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Milinex Power Storm Vac Complaints
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4/18/2006 - Barbara writes:
I saw the Milinox info commercial on Tv, and called to order the powerstorm vac,for the buy one= get one free deal. But-after listening to all the added on costs, and hidden costs not mentioned on the TV infomercial- I hung up- choosing not to order anything.   I thought it was over and done with!.  not so.  Last week I received 2 powerstorm vacs despite not placing an order.  I went to the post office and  refused the order and promptly returned the vacuums to the sender (milinox in New York). I thought it was over again.Not so!!  Last Friday- I received 2 more  powerstorm vac, this time delivered by UPS.  I can not get in touch with them directly by phone or indirectly by email. My credit card has been charged $156.85 x 2 - a grand total of $313.70.  I am livid, and now must deal with the credit card company directly, as well as, the UPS, the Post Office, and Milinox. Milinox should be held reponsible and prosecuted in some way!!  I will never trust or consider placing another order from a TV infomercial again!!!!

4/12/2006 - Dave writes:
I ordered the Vacums on what was supposed to be a two for one deal.  I orded in Feburary 06, In March I recieved a notice that they would not be sending the vacums and my credit card would not be charged.  So I bought another vacuum.  Yesterday I recieved the vacuums, There is no number to call but I saw another posting for 212-575-0500.  She said she was going to charge the card $156.85.  But she refused to send a credit card recipt and hung up on me.  She said If I wanted to return it I could then they would credit my card.  I'm not sure what to do.  I don't ned the vacuums anymore and I'm afraid they'll charge my card more.

4/6/2006 - Cindy writes:
After viewing the infomercial for the PowerStorm Vaccum I felt like this was just what I was looking for since I live an a 5th wheel mobile home.  It was small and did not take up a lot of space.  So I ordered it and had to pay by check on line.  I was told it would be done in segments and would only be about $130-$150. This was for 2 vaccums and a free steamer.  I ordered it in February and just had the charge come through my bank.  It was for $313.70.  twice what was told to me.  I tried to call and get an answer.   When I called the number on my statement it was the corporate office and she gave me another number where I was put on hold for an interminable amount of time.  I have contacted my bank and will be getting my money back soon, I hope. I have purchased several things from Ronco and expected more from this company.  I don't know that Ronco has anything to do with this but I see that this website has Ronco Products also. Cindy

4/6/2006 - Richard writes:
Ordered the product in March and have never received.  Phone lines are always busy.  Was over charged on my debit card by over $100 for the price I was quoted.

4/5/2006 - Rita writes:
I watched an infomercial on cable tv on March 15, 2006. To order the Mininox Powerstorm vaccum cleaner. Buy one get the second one for free also a steam cleaner. I kept watching for it to be delivered to my home and it never came. I received my MasterCard statement on March 30, 2006 and found that it was posted for $221.85 on March 17, 2006 taken out of my account. It is now April 5, 2006 and I have still have not received the damn thing. I called the 800-706-2216 customer service number and I got a womens home phone that wasn't even an 800 number. I called her again to make sure that I didn't dial the wrong number and she told me that she gets calls all the time from people thinking she is some company. I told her to write the number down and call her phone company anmd report it. After I talked to her I then went on line to find a website for this Powerstorm and low and behold I find this website. I am totally sick over this and totally outraged over this. How can they show this on TV. You would think if it was an infomercial being shown on cable TV it would be legit.I will be calling MasterCard, Better Business Burreu and the cable company tommow to see what I can do. I am afraid I have lost my money. I can garantee I won't order anything else from the TV.

4/5/2006 - Keith writes:
February 12th of 06 I seen the informercial and I jumped to the offer which said (3) payments of 39.95 and you get TWO vaccums for the price of one.So weeks later I called to see where is this product? Or if its being shipped by Fed-X or UPS just for peace of mind. Then I happened to look in my bank account and seen that they took out $196.85.Im sorry I didnt got to college for math but three payments of 39.95 dont equal to the amount they took out.I was unable to susscessfully make contact to any of the numbers giving.I was hung up on several times.I have not been contacted by E-mail as promised.I am contacting the Better Busines Bureau good luck windstorm.

3/28/2006 - Sue writes:
Ordered the Milinex Power Storm Vacuum, from their web site on 11-25-05, payment was received by the IGIA.com INC, company on 11-30-05, the company withdrew my money for this vacuum, but never sent me my vacuum.   Now it is March 28, I did try to contact both companies, first by email, then by phone, my emails were never responsed to, and the customer service number, which just so happens to be the same number for both companies, when I tried to reach them, I was only left on hold.  I did try to have my lawyer contact them, never receive a response from Milinex.  I filed a complaint with the LA-BBB, I did receive a posting from the Singer Lazer Storm Vacuum Company, {how many companies are they hiding behind?} stating a refund would be posted to my account.  It is now March 28, 2006, still have not received my refund.  I will never order anything from an internet web site again.   Buyer beware.

3/22/2006 - Catherine writes:
I ordered the Powerstorm Vacuum at the end of February and i began to get concerned that my order didnt work because my bank statements kept saying, the checkcard transaction for $215, was still pending, unitl as of today the 22nd of March. So i decided to go online and see if i could contact the company to see if my order really did go through and when i would receive my   product. Thats when i discovered the web page where everyone was complaining about how they had been ripped off and the whole infomercial was a scam! Im very pissed off. Especially at the tv station that is continuing to play the infomercial!!!I want my money back....so WHO EVER im writing this to, if you could please give me some advice on how i can go about doing so, i would greatly appreciate it!!

3/21/2006 - Cindy writes:
I found an unauthorized charge on my account from this company.  I have been trying to call them @212-575-0500 with no lick in acspeakign to a perosn.  Hold time was over an hour each time I called.   I have filed a fraud alert with my bank. I never made this purchase nor did I ever receive any produce from this compnay.  I still am trying to reach them by phone.

3/13/2006 - Linda writes:
I ordered the vacuum on dec. 31,2005 by phone, gave all the information and was told the order was accepted - after waiting until the beggining of March, I called and was told that the order was never placed. I re-ordered through a recorded procedure, gave my credit card information and was told that the pder was accepted. I have three different phone numbers, cannot reach a "human being" at any of them, and the recording goens back to the Dec. 31st order with no further information. Please help me get to talk to a person as soon as possible. My phone number is []. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

3/9/2006 - Pat writes:
I called to order the vacuum cleaner after seeing their TV commerical one Sunday Morning I was going to buy one and get one free after reading all the scams I called and cancel my order but never got no respond they never called me they never reply to my emails so I send them a email and told them I worked for a law firm and we were members of the better business bureau and I would report them and also call the TV station where they advertisiing the vacumn and I still have got no reply from them Pat.

3/7/2006 - Melanie writes:
I placed an order on the telephone from an infomercial last Sunday and tried to call to cancel the order.  I was put on hold for at least a half hour before giving up.  I did this several times with no luck.  I also placed and email [email protected] least 6 times and had no response from it.  The first email they sent to me said someone would try to reach me within 24 hours.  They have not done this.  I want to cancel my order but don't know what to do here.

3/2/2006 - Robyn writes:
I have been scammed as well, charged double for the power vac but no product received. I called the customer service number and got a recording asking for the phone number that I ordered the product from, when I input my number I get a message that they have no record of that phone number. My bank is on it!! I am also going to contact the better business bureau, these people need to be stopped.

3/1/2006 - Todd writes:
I saw the infomercial and decided to order the Milinex Power Storm since it was buy one at $149 and get another free (extra shipping of course).  That should have been around $167.  On Feb 16, 2006 my account was debited $334 or double just like someone else I read about on your site.   As I haven't gotten the product, I called to cancel and was told I would receive a refund in 2/3 weeks.  The call seemed strange, not professional at all, so I called American Express who told me to make sure I get a cancelation confirmation #.  I called back and was told they have no cancelation confirmation #s.  When I questioned why the amount was doubled this second person said I must have pushed a wrong button on the phone by mistake.  What am I a jerk?  I heard the final total amount and it was $167 or something like that otherwise I never would have gone through with the purchase.  She, however, said I would be receiving a refund in 2/3 days.   Frankly, I don't believe any of them.  So, I called American Express and lodged an official complaint.  They're not requiring me to pay until they resolve the dispute which I'm sure will be settled to my satisfaction.

2/20/2006 - Deborah writes:
My mother is 70 yrs old, she saw the Milinex Power Vacuum on television in December 2005, copied down the address & sent a money order, purchasing 2 vacuum cleaners for a total or $156.85.  This is February 20, 2005 and she hasn't received them yet.  Every time we call there, we get a run around, the representatives keep saying "it will ship within the next 2 weeks".

2/19/2006 - Chris writes:
I also purchased the power storm vac by milinex back in November and have yet to receive it.Their e-mail is bogus and there phone  numbers are all recorded messages.  Twice I have called, only to be told the product will ship in 3-5 days. My credit card has also been charged, the amount in dispute (thank you Capitol One). I watched the commercial this morning and was furious. How can they still advertise a product that they refuse to ship? What a scam!

1/25/2006 - Anthony writes:
I ordered the vacuum and steamer online on Nov. 17, 2005 and wanted to make some corrections but it just totalled my order for $269.14 and said thank you very much.  After that it was a pure headache of no call backs, unable to pull up your order when I did get a customer service representative, hours of holding on the phone with no responses, false shipping information, supervisors that said they would call back and never did and an email system that says they will respond to your request but never did.  It is Jan. 25, 2006, and no order as of yet.   I ended up calling my credit card company to reverse the charges .. Thank you ... Chase.  Stay away from this product and their customer service for your own peace of mind.

1/19/2006 - Debbie writes:
I ordered mine 12/07/05.   They withheld double price from my checking account and as of this date, 1/19/06, no vacuum, they have not replaced my money, and they will not return my call, they won't answer my call, and they will not reply to my faxes.  I have even faxed them all the paperwork showing them where my money was withheld by them.  Don't Order Anything Off of the TV!!!!!!!!!!

1/17/2006 - Carmen writes:
I have ordered the product and accessories on November 23/05 after seeing the TV advertisement, and was promised a second item "free".  My credit card was promptly charged $402.74; I was astonished at the amount, and tried to contact them immediately. The 1800- number is a phony, and email address probably too. To date (Jan 17/06) I have not received the items. As I can see now, I am not the only victim of this scam.  Is there anything we can do about this???

1/9/2006 - Timeka writes:
Well, i purchased this product about 6 weeks ago and it still has not arrived.  i have purchased items over the phone in the past and have not had any problems. But now i have not recieved my purchase and when i've tried to contact them,the emails's reply is "Mail could not reached destination" which means, the email addresses doesn't work nor does the customer service phone lines.  Shouldn't the government of couldn't the government have laws to prevent these kinds of scams?  I mean afterall, they are on TV for God's sake and this is how we buy most if not all of our products...from television advertisements! That gives us the indication that they're legit.  The 2nd most important question is, what can we do as consumers to prevent ourselves from becoming prey to these companies we're trusting...the real wolves in sheep's clothing!! Please help us with your prompt attention to this matter.

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