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Milinex Power Storm Vac Complaints
Total Complaints: 283
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10/3/2006 - Ann writes:
I ordered this same vacuum cleaner when it was called the SingerWindstorm back on August 16, 2005. Two days after placing my order my bank card was charged so I assumed it had been shipped. Two weeks later I called to check the delivery status and they told me it was back ordered. I told them that normally you don't get charged until the product ships so I wanted to cancel the order and get my money back. She cancelled my order and I waited for the credit on my card. The credit never came and I was even charged the second payment. I contacted my bank and reported it and got the second payment back but it was too late to get the rest of my money back. I try to contact the customer service number every week and if I ever reach someone they constantly tell me my refund is in process. I have waited now more than a year and no refund. If anyone finds a way to contact them besides e-mail and the customer service number please post it here.

9/27/2006 - Kathy writes:
On May 27, 2006 I ordered the Power Storm. On July 10/2006 I called to find out about the order and was told they couldn't find it. The woman I spoke with said she would take a new order, and that there was a new Power Storm, that it was more powerful. I placed my order and was disconnected before I could get a confirmation number. I checked the website for the prices and information she had told me and found out she overcharged me, and apparently there wasn't any new Power Storm. I sent numerous e-mails, cancelling my order. On July 24, 2006 I received an e-mail stating "I like to inform you that your order was cancelled." Because of the bad experience with them, I called on August 22, 2006. I spoke with Randy, who informed me that they were a company that had taken over Power Storm's Customer Service 1 1/2 weeks ago. He assured me that they were getting everything on track for Power Storm. I told him I was calling to make sure my order was cancelled. He said he showed that it was getting ready to ship, and I told him I cancelled it. He asked if I wanted it since it was getting ready to ship. I told him I did not want it at the price the woman stated. He went over the pricing in detail, and I wrote it down, and confirmed it with him. He told me I would get 2 vacuums, but it was buy one, get one free. I told him I didn't need 2 vacuums, and he said the total charge was for one at $59.95, and all I had to pay extra was $18.50 for the shipping of the free one. I told him that was OK. He again assured me that they were getting things in order, and that $159.92 was all I would be charged. I received the vacuums the end of August. Today I learned that $39.95 was charged to my account. I called Customer Service, and found out that they had charged me for 2 vacuums at $59.95. I informed them that was not correct, and I spoke with a Supervisor (Mario), which is when things got really troubling. The Supervisor basically said it was a miscommunication problem. He said they had just taken over when I called in August, and weren't familiar with the prices. He said he was sorry, but he couldn't do anything about it. He said they weren't responsible for the mistake. I asked who was responsible, that someone had to be responsible. He told me no one was responsible, that it was just miscommunication, and that I shouldn't blame anyone. He said Storm Vac took the order, not them. I asked how to reach them, and he told me they had the same number he had. He said they handle their overflow-that Storm Vac is in another state, and that he has never seen the product. He told me to return the product and get my money back. I told him that I read complaints about people returning the product, but never getting their money back, and how did I know I would get it back. He said I was due a refund if I returned it. He said I had no reason to trust him, that I didn't know him. I told him what he was saying was very frightening. He was saying his Customer Service takes no responsibility for anything, and I don't need to trust them, that I don't even know them. I told him someone needs to be trusted if they are taking people's credit card information. He repeated that they didn't need to be trusted, and aren't responsible. He told me to return it, that I would receive a refund because they have a 30 day return policy. (I looked how to return, and it says to call Customer Service, the same number I was just on with the Supervisor. He didn't take the return information, or offer to.) The way they have it calculated now, they are charging $20.00 more than the order I was overcharged for in July. I am going to my bank to dispute the charge. I may return it, but then I'm out more money, and may never see a refund. It's very frightening that the Supervisor thinks no one should be blamed, that this is just miscommunication, and that he thinks no one is responsible or should be trusted.

9/23/2006 - Mary writes:
Today, 9/23/06, I tried ordering the powervac for 3 pyments of 39.95...buy one get one free, plus free steamer. When attempting to order, the automated system was geared to confuse the customer by offering a million other things to go with the vacuum. Also, as advertised on tv, I don't think that the second vacuum was free. The prompts on the phone didn't make sense, so I have no idea what I ended up ordering. I wanted to know what I had ordered and what the final amount was, so I called customer service. I was on hold for 1 hour and 53 minutes; I finally hung up. The advertisement that was running while I was on hold was for Epiclear, a skin formula for acne. I looked them up online to see if there was a number and their customer service is closed on Saturdays, which is probably the case for the Power STorm. Anyway, I called my credit card co and they said to file a complaint once it showed on my bill. After reading several complaints about the product and service, I don't want it period. I better get a refund. I will do everything to take this company down. I hope that you all do, as well.

9/12/2006 - Valerie writes:
I bought my storm vac through the infomercial. First off, I wasn't speaking to a human. I said yes and no to what they were trying to sell me. I purchased one storm vac, nothing else. I charged it with AE credit card. When I received the box there were 3 to my horror plus I was charged over $200.00. I tried calling the 800 number and got a very nasty woman, her name was Brianna and she could hardly speak Engish. I asked for her manager and she said she wasn't there. I asked to be put through to her voicemail and left my information and phone number and never heard back. After a week I called again and was never able to get through to a customer services as they were "attending other customers". I was so frustrated that I finally call American Express and spoke with a very helpful man and told him what had happened. He took all the information and told me they would divide the amount by 3 charge me for one, put the other money aside and would contact the company. I received a response in writing from AE explaining that they made my complaint known to Millenex. I was told if Millenex could not provide proof that I ordered three vacuums that they would not pay them. AE did not receive a response therefore AE removed that charge from my credit card and I only had to pay for the one vacuum. Unfortunatly, like other responders, the vacuum is no good and I would not recommend it to anyone.

9/12/2006 - Sarah writes:
My husband and I bought 1 vacuum and recieved 4. We had such a hard time trying to contact the company to discuss that problem, so we sent all the vacuums back. This was in May and after months of phone calls and promises of a refund, we have recieved nothing. I emailed the BBB. This company told the BBB that they did give us the refund, which is not true, and will no longer respond to the BBB. They took 250.00 dollars out of our account, but we have also incurred high phone bills just trying to contact them. We are put on hold for up to an hour, only to be told "you will get your refund in 7-10 days" or being hung up on. This is one of the most frustrating things we have ever dealt with.

9/9/2006 - Lisa writes:
I puchased the storm vac in april. When I received it I was not happy with it. It kept falling apart and didn't have any power,as advertised. So, at my own expense, I returned the product. To this date I still have not been refunded the $218 that they charged me. I called several times and when I was lucky enough to get though, I was told that my money would be in the mail within the next 21 days. Well, it's been 4 months and still nothing. Now all I get is busy signals on the phone.

9/7/2006 - Patricia writes:
I ordered the Powerstorm vacuum on April 24 using my Amex card. When I received my statement, they billed me for 2 orders totaling $336.00. I did want the order 1 vacuum plus the extra vacuum . When I called the company, they said I ordered 2 (which totalled 4 vacuums). It is now September 8 and I still do not have the vacuums, and I waited to long for amex to dispute the charge. I was away most of the summer and not thinking about the 4 vacuums. DO NOT ORDER FROM TV

9/7/2006 - Jack writes:
I ordered the so called,"Power Storm Vacuum," back in November of 2005 and have yet to receive it. I have called numerous times and have not been able to get in touch with anyone. The only message I receive is that the lines are all busy and someonne should be with you shortly. I purchased the vacuum along with the upgrade, steamer, and warranty for a total of $187.23 dollars. I am very angry at this company and I wish there was a way to get my money back...

9/6/2006 - Shari writes:
I guess we are lucky. We got the so called vacuum. It's horrible, a
complete waste of money. We were charged the right amount of money and got everything but the $25 up-grade. Tried to reply to one of the many e-mails. Mail is now undeliverible. Not wasting time on phone calls. Buyer Beware.

9/5/2006 - Diane writes:
I ordered this storm vac on 5/7/06. To date no vaccum!! I ordered one and you get one free for a total price of $79.90+ S&H. When my credit card bill came I had been charged $239.70.I called the customer service number and spent hrs on hold, then was disconnected. I them called my credit card company and they credited my account $239.70, that was on June 6th. I then tried to email them to to let them know I DO NOT WANT THERE VACCUM!! Only message I received is that a customer care representative will respond within the nest 24 hours. On July 20TH another charge was on my credit card statement for $79.90, again I called and it was taken off my card. Now today 9/5/06 I received my statement and $79.90 is back on my card. This company should be put out of business!!!! What a scam!!!

9/3/2006 - Michelle writes:
I ordered the vacuum cleaner on 11-19-05. I was supposed to pay for one and get one free along with the steamer. They deducted $196.85 from my account within 4 days of the order, however, I have never received anything. I've tried numerous times to call and e-mail with no success.

9/3/2006 - Marlene writes:
My father purchased 2 vacuum cleaners & attachments, on 2-22-06, for $221.77. He called to advise he changed his mind, so the rep said to return the items, which he did on 3-31-06 & 4-06-06. His bank account was charged for the items. I called on 4-11-06, about the refund, the rep said she would have to check the warehouse to make sure the items have arrived and she would call me back, which she didn't. I called on 5-19-06, spoke to a rep & she said she would forward the information to the Accounting Dept, and he would get a refund in 21 business days. I called on 6-26-06, the rep had no record of my previous conversation and said my dad would get a refund in 7-10 business days. I sent emails on 6-26-06, and on 7-29-06, and got the same responses, "Our customer service rep will contact you as soon as possible". No contact, of course! On 8-03-06, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. On 8-03-06, the Wind Storm people responded by saying they have no record of a purchase or return, and to send them proof of purchase, and they will refund my father. I tried to fax them, the line was busy. On 8-14-06 I mailed copies of all my letters, the complaint I filed with the BBB, and bank statements. On 8-21-06 I emailed the same items. On 8-30-06 I emailed them again (and cc'd the BBB), advising I will go to the media if I don't get a response. On 9-02-06, the BBB advised the above inf has been reported to the public. My next step is to contact my local TV stations, then my State Attorney General's Office. I feel we have our rights as consumers, and we need to stick together and stop this company!!! Just think of all the other people that have been ripped off by them, but have not taken it further.

8/29/2006 - Stacy writes:
I was also a sucker for this product. I have been tring to get a refund since March of 2006 . I still have not received anything but a run around. I have contacted 6 diferent numbers and none have gotten me any closer to a refund. Now I am out of $256 and a vac becuz I refused the delivery in hopes i would get my refund. I agree there needs to be a class action law suit against this so called company.

8/26/2006 - Mathew writes:
I ordered the power storm vacuum on Easter Sunday from the infomercial. I paid the extra shipping to get the vacuum quicker and did not recieve it until 11/2 to 2 months later. I recieved 3 vacuums and I ordered buy one get one free and they charged me $320.00+. I called and they said they would refund one for $110.00 and they never did. After using the vacuum (which is junk) I decided to return them all. I called customer service and they said ok - send them back for a full refund. I sent them back and watched my credit card for a credit. It is now 3 months later and after trying to call and being on hold for hours and either getting hung up on or no answer, I have no where else to turn. I am now out $320.00+ and countless hours spent trying to retrieve my money. I am interested in a class action suit. Although I am not sure how to go about this. If anyone else is interested please contact me at []or alternately at [].

8/23/2006 - Sherri writes:
Wow! I wish I would have read all these complaints before being duped myself. I purchased the Power Storm Vac on May 1, 2006 and immediately was charged for 4 vaccuum cleaners instead of 2 because the automated system "misunderstood" me. Now my bank card is being charged $14.95 by two companies I have never even ordered from--American Leisure and Easy Saver and it is every 30 days!! I would love to file some kind of lawsuit and get these dishonest people shut down. Now I am going to have to close my bank account and start all over. What a pain.

8/23/2006 - Kim writes:
I ordered the buy 1 get 1 vacs with the free steamer on 4-23-06, using my debit card. they took 193.90 out of my account on 4-27. so I called and it took hours to talk to a person, and they were charging me for 4 vacs.I was told they straightened out so on 5-5 they gave 156.85 back, and on 5-8 they gave 37.05 back and took 116.95, and on 6-5 took 39.95. when I got what I would call JUNK,I couldnt push it across my carpet and it made black streaks on my limoleum. the statement in the box said I got charged 20.00 for the steamer and 56.00 for s&h. I sent it back on 6-30. They took another 39.95 out of my account in july and it cost me 28.00 to send it back. Now 8-23 Ive lost 214.84 and cant get a response after several e-mails, I left a mess. on their answering mach. with no response there either.

8/22/2006 - Kathleen writes:
I guess I'm another sucker. I too saw the infomercial and purchased the buy one get one for free. I also ordered the power steam cleaner. This was back in February of 06. In March of 06 my credit card was charged for two vacuum cleaners and one steam cleaner plus shipping and handling. When I sent an e-mail asking for my product and explaining that I bought one and was supposed to get one free, I too, received an e-mail saying that someone would get back to me in two days. Of cours no one did. The only thing I can say about this experience is that I certainly did learn a good lesson. Too bad it cost so much money. How do these companies get away with cheating people. Why isn't our government putting these people in jail?

8/21/2006 - Vivian writes:
I'm the lucky one. I ordered this shit and it was a piece of crab. My credit card was charge on 5/12/06 for $118.35 (which is pennies after reading the other compliments) I received the crab on 6/1/06. I returned it on 7/13/06 and they received it on 7/17/06. I have not received a refund as of 8/21/06. I have file a bbb complaint and will file a ftc complaint. never again will i ordered infomericial crab again. let's run these jerks out of business and stop them from frauding innocent people. you are going down milinex or whatever name you are using. i'm going to telling my whole tribe.

8/20/2006 - Tom writes:
I purchased a buy one get one free Milinex Power Storm Vac, back in December 2005 for $119.95 Plus shipping and handling which was another $42.90. The ended up charging my credit card double. I still have not been refunded. Everytime I call, usually they don't answer and even it they do I get the same story everytime; (your refund is being processed and we will be mailing out a check to you). I hear this every time I call, every month I call, etc. Why can't they just credit my credit card? Everytime I e-mail there supposed customer service I get the same response, ( a customer service rep will be in touch with you within 24 hours). I have never been contacted once! Furthermore, the Power Storm Vac did not do what it was advertised to do. It hardly even picks up. It's quality is very cheap and poorly made. It's basically, a worthless piece of junk. A class action civil lawsuit needs to be filed against Milinex.

8/18/2006 - Jody writes:
about a year ago i purchased this vaccum under the namesiger lazer storm (the same product) they offered buy one get one free at the price of 109.00 i ordered and recieved 4 vaccums and come to find out they charged my card about 350.00 it was my bank card and i found out about the charges only after a check i had wrote for a personal bill had bounced because my account was over drawn so i also incurred bank fees it took me days of being on hold for up to 45 minutes to talk to a person and when i did iwas very dissapointed to say the least they told me i would have to pay for the original shipping price of 4 vaccums and the return shipping price for a refund after arguing with 3 different people i was tired i just paid the shipping charges(42.00) i sent 2 vacuums back for a refund i never recieved a dime from them so not only did i pay for 4 vacuums + shipping and handling for 4 vacuums but also the cost to return 2 vacuums and never recieved a refund

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