24.95 but when you call they tell you that after the 30 day trial you will have to pay an additional $24.95. They do not mention that in the commercial and that is fraud!!!!!!!!!

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