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Power 90 Complaints
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2/6/2007 - Laura writes:
Wishin I would have read this blog first. I am also going through having my money "stolen" through Beachbody. I had said no to all the extra and then they kept on and offered me one bottle of vitamins for $1.00, so I agreed. I was not informed that it would be recurring. When complaining to them, they said that since I had given them my card number more than once, that was considered on "up sale" and that was my agreement. This was complete trickery. I am also filing a complaint with the FCC. So, beware of "GIVING YOUR CARD NUMBER TWICE."

10/11/2006 - Paulette writes:
Do NOT do business with this company for ANY reason!!! You WILL regret it!! I recieved their 12 week extension and numersou CD (I upgraded on the phone) of course it came with a "FREE email trail" I stated very plainly that I "did not authorize ANY other charges to my card" and that I "didi not want any continuing services. I staed that I didi not need an online service. The woman plainly stated that I "could only get their product with the free service (RED FLAG!!!!) Well once I realized that they went ahead and charged me for the service anyway (after 30 days) I called in to their offshore Indian call center where I was told it was a "non-refundable" three month service charge, NOT a monthly charge, and despite my saying I did NOT authorize any other charges it was charged anyway. Also they claim that I agreed to it and they could provide the transcripts. Of course two weeks later the "Transcripts" are someone "summarizing the transcripts, claiming I agreed to it, NOT a full copy of the conversation. These guys are NOT a reputable business and deliberately use layers of rude, deceptive, stonewalling and lies to deeman, harass and manipulate their customers (translate 'marks'). Please everyone, file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) these guys deserve to be put out of business!

9/18/2006 - Scott writes:
I ordered Power90 from a BeachBody.com infomercial. I was sent, YogaBootyBallet. I called BeachBody's customer service and told them of this error. They instructed me to return the package with tracking informaiton so that they could pay me back for my shipping charges. I got a refund, but for the product price of YogaBootyBallet - not for my first shipping charges, and not for my return shipment of the product. Subsequent calls to customer service were NOT helpful. I found their staff to be rude, uninformed and not helpful. They tell you lies, and then accuse you of being the one causing the problem. I'm filing BBB complaint with them in my state.

6/19/2006 - Corina writes:
Beach Body is a fraud; Tony Horton YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED to be cunning AMERICA! Your company is a fat scam! You've designed to sell your intro. package for a low price WITH AUTO SHIPMENTS attached knowing full well you will rip us off! FATE will catch up with you Mr. Beach Body! What goes around comes around! AMERICA: DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Order 1 product, and be prepared to lose money, time, energy trying to get reimbursed for AUTO SHIPMENTS YOU DID NOT SOLICIT! Best advice: CANCEL credit card you used to stop the fraud! Customer Service is rude, and you will NOT understand them! They all have the thickest INDIAN accent! So, if you fell into Horton's SCAM, hire an interpreter to help you communicate with Customer SErvice! AMERICA, BEWARE AND check for yourself the hundreds of complaints just like mine at [].com PAINFUL EXPERIENCE! Irate! (Pass the Word people and shut Tony Horton down!) Let us ALL call 60 minutes, MEDIA, PAPERS, LOCAL NEWS AND EXPOSE THIS SCAMMER AND FRAUD!

6/17/2006 - Kelly writes:
This product,Power 90, seemed to me in the beginning to be a very great product. I had seen the infomercial at a friend's house and I loved it. I called and tryed to order it, but to my dismay, all I got was, would you like to try this product with your other product? But once I got through past that to order, I waited for 2wks. for my package before I called BeachBody. They said it would be there, just some delaying. Well, I checked my bank account and it said that I had taken out 78 extra dollars in my account. I knew that it was BeachBody who had taken my money and even more out of my account. I am furious with them, and might take legal action. Do Not associate with BeachBody!!!

3/28/2006 - Amy writes:
I put an order in for power 90 for my birthday...being on a limitied budget this was pushing it but for 19.95 plus shipping I splurged.... They enrolled me in a "club" which I was told I had the opportunity to cancel and no additional charges would be taken out of my account.  Well I canceled so I would not receive any more shipments because I could not afford them.... was given a confirmation number. Looking through my checking account I seen that they had deducted over $45 more dollars from my account.  I emailed them and they said that they had a right and I was advised about this charge and basically there was nothing I could do about it.  They said they stated that in their "welcome brochure" and that shipment they sent was totally legal. This company has taken money that my children need....$45 may not be alot for some but for my family it is....

1/31/2006 - Edwina writes:
I have had problems with beachbody too.  They will never answer your emails,better to do a live chat, and Mr. Molina to this date has never responded to me.  I joined the online club they sent me a $25.00 certificate via email, all it is, is a promo code that you enter when you buy something.   I misplaced the code, I talked to customer service and they said there is no way of getting it, I tried to contact Mr. Molina and still no reply.  Most other sites will give you the code back, if you misplace it. I have had several problems with shipping taking over two months and all kinds of problems with Beachbody. If you are going to order from them, do it all in one payment, and never cheap $14.95 gimmics. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

1/7/2006 - Arman writes:
I have used this product and seemed to have worked, but I did not continue the program. Anyway, I am writing about the complaint I have.  I ordered the product for 14.95 and wanted to be able to order that only, but again I did not have the option of doing just that since the agent said she could not put a stop on the next shipment with this order.  So I guess I agreed.   Got the package, then a couple of months later I got charged for 58.99 (Cdn) from BeachBody and I called them up to say I did not order anything (I actually forgot).   So that part was my fault, but I said to them I am going to return it and got an RA number.  I received the package on Sep 14, 2005 (2nd shipment) and since I did not want to pay for another shipping charge, I sent it using RTS (Return To Sender).   Unfortunately that was the start of 5 more calls to Beach Body.  The following reasons were: the computer was down, it would take 1 month to get the shipment, then it would take 1 more month to get the computers updated. Nov 21, 2005 - still have not received the package I got an explanation of the package taking a month or 2 months to get their systems updated.  They offered to listen to the original conversation and it would take 2 weeks for them to call back.  No call. Jan 3, 2006 - they said I agreed to be shipped the product via the record.  Fortunately, the supervisor gave me the original tracking number (Canada Post) and mentioned that they may have tracked it back when I returned it.  I looked online of that tracking number and there it was - CANADA Post tracked it back. (Sep 14 - shipped to receiver; Sep 21 - to be sent out; Sep 21 - shipped to receiver). Called Customer service back and asked them if they can look online, as there is the proof of the delivery to them.  The agent did not believe me first, but I said Sep 14 was shipped to me and Sep 21 was shipped to them. I got my credit back (less shipping) Jan 6th. Bottomline I think if you do not have proof that you sent it or they got it, you will not get your credit back.  And it also looks like when you ship it to them, they always say WE DID NOT RECEIVE IT, and hoping you would give up and they got extra money on their pockets.  For me it took 3 & 1/2 months to get my money back. Now I am reading more about this, I think I should cancel my credit card.

12/31/2005 - Desiree writes:
Same story as everyone else here.  I've filed reports with the Better Business Bureau. By the way - funny how on the Rebuttal Form, the customer service number "AMBER" gives IS NOT EVEN operational.  Would not surprise anyone who has ordered from this company.

12/30/2005 - Ternae writes:
I ordered the Power 90 DVD Upgrade Package and the B-Lines Resistance Bands, which came in a set of 3.  The Power 90 DVD Upgrade Package came up to $49.90 and the B-Lines Resistance Bands came up to $29.85, which came up to a Subtotal of $79.75.  All together the entire package that I purchased came up to $94.65 because of the $14.90 Shipping and Handling charge.  I just happened to find this website while I was browsing to search for John Beck's Real Estate Program and came across infomercialscams.com.  I'm a little concerned because ever since I purchased the Power 90 Program, on May 5, 2005, my credit card is constantly being charged for $45.85 for a set of fitness dvds that I not only didn't purchase but never even heard of. I'm going to be honest, the fitness dvd (In-Home Boot Camp) really works, but I am currently out of work because of a severe medical problem and I do not want to be charged for something I didn't order.

12/20/2005 - Charlie writes:
This sounds like a recurring theme, but I have a story similar to others about Power 90. I am convinced that the Beachbody, the Company is a scam and has its customer service reps as accomplices. I ordered the "risk-free" 30-day Power 90 trial but never received it. It took me a couple weeks of constant online livechats with customer service reps to finally get them to ship me a replacement. I cancelled the service immediately, but asked in one of my online chats with a customer service rep where the "nutritional guide" that is touted as being included in the package was as it had not arrived with the dvd's. The truth is that I didn't need it, but figured I had paid for it, so why not ask? Well the rep apologized and said that I could get all the same info online and that he would sign me up and send me my password and username. I said ok. Well apparently, that "ok" was to re-initiating another trial offer for this online service (separate from the dvd's). I never used it, but I saw on my credit card another charge for $9.74! I called them again and disputed the charge, to which they said it was too bad as I had signed up. I asked  who in their right mind would sign up for something without knowing how much it cost. She sent me a link to the website page referring me to this trial offer. I pointed out that the site made no mention of anything that was $9.74 but that it did mention a one-time $60.00 annual charge - so none of this was consistent. Still the mystery of the $9.74 charge. I mentioned this and the online rep wrote me there "was nothing more" she could do and hung up on me. WARNING: Please don't give them your credit card number!! This  is the most egregious informercial scam that I have ever witnessed!

11/7/2005 - Brent writes:
To all: I have a similar story. This company appears to be a scam! It is a shame because they do sell a product that works. I too dealt with all the frustration of trying to recover my money. I was successful in obtaining my refund, plus part of the shipping. However, I still have not received everything I was promised. This is my suggestion to you. First cancel your card and do not give them the opportunity to charge anymore. Second, go to the website, go to about us and find their press kit at the bottom. Download it and use the phone number on the bottom of that page (323-904-5600). Take note of The Vice President of Customer Relations (Mr. Molina). I called, put his name into the automated system and got his answering machine, leaving him a message. I finally received a phone call back from this company, within a half hour! They were more than willing to talk to me then. I was promised a full refund, with shipping costs, plus a check for the return shipping, a tape of the conversation, and a letter stating they would not solicit anything else to me ever again. Well, I got the refund, but that is about it. I still wait for the rest of it. And I can probably still keep waiting. Do not give up! Report this company to everyone you can, the BBB, the Attorney General, anyone who will listen. Most importantly, spread the word to everybody you know. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising tool there is! Lets use it in reverse! If we can get the word out, we can at least stop this company from scamming our friends and family. It is absolutely ridiculous that this company can get away with this. I am tired of reading so many of the same complaints of such blatant fraud! Good luck, hopefully someone will finally set this company straight.

10/28/2005 - Dan writes:
We also specifically opted out of the future shipments..and they kept coming, and they kept charging our account, then I attempted to contact them and only recieved recordings and standardized emails with no help or answers. Now I have returned their most recent attempt and they say they cannot locate the return. Scammers.

10/22/2005 - Sandy writes:
I ordered this product off of an infomercial.  I specifically declined all of the "offers" the operator kept trying to sell me.  I only ordered (1) item and received it a couple of weeks later.   Two weeks ago I saw another BeachBody charge on my credit card statement.  I called the company and was told they would "review" the recorded initial conversation to make sure I was not told the "automatic" shipments would come every month.  I was given an authorization number to return the shipment.  I called them again this past Friday because they have my money and I don't even have the product to return to get my refund.  Also, they claim they will not refund any shipping.  This company is obviously scamming the public or there would not be so many complaints on this website.  Some government department needs to step up and stop this!  To date, I am out of pocket some $40.85 and no product to return.   DON'T GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION OR ACCESS TO YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT!

10/14/2005 - Marie writes:
Similar story... Ordered DVDs from infomercial... specifically declined anything else and was told I would be under no further obligation...kept getting charged...tried contacting the company but was put on hold forever...when finally got a live rep on the line their system was down...tried to cancel online but did not get any promised confirmation...meanwhile more packages and charges...before I had enough and disputed with my creditcard company. I wish I had done this sooner! BTW, I just called the tollfree number to Amber listed on the bottom of the "defense" page...and got a message that said I'd have to call via a new service 10 15 15 800 and that the call would cost me $4.99!! PS:the California BBB rates this company NR as in NOT RECOMMENDED!

10/13/2005 - Jackie writes:
Ordered product off tv. should have hung up phone, when the customer service girl kept yepping about monthly shipments.I told her no ,just send the $14.95 dvd ,let me check it out. If I, like it I`LL order next dvd. Got the dvd, forgot about it, month passed ,was checking my bank statement saw another charge from beachbody for 45.85.At the time of charge, no product had arrived, yet. 3 days later a new dvd that I did`nt ask for.Sent it back got refund for $39.90. Called 1(800)240-0907 no one answers,e-mail offline for auto cancel.Called my bank got new debit card to block furture beachbody charges also filed charge dispute against Beachbody!

10/2/2005 - JB writes:
Sounds like I'm not the only one having problems with BeachBody.com. I purchased product in 6/05; the product I think works well if you stick to it however their customer services leaves a lot to be desired. I asked via phone to cancel future shipments in 7/05 & continued to be charged for items. I then asked via email & received a confirmation from BeachBody.com to stop future shipments & this time I was charged but received no merchandise!! Called customer service only to get in an arguement. I have since filed a complaint with the company & with the Better Business Bureau. I have also called the credit card company & blocked BeachBody from making anymore charges. I will not do business with them again!!  Good luck to anyone that does.

9/20/2005 - Diana writes:
I have repeatedly called Power 90 to get a full refund for the product.  I continue to be charged for additional products and must pay to have them shipped back.  Every time I call, including 3 managers, I received horrible customer service, inconsistent information, and very unprofessional attitude.  I was never apologized to for the incredible inconvenience and waste of time I've had to endure.  Veronica, emp#266 was the most rude of all customer service people, and she is a manager.  I strongly urge everyone to not make the same mistake I did.  Do not order Power 90 if you have even a hint of thinking about returning the product.  Check out the Better Business Bureau and you will see a large number of complaints on file that are very similar to mine.  Beware this horrible company!!

9/12/2005 - Roger writes:
I did not order this product, merely clicked "Next" after inputting the card info.  Before submitting at the last page, I discovered this was an ongoing system of charges and closed that page by X-ing it out.  beachbody.com is a ripoff, and I am currently pursuing federal state and local legal action, as well as reporting their practices to the FTC and IRS.   From a conversation with a customer support rep, I believe they are involved in a tax-evastion scam, crediting refunds in their own system (this was verified to me over the phone with them) while never really refunding any money to customers.  Since they use the U.S. Postal Service and these transactions cross state lines, in my opinion they are guilty of wire fraud, racketeering (under the RICO statute), and other crimes at the federal level.  They are also possibly guilty of California and other states' laws no only with regard to consumer fraud, but also in relation to anti-stalking laws.  I am contacting the ICC, FTC, IRS, U.S. Justice Department, as well as the California and Texas Attorneys General and local television media.

9/8/2005 - Cynthia writes:
I think that buyers need to know how this company does business.  I ordered one of their Project You DVDs in June.    They shipped me another box of product in August that I had not ordered.   They claim that I had agreed to it when I placed an internet order (I guess it's in fine print buried in all the text somewhere).  I actually did internet ordering while I had a live salesperson-- to help me get express shipping-- on the phone and she never told me that I would get automatic shipments and be charged for them.  I am   disputing this with my credit card company.   Beachbody is easy to reach if you're ordering.  If you need help with a return, good luck.   They put you on hold for a LONG time if you call.  If you try to chat online it's "unavailable" and if you e-mail, don't expect a response anytime soon.    Obviously the only way they can secure future business is to trick customers into it and then saying you agreed to it.   Even the boxes have a sticker which reads, "no credit if you refuse this".  They must have LOTS of experience with shipping out items people haven't ordered.   I especially liked how the   rep told me on the phone that he was going to retrieve the recording of my phone order to prove that I had agreed to this unauthorized shipment and charge routine.    Beachbody's way of doing business is SNEAKY and  UNETHICAL!!!    Beware....

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