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Milinex Power Storm Vac Complaints
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7/6/2006 - Rorita writes:
I have heard about others getting caught in a scam but never thought I would be a victim of it. My family and I were watching TV late, late, late on Thursday, June 1, 2006. When the power storm commercial came on, my son looked at me and Mom we need to get this vacuum cleaner to make our housework easier. Well, being impressed at what we saw, I called and got an automated line(no human) that took my order which made me contemplate in continuing this order. At, the end of my ordering I wanted to cancel but the automated machine does not allow you to do that and you don't get a confirmation # for ordering just a customer service phone number. Anyway, I called the next day but was given a wrong number. My card was charged on June 5, 2006 for $226.85, and this is where I saw the correct phone number. I immediately called it and was put on hold for about 40 minutes and explained that I wanted to cancel items from my order that were added totalling $50 and she Cindy stated that she could take care of this but it will take up to 7 - 10 days for it to be refunded. I asked why so long and she stated that their manager Chantell was on vacation and she is the only one that can approve refunds. I called back Thursday, June 15, 2006 to see why I have received my refund well I spoke to another service person who said Chantell was still on vacation but would be back on Friday, June 16, 2006. So, I called Monday,June 19 and Chantell was still out and the assistant manager, Robin was covering for Chantell but I couldn't speak to her either, so they transfered me to the voice mail which I have not received a return phone yet(7/6/06). I called again and again (lost track of how many times I called or who I spoke to (each time a different person), mind you evey time I call I have to wait about 30 - 40 minutes to speak with a human or after waiting all that time get disconnected either before speaking to a human or while to a human. Well, I called again today Thursday, June 6, 2006 to speak with Chantell who is still unavailable stated customer service person, Jezell. Jezell informed me that my refund was approved today and that it is being processed for the $50 and that my 2 vacuum cleaners were shipped on June 28, 2006 and would be here in 4 - 6 weeks. They gave me USPS tracking number which doesn't work. I called back and spoke to Jackson, he stated that my refund f $50 was being processed and that he can track my 2 vacuum cleaners totaled ($139.85 plus a $37 shipping & handling fee = $176.85)and that I should see the refund in a few days. I told him that the tracking number didn't work and he informed that it did because he can see where my package is, so I ask him is he tracking it from the USPS website, he stated no that they have their on software they use to track the package. I explained to him that this doesn't help me find out if you guys are really telling the truth or not and that I just want all my money back ($50 plus the $176.85), Jackson stated that he can't do that because the 2 vacuum cleaners had already been shipped. He state that if the USPS website is not able to track my shipment with the number he gave me to just call my local post office and there was nothing else he could do. So, hear I am patiently waiting to get my $50 refund and the 2 vacuum cleaners. If I did not have the Holy Spirit of God dwelling within my being I would probably really loose it. But I praise and thank God that all of my needs are still being taking care of in spite of this and I know it was my responsibility to report this company and not stand back it take it. The just shall get their just reward. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose." Roman 8:28.

7/5/2006 - Nan writes:
Ordered for 3 'easy payments of 39.95', but was billed total of $252.72 on my card ($74.90 of that was shipping!). Rec'd the products, w vaccuums and steam cleaner, but not the filters I was billed for. Was also billed for 5 year extended warrantee X2! I also can't get through to customer service. (On hold for hours every time I call.) I am going to have the charges reversed for the warrantee and filters I didn't receive. If you're tempted to purchase this little vac, resist the temptation. The vacuum is "OK", but certainly not worth the hassle of dealing with the dishonesty of the seller!

6/30/2006 - Deanna writes:
I had called 4/15/06 and placed an order for the 2 for 1 vac. When I called it was automative. You didn't speak to a human. After the phone call I felt very uneasy about the order. I called 800-278-6886 and left a message to call me about the order I placed. I never received a call back. On 4/18/06 I called again and left a message on their machine. Again no return phone. On 4/20/06 I finally spoke with Tiffany. She stated they were having computer problems and waiting for a tech. Stated she will call back ASAP. She never returned to my call. I spoke with Celeste on 4/24/6. She stated that I had ordered 4 vacs and the free power steamer and that I had to pay $20 for the accessaries. I stated I only wanted to buy the buy one get one free vac. She stated there was nothing she could do because the order was shipped 4/17/06. I stated that I had left several messages to call me and no one did. She stated there was nothing she could do. I spoke with Kelly (which she was the only nice representative I spoke with at this company) stated that I should receive my order with a day or two. And that when the vacs are delivered to refuse the other 2 vac. After I got off the phone with her the vacs were sitting outside. He did deliver them that same day. But I never received the free Power steamer and accessaries. I figured I would give it a couple of days to see if I would receive the power steamer but I never did. 5/13/06 I received 1 box of 2. In box #1 was replacement filters. I still have not received the power steamer. I didn't get the name of the person I spoke with this time but she stated that if I don't receive box #2 to call back by the end of the following week and they will resend it. 5/27/06 I left another message on their machine to call me. No one ever called. 6/12/06 I spoke with Rose. She stated the Power steamer was shipped on 6/8/06. I asked to speak to supervisor and she transferred me to the machine that states their hours and to leave a message. Which I left a message but called them back again. The person on the phone stated she was Rose. I stated that she didn't trasfer me to the supervisor. She stated she never spoke with me. I stated she had and it was not even five minutes ago. She stated she doesn't know what I was talking about. I asked how representatives by the name of Rose work there and she hung up on me. I called back 3 more times and each time, someone would pick up the phone then hang up. Then finally someone picked up and I asked her name and she stated her name was Mulan. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and she hung up. 6/22/06. The person who answered the phone would not give me his name only that he was representative 09. He stated the power steamer was back ordered. Then he stated I didn't order the power steamer that I ordered a duster. I stated that I was told the power steamer was shipped out on 6/8/06. He asked me to hold on and stated sorry...he was looking at someone elses account. 6/22/06. I spoke with Jason and he stated the power steamer was shipped out the same day as the vac on 4/17/06. Stated I should call the post office to see if they have it. I called the post office and they don't have it. I tried calling again and 3 times someone would pick up the phone and hang up. So I tried again and spoke with representative 19. She also stated the power steamer was shipped out on 4/17/06. I explained that I received 1 box of two and it was replacement filters. She stated she didn't understand why I received them because it doesn't show that they shipped them. I asked to speak to supervisor. But apparently the supervisor is on vacation. My total for the 4 vacs and power steamer and accessaries is 353.70. I want to return two of the vacs but I am afraid that they won't refund me. It is ashame that we all have a problem with this company. I will never order anything off the tv again.

6/30/2006 - Tina writes:
I purchased this product on Jan, 28 2006. My debit account was charged $79.90. Unklike several stories I have been reading I did receive the vacuum cleaners ordered however they were not what they advertised and I immediately returned these at my cost.. I have made numerous phone calls to have this money refunded only to be told over 10 times I would get it.. I have been given 2 specific dates and still no money... I attempted to call back only to get a message stating to call back during normal business hours.. I was. I begin sending emails to get short replys that I would see a refund. Never was I given a date, only told soon. I then emailed and my email has been blocked. I then tried to phone these people and It plays a recording stating: 39-4 The number your calling is invalid or has been BLOCKED from your area code please check the listing and dial again... IMAGINE THAT. I am furious that a company can do this to honest hard working people. Something must be done.

6/30/2006 - Glyn writes:
I too ordered a storm vacuum cleaner and a second one for free(?) on 5/5/06. My credit card was billed on 5/7/06 for $169.79, more than I originally expected, due to hefty shipping charges (which I agreed to on the phone since I had already given my credit card number and didn't feel safe backing out). Since the product has not arrived I have made a number of calls to 212 575 0500 (the number given on my credit card bill) and to 800 278 6886 (customer service - if you wait long enough!). Each time I have been told the product has been shipped. Today Hermie Mendoza of New York (first telephone number above) said the California warehouse has been closed, but the package had been shipped from a warehouse somewhere in California on June 21, which doesn't make sense because you can drive a truck the length of California in 24 hours and it is now 30 June. Even crazier was that she said I should receive the package about mid July - couldn't explain why so long!! I suspect I was being stretched out beyond the 60 day credit car limit for cancellation. I called the above 800 number and Rep#8 said the goods had been shipped on June 21 (in agreement with Hermie Mendoza), but had been shipped by USPS first class mail from a post office in Arizona! Of couurse, both people said that it was impossible to accept a cancellation of the order because the goods were already shipped, and that my only option was to return the package when it arrived and apply for a refund. This option of course has no appeal due to my experience so far and due to the experience of other people writing to this website. So I called my credit card company (just within 60 days from the date of the charge) and was told the credit card company will issue me a credit. Hallelujah! I'll find out tomorrow if that actually happens. I am really puzzled, with all these complaints, that this "Storm_vac" company hasn't been shut down already - so I am clicking "yes" to sharing my story with the news media.

6/28/2006 - Kay writes:
Every complaint I have read on here is The Same I have experienced. I have been put on Hold for hrs. Have called and Called ,,,Finally get to talk to someone To Cancel my Order, sHE SAID IT WAS CANCELED. After waiting for Credit on my CC I call again,,,,Couldnt find me in System So taht meant it was canceled. After 3 more weeks call again,...Oredr has been shipped and No Trace of all My Other Calls.....So MADDDDDD...I wrote complaint to BBB in New York.... DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT....So many Wierd things about the Company,,,Directed to so many different Ph Nos.....PHONEYSSSSSS

6/27/2006 - Pat writes:
My husband saw the infomerical on TV the Saturday before Mother's Day and since I needed a new vacuum cleaner, told me he would buy me the Power Storm as a Mother's Day present. I called the phone number listed and the first thing I did not like was that you were not talking to a real person. Fortunately for me, I did not get duped into ordering two sets of cleaners, so my credit card charge was what I expected with all the extras I selected. AFTER I placed the order, I decided to go on the internet to see what I could find out about the Power Storm and I found this site. You can imagine how I felt. My first thought was to cancel, but reading about the problems everyone was having, I decided to call my credit card company to see what my options were. They told me I had to wait until the charge hit my account, after which I had 60 days to dispute the charge. I decided to give it some time and four weeks later the vacuum cleaners arrived at my house (although I still have not received the free gift of the power steamer). The cleaners are a joke. They are so small they look like a child's toy. And I don't know what vacuum cleaner they used on the infomercial, but the ones I received couldn't pick up the dirt and cat hair from my carpet. It did do better on my hardwood floors and on the kitchen tile floor. I thought about sending them back, but I decided not to bother. It would probably take an act of congress to get my money back anyway. I am going to chalk this one up to bad decision making on my part and I have vowed never to succumb to impulse buying anything from an infomercial. I'm still in the same boat, lacking a good vacuum. I should have gone with my initial plan and purchased a Dyson. Now I'm out $219. I hope someone will learn from my mistake. If the product really is that good, it will eventually end up selling at [] or someplace like that.

6/27/2006 - Virginia writes:
I saw the vaccum advertised on TV and thought it would be a perfect gift for two of my children. I ordered two of the vacumns and they immediately took $258.82 from my credit card. When I didn't receive my products, I called for a refund. I have been trying to get a refund since the 9th of February. I have been hung up on, told a million lies and still no refund. These people need to be held accountable for their products. I am being told my area code is blocked from their phones. I have filed a police report, called the business license office for their town, written to the D.A. for their town and still I have received nothing. I am going to write to my Senator's office and to AARP to see if they will investigate this fraud.

6/25/2006 - Willenia writes:
On May 2, 2006 I ordered the Milnex Power Storm Vac. They promised it would be here before Mother's Day. This was going to be my Mom's present and I would have one too. It did not arrive and my credit card was charged double the price. On June 3, I received a duster that you manually use...I figured it came with the order and that I would see the vacuum cleaners shortly. It is June 25th and still no merchandise. I called to cancel the order, was told to leave a message. The 212-575-0500 number would not even go through. I called 800-2786886 and left a message. I have called 411 to find out another number and there is no listing of Shopflash, Inc., in New York, NY as it states on my credit card statement. There is no Milinex Power Storm Vacuums shown in 411 in Torrance, CA. Just a Message Machine!!!I am so disappointed and I hope this company has to pay everything back to all of us who ordered.

6/22/2006 - Barbara writes:
Storm Vacuums and free steamer. Product ordered 5/6/2006 Card billed 5/9/2006 When I order this vacuum on 5/6/2006 the recording I spoke with Offered numerous other things .I order two vacuums. I thought my order was going to be about $220.00.When I went online and checked my bank statement they had billed me $547.47.I called the Number that I got 5 or 6 different times, over the next two weeks (800-278-6886) each time I got a recording stating that they were expecting a high volume of calls; I waited as much as 45 minutes several times. Finally on 5/23/2006 (on hold about 40 minutes) I spoke to a woman, Rep # 17.They had doubled my order, and I told her I didn’t want 4 vacuums. She canceled 2 vacuums and express shipping since the 7 to 10 days for express shipping had already came and gone. My total due per our conversation was $216.85 she said my refund of $330.62 would be in the bank in one week. Also that they had been out of vacuums but that they had them now and I would receive mine in 2 weeks. Called Back on 6/6/2006 (on hold over 30 minutes) Spoke to a Man Rep # 6 he said that Rep # 17 had requested my refund but that it would take 7 to 10 business days to be approved. He also said my order was packed but he couldn’t tell me when it would ship. He said that Rep# 17 shouldn’t have told me I would have my order in 2 weeks and my refund in 1 week. I felt that he was giving me the run around when he couldn’t give me any idea when I would receive an order that was supposed to be packed. He also said that if my refund wasn’t deposited in my bank, by Friday 6/9/2006 to call back. Called Back on 6/15/2006 (on hold over 20 minutes) Spoke to a Woman, Rep # 15 she said that my order had shipped 6/12/2006 and that my refund would be in the bank by 6/16/2006. She sounded a lot like Rep # 17. Called back 6/21/2006 (on hold only about 10 minutes) Spoke to a man; Rep# 17 he said the woman who was Rep #17 wasn’t working there anymore. He said my refund of $330.62 was approved on 6/20/2006 but that they need 10 more days to process it to my bank. The company took $547.47 out of my bank in 2 days after I placed the order. I asked why they needed 10 more days even after it was approved. He also said that only my free steamer had shipped on 6/12/06 .He didn’t seem to care that I hadn’t received it yet. He also didn’t have the slightest idea when they would ship the vacuums. He also had no record of my calling on 6/6/2006 and again on 6/15/2006. I told him that was his problem, that I had called and that I felt I was just getting the run around. Also I told him to go on line and Google their storm vacuums and look at all of the complaints. I told him that it seem to me that he nor any of the other Reps I had talked to knew anything, after reading how instead of refunding amounts to some of their customers they took the amount of the refund out of the bank again . I asked for a number to call a supervisor or manager. He gave me this number (212-575-0500). Several of the complaints I read about on line had this number listed. I read some where on line that a person only had 60 days to try and get there Money back from a banking transaction, if this is true my dead line of 60 days is approaching. I feel that I am being scammed and they are waiting me out.

6/22/2006 - Leah writes:
How can a multi million dollar company steal from the little man? They lie and lie hoping that you will get so frustrated you give up on trying to get your money back. I wouldn't mind if I recieved the product, but they made no attempt to send me my money or the product!! This is fraud! Who can I talk to? Who will help all the people who this has happened to? They are a rip off. Singer, Igia and Windstorm should all be put out of business!! They're also known as Tactica International Inc. It's been a year now and I'm still dealing with it. If they think I'm giving up,they can think again!! I called the A.General's office and they told me to file a police report... I'm on my way.

6/21/2006 - Anne writes:
I ordered the Power Storm Vacuum from TV. They took $180.00 of my money via my bank debit card. The order was supposed to be just 3 payments of $19.99 + shipping & handling. I tried calling, (placed on hold for up to 1/2 hr at a time & then it just hangs up) and sending an e-mail, which they have not bothered to answer at all. Just today I checked my bank balance & I found I have an additional $79.90 debit from them as well. No vacuums have been sent to me!!!!! When I first saw the info-mercial, I should have know it was "too good to be true". It was supposed to be just 3 payments of $19.99 + shipping & handling. I have cancelled my debit card, which has caused me all sorts of problems, as I have all my bills tied to this card. I learned a valuable lession and am very, very upset. I just don't know where to go or where to turn.

6/19/2006 - Richard writes:
I ordered the storm vacuum on May 6, 2006, and my credit card was debited on May 22, 2006, for 85.00. When I didn't receive my order within 30 days, I tried to contact the company by phone, only to be put on hold for 45 minutes then a hang up. I called again with the same results. I sent an e-mail as suggested and received an automatic prompt which stated a representative would contact me within 24 hours. It has been 7 days now and still no reply. I've sent three additional e-mails, but none have been acknowledged.

6/16/2006 - Sharon writes:
I purchased the powerstorm vacuum in April from an infomercial.The deal was 2 vacs. for the price of one and a free steamer.Every thing was automated and I was not able to get a totalI went on line and found the advertised vac for three payments of $19.99. I was angry because it was so much cheaper on line and sent an e-mail to the contact address to cancel my order.The email was returned unable to deliever.I called the number and was unable to get an answer. 4/12/2006 $393.70 was taken out of my account.This was on a mon. where over the weekend the bank couldn't even give me a number to call until every thing was cleared.I called the 1-800-278-6886 and was told by a very nice young lady the order had been sent out and to refuse the order when it was delivered and in 6-10 weeks I would get credited for the amount I explained my morgage had to be put off ect..ect. she said she was so sorry but thats all she could tell me she credited my account with 40.00. I have cont. to call weekly and have spoken to some very nice people that have cont. to say the same thing it's probably in the warehouse and they could do nothing until it came up to customer service. I've thanked them all for their time because I figured they just worked there.This invoice came from Shopflash
20100 S. Vermont Ave. Torrance, Ca. 90502 I haven't looked them up but after today I will!!!!!!! I looked at my bank statement today and Shopflash had taken 24.92 out for it stated purchase of vacuum clnr and the phone number. Talk about Brass Balls. I consider my self a christian but I have never been so angry I happened across this page by accident.If anyone knows what to do I'll add my 2 cent.

6/15/2006 - Mariko writes:
It is been over 6week.I dont still didnt get product,but my money is allready charged in my credit card.I try so meny time to hold of them.never people answer the phone.always get highr varume or next available.I left massages so meny times never call me back.I dont know what to do.can you help me to mony back!

6/15/2006 - Sandra writes:
I ordered the milinox windstorm from an infomercial.It was offered on a buy one get one free plus steamer. Price was 3 easy payments of $34.95. I paid with my debit card and when I recieved my statement they withheld $295.90.I contacted customer service and they stated I had odered 4 vacumes. I was told to refuse the order when it arrived and my account would be credited.This has gone on for several months and I have waited on the phone for up to 3hours without being able to speak to anyone.I have also called the corporate office number and gotten the same results. This is definatley fraud at its finest.This company needes to be stopped.

6/14/2006 - Sara writes:
My fiance ordered the Milinex Power Storm from an infomercial on 11/27/05. It is now June 2006 and guess what? We still haven't received the vacuum. His credit card was charged right after placing the order. We have been unable to get in touch with the company(Igia)through either email or the 1-800 number provided at the IGIA website. The reason I am making this complaint (and not my fiance) is because he chalked it up a long time ago to simply "being scammed". The worst part is, we still see those stupid infomercials on t.v. No telling how many people have been duped. This isn't right and something needs to be done. The words "class action" come to mind.

6/12/2006 - Beverly writes:
I ordered 2 vacums on 2-12-06 the next day i called and cancelled and changed order to 1 vacum. i was told no problem well i was charged for the first order tof 207.46 which i never recieved i have called numerous times i keep getting put on hold or hung up on. the second order i had i did recieve it was for 109.85 and i got that one. I have been promised a refund since 2-12-06 it is now june 11.06 . I still havent got my money i have e mailed every address i know with no results i even threatened to to the bette bisoness bureau still no reply. i got a e mail saying i would be contacted in 24 hours a week ago still nothing. what a scam this is.

6/10/2006 - Jennifer writes:
I ordered 1 vaccum cleaner with the promise of getting 1 free. I also ordered additional filters. I received 4 vacuums and no filters. When I called to report the error I had to wait an average of 28 minutes each phone call and I was told I would have to pay the shipping to send back the 2 vacuums I did not order! I am now seeing that this a routine practice for them to do. The vacuums are nothing but junk and I really don't want any of them but I am afraid I'll end up with a hefty shipping bill to send them all back.

6/10/2006 - CJ writes:
Order vacuum from info commercial. Went through the four vacuum process and several attempts to call. Finally got credit for 2 vacuums and then went through the process of being told my product was on backorder. After several months, was finally told it had shipped on May 29th and would arrive on June 8th. It has not arrived and now can not get anyone to answer the phones.
reporting to cc company and will be willing to join in class action suit. Contact me if one is filed. Thanks

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