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Milinex Power Storm Vac Complaints
Total Complaints: 189
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2/19/2007 - Kathy writes:
I was vacationing in Florida in December 2006. I saw the infomercial on television and it looked like a product my 80 year old mother-in-law could use because she has difficulty pushing full sized vacuum cleaners. I ordered two of them with 5 year guarantee's and paid for thim with my credit card. I have called them a total of 2 times. The first time I called, which was in January, they told me that they were out of stock and were on back order. I called again about 4 weeks ago and they advised me that they were shipped. I have never received these products and now when I dial the number for customer service, it refers me to their email customer service. When you access the email, it refers you back to the phone number. I believe I have been taken for a ride and would like to get my money back. I have noticed that there are other email blogs denouncing this company as fradulent. Please help. Thank you.

2/19/2007 - Tasha writes:
I purchased the power storm vac,3 filter packs,and steamer & steamer
accessories on Oct 23.I didn't recieve it for another two weeks. The vacuum did not work for me, first of all it was very cheap, not at all what i expected. So I gave them a call asking how do I go about returning this product, the lady on the phone gave me instructions on what needed to be done. I took everything except the free gift, to UPS and they packed it and shipped it on Nov 15 the expected delivery date was for Nov 21. Okay now here we are on Feb. 19th and not a check or a credit to my credit card and when i call the same nuber i called before I get thisvoice mail sending me to this web site..I just think that is very wrong and illegal and something needs to be done.

2/19/2007 - Georgie writes:
We also purchased the vacuums and I was very disappointed! We were told we could return the product and receive our money back!The products were returned in Sept.2006,and as of today,Feb.19,2007 we have received no money!! We are outthe $529.50 for the product,plus another $210.25 for the return of sending the vacs.,and are out the product!!!!! What a bad company!

2/17/2007 - Loretta writes:
i ordered power storm in nov of 06. i was over charged when i called the company i got a operator who knew nothing about how to return the vacume cleaner.upon several tries i ended up with an email address only to find out that ive been scamed along with many others. how are people to know that these companies are all out to scam you.what action can we take im willing to go the distance. ps the product never worked.

2/16/2007 - Chip writes:
I ordered two power storm vacuums and never received them, the receipt said back ordered so about a month passed and I called them and they said that they where now in the warehouse and will be sent out, so a week passed and called again and now I got the message to send an e-mail to [email protected] By the looks of it I got RIPPED OFF like every other person that wrote in here.

2/16/2007 - Darrell writes:
Dec. 2, 2006 received vacuum cleaners ordered from Infomercial. They were cheap useless products and were returned Dec 4, 2006....UPS delivery date was Dec. 7, 2006....on Dec. 18th an additional $39.95 was charged to my Visa. On Jan 25, 2007 called Customer Service # to ask why no refund had been credited to my Visa...was told by "Lorraine" that they were having computer problems and refunds would be started 'next week". Today I called Customer Service # and was given Web address...tried that and no such site exists. Have also e-mailed Stormvac.com, but they purport to be a "different Company", although they did give me the "Customer Service" number 800-278 6886 to call.

2/16/2007 - Carolyn writes:
I purchased the following merchandise; 2 Power Storm Vacuums $119.85,1 Steamer and accessories $20.00,which I did receive,2 Deluxe Power Storm Upgrades ? Tools/Aroma $25.00, and 1 Magic Duster for one payment - $0.00. The total of $246.85 was put on my Visa Card and paid for. I talked to customer service several times. The last person I talked to was Irma, on 01/02/2007. Irma told me that my merchandise was shipped on 01/26/2007. I have not received it!

2/16/2007 - Giselle writes:
I saw the informercial on T.v, Ipurchased the buy one get one free, and paid for the shipping charges and I also was suppose to get it for three installments on my debit card. After a month I had not received the vacs and they had taken a second payment. I called and talked to a customer service rep. She told me the vacs were on back order for two weeks. So I cancelled my order and I was owed a refund for 116.95 which I should receive in 2 weeks. Two weeks passes(FEB1,2007) I called and got the customer service rep and she told me the computer systems was down and wouldn't be up for about a week. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said he was on another call and didn't know any more than she did. I was truly pissed because ,I thought back to when I asked for my 1st refund she was laughing and flipant. but i finda pushed this off. Well I called back 2/15/07 and got the Milinex recording. The bad thing about it, I had went on line to the BBB to check to see if there were any complaints. To my surprise there were none, so thats why I placed an order. but as soon as I finish here I will be going to that damn website and file another complaint.I suggest everyone do!! [] I hope they catch them damn low-lifes and make them pay,I truly wish I could get make hands on them. Peace

2/16/2007 - Dolores writes:
i purchased the vac from a tv infomercial in May 2006 on a buy one get one free ad. I also got preferred shipping. My credit cadr was charged $378.33. weeks prioe to me receiving the package. I reported this to mu credit card company as soon as I received my statement. They were no help. The package arrived in mid June with four vacs in it which I returned unopened to shopflash in Torrance, Ca. Since thAt time I have tried numerous time to contact the company via phone in NY and was assured the returned pkg. had been receive and a credit would be applied within 28 days. This was in Nov. Needless to say that didn't happen. Since that time I have tried customer service via the web and as with the phoning I get the run around. How can I get my money back? I'm hopping MAD!!!!!

2/15/2007 - Melanie writes:
Purchased powerstorm Nov.2006, I tested it for about a half hour and stuck it back in the box to ship back. I sent it back and even requested a return mail receipt. I know they rec'd it before the 30 days, but they still took my 2nd payment. I called they said it would take about 2 weeks before I would receive my refund. In Jan. 2007 they took the final payment, since then I have called twice a week, and have been told "they don't know why I haven't received my refund, and I should call back the following week". Well this week I make my usual call and now they don't even answer the phone you get a recording telling you to email them at [email protected]. I have sent them an email tonight and now they say it takes 7 to 10 days to respond to your inquiry. What a mess!!! What do I do? By the way if you send them an email make sure you put your order number in the subject line and put your name & phone # in the body of the email. p.s. I have bought several things from infomercials before, NEVER HAD A PROBLEM.

2/15/2007 - Debra writes:
I purchased one for myself and one for my daughter. I have called and called several times and still have not gotten a reply. I either want my money back or I want my vacum, it not too difficult to understand.

2/15/2007 - Barbara writes:
I have been ripped off and I am angry!!! I bought the 2 for 1 Millinex Power Storm Vac and steamer along with the 5 year warranty special from their infomercial at the end of last October, 2006. I received them a month later. I took one of them out to use and it created a burning odor. So, I called customer service to let them know I was going to return the two vacuums. The were very cordial and had no problem with my returning it at the end of December. Also, when I originally ordered the products I beleived that one of the vacuums was at no charge. This was not the case. I was charged for each of them totaling $119.85, the 5 year warranty was $20.00, the steamer was $20.00 and the shipping was $57.00. The total came to $216.85. Then when I return the vacuums, it cost me an additional $32.00. $89.00 for shipping alone; how insane is that!!! So the grand total was $246.85. They had divided up my charges in three installments (the first one was the largest charge)on my credit card. So about two weeks fter I returned the vacuums I called cutomer service to let them know that the second charge was on my statement and to find out when I will be receiving my credit. The customer service rep was very friendly and agreed that I should receive a credit of $136.85. She promised to see that I receive it. But it did not happen, since my most recent credit card statement showed the final charge from Winstorm Venturesand no credit. I called earlier today to find out why I was charged again and when should I receive a credit since 6 weeks have passed since I returned their awful product. All I got was a message telling me to e-mail them regarding any customer service issues which told me right away that I have been scammed. I did though call my credit card company to dispute the last two charges which they will do since it is within 60 days. I am frustrated because there is no one to talk to directly at the company (such cowards!!!). As well as wanting my money that is due me since I did everything accordingly to receive my credit. They promised in their advertisement that there was a money back guarrantee if not satisfied and I was soooo not satisfied!!!!!!

2/15/2007 - Sally writes:
You ask if i own it. Well i might if i ever get it. I ordered 12//16/06 and have not recieved it yet. Have called about it 3X now and the last time was 2/14/07 and was told by a message to go to the [email protected] So i did and now i see all the complaints against them and feel like even if i do get the vacs
(2 4 1 ) i will not like them. I wish i had never seen the infomercial now. I like all the other complaints paid for the free
steamer 2 at $20.00 for shipping. A total of $192.00 and no products
as of yet. I wish there was someone out there to help us all get our money back. And to keep them from scamming anymore people.

2/15/2007 - Linda writes:
I seen the infomercial on tv,thought this sweeper was just what I needed,so I ordered one. I found that to recieve the second one you had to pay for the shipping on it also the shipping on a steamer,so when I called to order I told them I just wanted one vacuum,they were very nice and told me I could just order one.I did recieve just the one vacuum about 4 weeks later,but I was so disappointed in the vacuum,it was nothing like the infomercial,and wasn't worth the price I paid for it,so I called them and they told me what to do to send it back,and how long before I would get a refund,so now that's my problem I shipped it back on nov. 16th and every time I call about my money they give me excuses.now when I call they give me an email to complain to. I just want my money back!!

2/14/2007 - Lourdes writes:
i ordered the so called vac in november i was very excited about this product i was told i'll receive it in 6 weeks when i did not receive it i called i was told by a lady is in back order i waited and waited then i receive a phone call from a man who told me i will get it soon i waited again did not get the vac i called several times finally a lady told me is in a warehouse i will get it in a couple of weeks i waited again ,,,,nothing i called again i receive a machine that told me to e-mail costumerservice , this is the first time i order something on t v and is the last time, i will call my bank and stop payment on my card NOW

2/14/2007 - Cindy writes:
i returned this product (2) vaccums without opening and requested a refund before returning, the lady told me not to open and they would issue a refund when they recieved the 2 vaccums. that has been one month and i still have not been refunded my money of 193.00. then when you call the 1-800 number it refers yu to this web site.

2/14/2007 - Barbara writes:
I don't have the vaccums yet I ordered back in November. No vaccums. they called me in Early January and promised 2 vaccums in 2 weeks no vaccums. I am tired of waiting and just want my money back on my credit card. Thank You

2/14/2007 - Cathy writes:
i have call these people few times and i can not get any wear with them.i want my MONEY BACK.now when i call they tell me to e-mail them. i order this in november of 2006. now what do i do

2/14/2007 - Julia writes:
I've not used the Vac because I've not received it. I ordered it 12-8-06 and have called numerous times to inquire about it and was always told that it was on back-order. Now I am told to get on a computer and check the status of my order. I will never be so weak as to order another thing from these infomercials. Lesson learned.

2/13/2007 - Verilyn writes:
On December 6, 2006, I ordered the Power Storm Vacuum after watching the infomercial a couple of times. It looked like a useful product. I paid extra for a RUSH delivery...after a couple of weeks and no vacuum, I called the customer service number and spoke with GRADY. He informed me that the vacuums were on back order. I asked him about a refund for the whole order ($192.72)which had already been charged to my checking account. The request to cancel the order and refund the money was made on 12/19/06. On 1/12/07 I called back and spoke with Lorraine about the refund. She told me that "the processor is down and they are looking into it". She put in a request for priority handling of my refund. On 1/22/07, I called back and again spoke with Lorraine. "The processor is still broken but I should receive the the refund "soon". I called back on 1/30/07 and spoke with Tiffany this time. The processor is still broken. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor over Customer Service is "on the phone" but she left a message for him to call me back and I was assured that he would return my call. No call was received. I called back on 1/31/07 and spoke with Linda this time. Again was told the supervisor was on the phone but she would be sure to have him give me a call. Still no call. 2/5/07, I called back and again spoke with Tiffany. "The processor is supposed to be fixed, you should receive your refund soon". Today, 2/12/07, I called again and spoke with Lorraine. I asked if orders for the Power Storm vacuums are being filled? I was told YES. I then asked about the "processor". I was wondering if the same processor is used in filling orders as in refunding orders that have been cancelled. I was then told that the processor is supposed to be fixed. I then asked for a status on my refund. Lorraine told me that nothing has been refunded yet. Each account is being reviewed individually. I asked for the name of a supervisor. She told me that "Justin" is the supervisor of Customer Service. She also told me that I could send a complaint to the [email protected] address and voice my complaint. I also have an address for Milinex in Eliot, ME to write to. I believe I have been taken and wish that I had read this information before placing the order! I've never been taken advantage of like this! I wish we could do something about this scam! I'll never order anything from an infomercial again without checking out this website!

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