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Milinex Power Storm Vac Complaints
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1/7/2006 - Elaine writes:
On Novemeber 9, 2005 I ordered a Milinex Power Storm Vacuum Cleaner through IGIA, and $82.77 was paid by my Mastercard the next day. 2 months have gone by and I have not seen the product or received any note from the company. My e-mail was never answered and my phone calls got nowhere. Caution to all who read this note - NEVER NEVER order from this company, or you'll never see your money or the merchandize.

1/4/2006 - Diana writes:
I paid to IGIA on 10/31/2005, $259.14,  for the purchase of (3) "Milinex Power Storm" Vacuum's, Additional Accessories, Upgrade, Power Steamer with Cleaners and Replacement Vacuum Filters, which I ordered on 10/27/2005. I was informed my order;  # 2005102712332485 would be shipped and delivered to my house in 4 to 6 weeks. As of this time, my purchased Vacuum products have NOT been shipped or delivered. My many attempts to contact IGIA through phone calls and emails (successfully delivered), have gone unanswered. I want my products that I ordered and paid for in good faith. My Credit/Debit Card was Charged and monies were paid in full to IGIA within a few days of placing my order, which is highly unusual. Every other company which I have purchased products from (numerous), whether over the internet or phone have NEVER charged my Credit/Debit Card until the products were shipped. It is almost 10 weeks since placing my order with IGIA. I do not have my products, I lost a few cents in interest on money taken out of my Wachovia Bank Account by IGIA, and the company will not take my phone calls through "Customer Service" (the automated system places the call on "hold for next availabe Representative" until cut-off time: 4:00pm EST), daily, Mon. thru Fri. IGIA will not answer my emails (as they suggest to use), at:[email protected] I am very distressed over this! I want and deserve my purchased products!

1/4/2006 - Lil writes:
We ordered the vacuum on Oct. 29, and our credit card was charged on Oct. 31. To day, Jan. 4, still no vacuum. But two more charges to our credit card this month.  Many calls to the various 800 numbers, emails with promises to respond in 24 hours. Have never reached a real person. Am presently disputing the charges with my credit card company, since I have never received the vacuum which is ending up costing more than the good ones and still no vacuum. What a ripoff and scam. What can we do. We must have some recourse against these scamming companies.

1/3/2006 - Vera writes:
Hi, I also had a very bad experience while ordering this product. On Oct. 11, 2005 i ordered the poweredstorm vac but to find that my credit card had been charged twice the amount when only it should have been $293.77 but instead there was a charge of $518.62 i was stunned. I tried calling several times the number listed on the bill (1800-711-8357) because the product had not been received but to only get a recording instructing me to email i was also told to hold for a live rep. i preceded to hold for a cust. rep for about an hour to finally get noone and then was disconnected on. I have emailed several times to get no response and they all bounce back. As of today Jan. 3, 2006 I still have not received the items or a refund on my credit card. I am completedly outraged that this is going on and noone is doing anything to stop these people. This is a scam and I have found after searching the web there are many people in my situation and too many stories to read them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/30/2005 - Amy writes:
nothing like starting out a new year getting scammed out of a lot of money!!!! i actually talked my mother into getting this vaccum too! of course we never got them! the stories that i've read are horrible! something has to be done!!!!! can u imagine the money these #*/#**//* have stolen from honest people that only wanted to clean their freakin' floors!!!!! i still cant believe this happened..and is still happening to sooo many others everyday...andddd they are stilll "selling" them!! lol!! next step..legal action!!

12/8/2005 - Anita writes:
INFOMERCIAL FRAUD ALERT: "Milinex PowerStorm Vacuum Cleaner" - or IGIA, of California. Infocommercial for:  Milinex PowerStorm Vacuum Cleaner (apparently they also use other reputable company names like Singer etc. to suck you in.) Method:  Typical over the phone payment, nothing unusual from other successful 'from tv' ordering I've done in the past - until nothing shows up, and you try to call them.  The phone numbers don't work, or goes to a line that keeps you on hold almost all day.  The emails they mention on the phone message and on the web site bounce back to you immediately. Basically, there is no one to speak to. What happened to me:  After the item didn't show up, I tried to call them, did a google search on the web and found a site that didn't function very well, and was almost impossible to locate any customer service contact numbers on.  After some searching online and finding an email for 'Customer Service' I tried to email them, the message bounced back.  When I received my credit card bill, they had charged me more then 2 xs the amount (though apparently some were charged as much as 4x's)!!! Even the phone number on my credit card bill attached to this charge "IGIA, California" didn't work.  Finally, when I did a more in-depth google search - a ton of notices from people who were in the same boat as me came up - I mean - too many to read them all!!! The Solution: Thankfully, my credit card company refunded the amount to me as a "disputed item".  As long as nothing was received and signed for on my end. And trust me ... THERE WAS NOTHING!! But from what I read, not all were so fortunate. Be careful!!! Here are the links I found with reports on this item: This is the 'supposed' legitimate ad - NOT!!! http://www.milinex.tv/Reports on scams on this item: http://www.infomercialscams.com/lazer_storm_vac.htm[] (an excellent site actually!!) 

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