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Pest Offense Complaints
Total Complaints: 13
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1/14/2007 - Toby writes:
I purchased Pest Offense for a roach problem. I found roaches crawling all over it one night. It actually seems to attract roaches. I beleive my problem became worse after using the piece of junk. In all fairness, though, it does make a nice night light. ;-)

5/16/2006 - Kristie writes:
I've had this stupid thing plugged into my wall for the past 5 yrs.  I kept telling myself it was working. I still had to call terminix to get rid of ants, roaches, silverfish and spiders.  The technician actually laughed when he saw it.  He said he's actually found bugs inside some units he encounters.  I wonder if they actually attract bugs over a period of time.

Brian writes:
The machine actually attracted more insects. One day I was surprised and upset, to find a roach actually climbing on the machine. Disgusting waste of money. 

Carol writes:
After seeing the infomercial I purchased 2 of the pest offenses at []. I have spiders and thought this would be a good way to get rid of them. Yeah right. I filled out the survey at pestoffense.com and told them (in space provided) that the gadgets did not work and in fact I had more spiders than usual. I got no response. I am now seeing more and more spiders, roaches (which I had not seen before) and various other insects. If anything the pest offense is drawing the insects into the house. I am very dissatisfied with this product and will contact all agencies I can think of to stop these thieves.

Scott writes:
I am not usually a gullible person, but I have to admit, I bought the Pest Offense story hook, line and sinker. I live in a small apartment and have a moderate problem on occasions with roaches. I do not like to use pesticides as they make me ill and I have two young kittens. To make a long story short, This product does not work, and I have more roaches than usual. Save your money. The Pest Offense is nothing more than an expensive night lite.

Ixia writes:
This product does not work. I haven't seen any improvement in my house. The roaches, spiders, etc. are running around as always.

Clarence writes:
I bought pest offense a year ago thinking that it would maybe help get rid of the rat problem in my home....Well to make a long story short, 2 weeks ago as I was watching a movie and sitting on my couch in the living room.  I looked down and to the left of the televsion and saw that a rat had decided to watch the movie with me for a while.  I have even seen bugs walking on the pest offense.  So for anyone who thinks this will product will work...let me save you the 40 bucks. You can get a much cheaper night light from somewhere else cause that's all this thing is.  One very expensive night light.  Helps the bugs see where they're going in the dark I imagine.

Diana writes:
This product simply does not work. I too thought it would be a great way to get rid of bugs without chemicals.  Like others have said, it was an expensive nightlight.  Save your money.

Gossip writes:
Pest Offense is junk. Do not buy! It does not work. Purchased it over a year ago and still seeing bugs (Spiders and ants).  I dont know why I still keep it plugged in.  Maybe I'll use it to smash on bugs. This is the only way I see it working.

Lisa writes:
I purchased NINE units in an attempt to rid my 2-story home of a mouse infestation. My home is adjacent to a farm field in CA. We have lived here for 27 yrs. Never a problem. Due to strict new regulations- certain pesticides caused a 3 yr delay in crop planting in said field.  Hence the proliferation of mice, without a food source. They sought out the next best thing--our neighborhood of homes. Bottom Line.......The PEST OFFENSE has been a dismal failure!! So much for the hundreds of dollars spent.

Andrew writes:
I purchased one of these products at a local Traget Store... Pest DEFENSE is more like it. I had a few roaches that I need to rid my home of. Now I have spiders, Ants, Roaches, and other little bugs, that seem to be attracted to it, as I see the majority of them crawling to or On the product. Dont waste your money, take that 40 bucks and buy a giant boot to smash em.

LeAnn writes:
I had a small problem with roaches in my small apartment. After using Pest Offense I have a large problem! Just like others have said, it seems the bugs are attracted to it! I got so disgusted I threw it in the trash. Who wants to pay for a high price night light that attracts bugs? This product is a major scam ...

Timothy writes:
I purchsed a pest offense and received iot April 1st this year.  I live in a brand new subdivision planted on what used to be an old horse pasture.  They started on teh new phase about 2 weeks before I baught the unit and the mice invaded with vengence.  Well, 6 weeks later I have seen mice 2 times and killed 1 with a conventional trap.  Nothing more than an expensive night light in my opinion.  LONG LIVE PESTICIDES!

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