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Milinex Power Storm Vac Complaints
Total Complaints: 283
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8/17/2006 - Michael writes:
I see I am just one of hundreds. I ordered the powerstorm vacuums also, but they charged me for a whopping $465.40, more than double for what I ordered. I was "lucky", in that I actually talked to someone. I was told that my order was sent to a wrong party and address and subsequently returned to the Post office and then back to the warehouse. I told them that they overcharged me and no longer wanted the merchandise. I was told I would have my credit card account credited within a week. They took my money on April 24th of 2006. I have tried unsucessfully 3 times since and it now four months. I thought I was the only one. Boy, what a surprise. I am notifying all the tv and cable stations I can about this, in hopes of getting these infomercials pulled, before more people are scammed. I also have sent E mails to my friends and aquaintences and asked them to spread the word. Word of mouth can be a very strong tool against dishonest people and companies like this. I don't hold out much chance of ever getting my money back, but I will keep trying. I am on a fixed income and could use my money.

8/15/2006 - Marisa writes:
About a year ago, I called to purchase these pieces of garbage and never received them. Not knowing then that I was lucky, I made a huge mistake to call back and order them again. Only this time I was charged almost $400 for 4 vacuums. Like many other naive customers that have reported them also, I called back as soon as I received these vacuums which suck in every way except the way they should...pardon my language. For MONTHS, I tried to call and get someone. I never got calls back, I was told over and over that they requested a pick-up by FedEx. I was never given a confirmation number which I should have gotten, according to FedEx b/c yes, I even called them. I was told it takes up to 2 weeks. It went on for months. At the time, I was 8 months pregnant and extremely upset on the phone b/c of my credit card bill and b/c of the unnecessary stress this was causing me at such a sensitive time. No one cared. My son is here and healthy thank God and almost 7 months old and ya know what??? I still have not received a phone call for someone to pick them up. When I used to call the company (just about everyday) I swear I was getting the same people on the phone using different names. I did manage to get a direct number and an address. If there is a class action suit, I want to be involved. How these morons are able to stay in business is beyond me.I do have some advice if it helps anyone out there. CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD customer service number and talk to them about what happened. They probably have something called a dispute-resolution process that they follow on your behalf. What they will do is credit your card the amount you were charged plus the finance charges and fees that are related and then go after the the merchant/bank that charged you. They allow a certain amount of time for the merchant to respond and if they do not, the credit is yours to keep. I will never order another thing on TV before checking this website first.

8/8/2006 - Howard writes:
Ordered item 6-15-05 that's 05. Emailed - no response. phoned - hung up on many times or waited more than 1/2 hr What is wrong with the consumer protection system in our govt.? This company should do fed. pen. time for thier crime. HANG-EM

8/7/2006 - Susan writes:
The power storm vac was returned on July 21, 2006 and there has never been a refund to the credit card after numerous attempts to call the company. I have been hung up on, listened to music and then disconnected, asked what company I wanted after I had been on hold for ten minutes, etc. all to no satisfaction. I am actually doing this for my 88 year old mother-in-law. All she wants is a credit to her credit card.

8/3/2006 - Wanda writes:
i had to order the storm vac,thought i was getting a good vac,orded it off the tv,well 3 months later no vac ,toke money out off accountt dont know what to do,call the 1-800 number no respose phone hangs up.now they have change there name to wind vac vac

8/3/2006 - Kenneth writes:
I had ordered the Milinex Stormvac with the free steamer from the website, but was charged $20 for the steamer and another $20 for shipping that was to be free. Several emails were sent to cancel the order, but only received automated replies. The package came weeks later and I refused delivery. A week later another package came which I also refused. I finally got through to the main office at 212-575-0500. Four times I was told that I was to get my refund and they renaged each time. Lately, all they do is put me on hold and disconnect me after 6 to 15 minutes. The FTC had made them pay a civil penalty of $300,000 and required them to follow the Mail Order Rule to the letter for five years. All of these complaints prove they have violated that agreement many times. You can read about it here: http[] They seem to also be ignoring the inquiry from my credit card company. I have contacted the FTC to let them know of the violations and I suggest everyone file a complaint with the FTC as well.

7/29/2006 - Margaret writes:
I ordered the vacuum in November of 2005. It is now July 2006 and I do not have a Vacuum or a refund. I have called and called and get cut off before I can speak to anyone. I just now got internet service. I tried to E-Mail customer service and it was blocked. When called to order I got a recording and it was so confusing I ended up ordering 4 vacuums. You can bet they took the money out of my account as soon as they could. What can be done about this? Someone has to stop them.

7/25/2006 - Dianna writes:
First of all when I called the infomercial # to place my order all I got was a computer. I kept trying to tell it all I wanted was the vacs, and the free steamer, no extra's. I finally got so distraught about 15 minutes into the call that I just hung up and figured that since I didn't finish the interview process nothing would be charged to me. After I noticed that my debit account was being charged I called the company and got through after about the 10th try. I told them I didn't want it at all. They stated it had already been packaged and sent. I finally got the 2 vaccuum cleaners approximately 5 weeks later. They are nothing but cheap pieces of plastic. It took me 2 hurs to half way clean 10 stairs. And forget trying to vacuum the floors. The sweeper material is placed so far apart on the roller that it wouldn't even pick up any thing in my living room floor. I have tried over 30-40 times to get a phone call through to the company since then to get an RMA# to return the item with no luck. I filed a complaint through my bank to get the money credited back to my account and am currently still working with them to continue with the legal actions. Basicall this is the biggest scam I have ever been pulled into, I wish I had have checked this website prior to making that first call. We learn things the hard way. This vaccuum cleaner is a piece of crap and the customer service department is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEWARE!!!!!!!

7/19/2006 - Kay writes:
I also ordered this product and when the website had a different offer than the buy 1 get 1 free (the second one was only $79.00 - NOT free!, I wanted to cancel. It would not let me. Then, I called the 800 number. As others have said, no human, just prompts. When at the end there was no total and no confirmation number, I was more than suspicious. I have ordered on line, by phone and catalogs many times. Sensing things were not right, I called my credit card company to have them not accept any charges from either IGIA or Milinex. They advised they could not do that, but if I felt that this company was less than forthcoming (and from reading all of the complaints, that's putting it mildly), I thought it prudent to CANCEL the card. Sounds extreme, but necessary to protect myself.

7/19/2006 - Susi writes:
I also have been scammed by Milinex Power Storm Vac. My story is exactly like everyone else. I went to the website to order. I should have known something was fishy when you have to give credit card number in order to see "get one free and pay only shipping". Well when I saw shipping price I didn't want to go through with the transaction and tried to cancel order. Guess what it doesn't let you!!!So I immediately called my Visa Credit card company. They would put a watch on the card. I was told 2 weeks should be long enough. It wasn't it was like Power Storm would just keep trying until they got the charge through and they did. I was told after months of disputing this I should have returned vacs at my cost to get credit. Seems Power Storm knows this trick too. I'm like I want Power Storm to pick up the worthless vacs at their expense not mine. Seems ridiculous to spend $40-50 on shipping for 160.00 credit. There needs to be a class action suit filed against this company. We have the right to our money back plus compensation!!! Scammed in Seattle

7/18/2006 - Anne writes:
This is part 2 of the vacuum scam "saga". I was finally able to get through to a real person (after 2 weeks of trying) and was able to cancel my vacuum cleaner order (or so I thought!) I was told (very politely) that I would receive the full credit of $260.00 on my bank card within 7-10 days. Well, 9 days later, guess what? I got the "cancelled" delivery. The box said there was FOUR vacuum cleaners in it!! Luckly I was home at the time and was able to refuse the delivery and it was sent back. I called them to tell them that I refused the shipment and they said that when it was recived back in the warehouse, I would get my money back. It's been 8 days, and they claim that still have not received the it back in their system yet. They are such liars! I can't believe that they are getting away with this. I feel I have no choice but to wait a few more days and call them back and I will continue to do so until I get my money back. I never felt such anger over a purchase in my life. I learned a valuable lession on this one.

7/18/2006 - Arlene writes:
I ordered the power storm on 4/27/06 and was told that it would take 6-8 weeks for delivery. I was suppose to get two for the price of one, only paying s/h. Like everyone else,I never recieved the items,was unable to get in touch with them, placed on hold for long periods of time until the call is automately disconnected. What can we do about this scam? If anyone knows, please e-mail me.

7/16/2006 - Christy writes:
I saw the infomercial and was astounded at the suction power of the vac. I went online and proceeded to order one. But as I tried to order one, other gadgets and higher prices came up.I cancelled my order immediately. I called the 800# to verify cancelling. The spokewoman said the order never went through and if it showed up-she would cancel it. Well, two months later a vaccum showed up. I called and called. No answer. I tried the vac and it is worthless. My $20.00 vac does better!!! Did I ever get money back guarantee???? No way. If this goes to court-let me know.This vaccum is a joke.

7/15/2006 - Helen writes:
Same story as most. I ordered the vacuum via automated phone contacts Oct. 22, 2005. Never did receive it and I cancelled December 13, 2005. They debited by checking two days after the order and for the two following months they deducted for something to the total of $395.17! I have never received any written confirmation of any of these transactions. After calling and calling, my last recorded message from them was that my area code had been blocked from their number. There is no telling how much money they have ripped off from honest people. Surely something can be done to see that this momey is returned! Thank you!

7/15/2006 - D Smallwood writes:
I ordered the millenex storm vaccum in Nov.05 and by July 06 I still didn't receive it. After all the attempts of trying to reach and talk with over the phone,it was very unsucessful. I finally tryed small claims court and the week befor the cour date they sent me back my money because also two court TVs had offer me to come on th show but, millnex refused. I say never again,always check first

7/13/2006 - Teri writes:
I have the same story as many of the people. I ordered 1 plus the free one and the free power steamer. Have tried to call hundreds of times and just get hung up on. Try to e-mail them even more times, and never get a response. If you ever do it's the same response. Never can get to talk to a people on the phone. This , as I know now is a scam. It just makes me sick to think that people would do that. I wnated them for my kids, and wedding presents. My charge was $169.75 Teri

7/7/2006 - Marie writes:
Odered the vaccum by telephone,I follow the questions asked my the recording. I tried to get a real person before hanging up I canceled the order. There was no conformation number I didnt trust it. I thought I canceled it because I never finished the recording. I got billed and never recieved the vaccums. Then 2 months later I recieved 4 in a box ,I guess I got charged I tried calling but never got an answer.They give you the run around. The products look really cheap, definitly not worth the price I was charged. They,re garbage.

7/6/2006 - Rorita writes:
I have heard about others getting caught in a scam but never thought I would be a victim of it. My family and I were watching TV late, late, late on Thursday, June 1, 2006. When the power storm commercial came on, my son looked at me and Mom we need to get this vacuum cleaner to make our housework easier. Well, being impressed at what we saw, I called and got an automated line(no human) that took my order which made me contemplate in continuing this order. At, the end of my ordering I wanted to cancel but the automated machine does not allow you to do that and you don't get a confirmation # for ordering just a customer service phone number. Anyway, I called the next day but was given a wrong number. My card was charged on June 5, 2006 for $226.85, and this is where I saw the correct phone number. I immediately called it and was put on hold for about 40 minutes and explained that I wanted to cancel items from my order that were added totalling $50 and she Cindy stated that she could take care of this but it will take up to 7 - 10 days for it to be refunded. I asked why so long and she stated that their manager Chantell was on vacation and she is the only one that can approve refunds. I called back Thursday, June 15, 2006 to see why I have received my refund well I spoke to another service person who said Chantell was still on vacation but would be back on Friday, June 16, 2006. So, I called Monday,June 19 and Chantell was still out and the assistant manager, Robin was covering for Chantell but I couldn't speak to her either, so they transfered me to the voice mail which I have not received a return phone yet(7/6/06). I called again and again (lost track of how many times I called or who I spoke to (each time a different person), mind you evey time I call I have to wait about 30 - 40 minutes to speak with a human or after waiting all that time get disconnected either before speaking to a human or while to a human. Well, I called again today Thursday, June 6, 2006 to speak with Chantell who is still unavailable stated customer service person, Jezell. Jezell informed me that my refund was approved today and that it is being processed for the $50 and that my 2 vacuum cleaners were shipped on June 28, 2006 and would be here in 4 - 6 weeks. They gave me USPS tracking number which doesn't work. I called back and spoke to Jackson, he stated that my refund f $50 was being processed and that he can track my 2 vacuum cleaners totaled ($139.85 plus a $37 shipping & handling fee = $176.85)and that I should see the refund in a few days. I told him that the tracking number didn't work and he informed that it did because he can see where my package is, so I ask him is he tracking it from the USPS website, he stated no that they have their on software they use to track the package. I explained to him that this doesn't help me find out if you guys are really telling the truth or not and that I just want all my money back ($50 plus the $176.85), Jackson stated that he can't do that because the 2 vacuum cleaners had already been shipped. He state that if the USPS website is not able to track my shipment with the number he gave me to just call my local post office and there was nothing else he could do. So, hear I am patiently waiting to get my $50 refund and the 2 vacuum cleaners. If I did not have the Holy Spirit of God dwelling within my being I would probably really loose it. But I praise and thank God that all of my needs are still being taking care of in spite of this and I know it was my responsibility to report this company and not stand back it take it. The just shall get their just reward. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose." Roman 8:28.

7/5/2006 - Nan writes:
Ordered for 3 'easy payments of 39.95', but was billed total of $252.72 on my card ($74.90 of that was shipping!). Rec'd the products, w vaccuums and steam cleaner, but not the filters I was billed for. Was also billed for 5 year extended warrantee X2! I also can't get through to customer service. (On hold for hours every time I call.) I am going to have the charges reversed for the warrantee and filters I didn't receive. If you're tempted to purchase this little vac, resist the temptation. The vacuum is "OK", but certainly not worth the hassle of dealing with the dishonesty of the seller!

6/30/2006 - Deanna writes:
I had called 4/15/06 and placed an order for the 2 for 1 vac. When I called it was automative. You didn't speak to a human. After the phone call I felt very uneasy about the order. I called 800-278-6886 and left a message to call me about the order I placed. I never received a call back. On 4/18/06 I called again and left a message on their machine. Again no return phone. On 4/20/06 I finally spoke with Tiffany. She stated they were having computer problems and waiting for a tech. Stated she will call back ASAP. She never returned to my call. I spoke with Celeste on 4/24/6. She stated that I had ordered 4 vacs and the free power steamer and that I had to pay $20 for the accessaries. I stated I only wanted to buy the buy one get one free vac. She stated there was nothing she could do because the order was shipped 4/17/06. I stated that I had left several messages to call me and no one did. She stated there was nothing she could do. I spoke with Kelly (which she was the only nice representative I spoke with at this company) stated that I should receive my order with a day or two. And that when the vacs are delivered to refuse the other 2 vac. After I got off the phone with her the vacs were sitting outside. He did deliver them that same day. But I never received the free Power steamer and accessaries. I figured I would give it a couple of days to see if I would receive the power steamer but I never did. 5/13/06 I received 1 box of 2. In box #1 was replacement filters. I still have not received the power steamer. I didn't get the name of the person I spoke with this time but she stated that if I don't receive box #2 to call back by the end of the following week and they will resend it. 5/27/06 I left another message on their machine to call me. No one ever called. 6/12/06 I spoke with Rose. She stated the Power steamer was shipped on 6/8/06. I asked to speak to supervisor and she transferred me to the machine that states their hours and to leave a message. Which I left a message but called them back again. The person on the phone stated she was Rose. I stated that she didn't trasfer me to the supervisor. She stated she never spoke with me. I stated she had and it was not even five minutes ago. She stated she doesn't know what I was talking about. I asked how representatives by the name of Rose work there and she hung up on me. I called back 3 more times and each time, someone would pick up the phone then hang up. Then finally someone picked up and I asked her name and she stated her name was Mulan. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and she hung up. 6/22/06. The person who answered the phone would not give me his name only that he was representative 09. He stated the power steamer was back ordered. Then he stated I didn't order the power steamer that I ordered a duster. I stated that I was told the power steamer was shipped out on 6/8/06. He asked me to hold on and stated sorry...he was looking at someone elses account. 6/22/06. I spoke with Jason and he stated the power steamer was shipped out the same day as the vac on 4/17/06. Stated I should call the post office to see if they have it. I called the post office and they don't have it. I tried calling again and 3 times someone would pick up the phone and hang up. So I tried again and spoke with representative 19. She also stated the power steamer was shipped out on 4/17/06. I explained that I received 1 box of two and it was replacement filters. She stated she didn't understand why I received them because it doesn't show that they shipped them. I asked to speak to supervisor. But apparently the supervisor is on vacation. My total for the 4 vacs and power steamer and accessaries is 353.70. I want to return two of the vacs but I am afraid that they won't refund me. It is ashame that we all have a problem with this company. I will never order anything off the tv again.

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