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Phase 4 Orthotics Complaints
Total Complaints: 4
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8/21/2006 - Melissa writes:
Well, I have an extremely high arch and foot pain as well as back & shoulder pain. I thought I'd try this product. After $20 Shipping & Handling, and at least a month or two waiting, I recieved them and wasn't satisfied, so I sent them back, and I have not recieved a refund. I called and emailed them, and they told me I didn't return the product within the 30 days, although they were returned within in 5 days of recieving them. They would not credit me back, but another pair was being shipped out to me. Now it's been about a YEAR now!~! Still nothing!! I am infuruated and frustrated!! And was charged some $30+ for the product in addition to S&H. U can;t even get through to the phone number and emails were generic and automated!!

8/22/2005 - Kevin writes:
I purchased these a couple of months ago and after they arrived I realized that I didn't need them, so I sent them back.   I hadn't heard from them for over a month, so I emailed customer service.   They sent me back a canned email response that had nothing to do with getting a refund.  This actually went on for two more emails, each time I received a response that was incoherent.  I finally called customer service and got a person that could not (or would not) understand English.  After 30 minutes I thought I had gotten through to them.  Three days later I received a letter from Phase 4 stating that the post office had been notified and they would be in touch with me.  It stated that I had told them that I had never received the product, even though I signed for it.   Again, it had nothing to do with the situation.  I'm sure, all this run around is designed to make me just give up.  It's almost not worth the effort for the $30.00 I spent.  I'd avoid this product at all costs.

Rich writes:
I purchased Phase 4 Orthotics from an infomercial. When you buy on the phone, they offer you a free sample of each of an energy and a joint support supplement. When I later cancelled the monthly supplements, they assured me that the cancellation had been done, however, they continued to bill my credit card for those items each month over the next year or so. Each time I disputed the charge, they would bill me under a different billing account name and sometimes they even billed me with a different amount. It appears that they have a strategy to avoid having the consumer notice the charges. I cannot imagine that any honest company could have this elaborate billing setup to thwart detection. 

David writes:
You lawyers will have to put the real name to this but if I was doing it, it would be deceptive marketing. Phase 4 sells their incerts for ~$20 plus ~$10 /sh. with a money back gurantee. Here's the 'rub'!  When you get them the literature says if you have diabetics or other foot problems, to consult your doctor OR  send them back. WHAT? Why the hell do they think you bought them for?   A tooth ache? Okay, for a $20 piece of plastic, you have $30 already invested in that you should not use until you spend more money to go to the doctor !!!!! Or spend more money to return the item. This really sucks!  These warnings should be on the commercials or spelled out before they sell to anyone.

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