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Milinex Power Storm Vac Complaints
Total Complaints: 126
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6/9/2006 - Loretta writes:
I too have learned my lesson!!! My credit card was charged $225.25, for which I only ordered one of the vacuums. I have yet to receive anything in the mail and when I call the two Customer Service numbers, I get a busy signal. I did get someone to answer my email when I asked about the charge to my credit card and needless to say, I have NOT received another response!!! How horrible that this company would advertise on television and scam people out of their hard earned money!!! I'm interested in a class-action law suit...

6/8/2006 - Terri writes:
Me too & I'm furious!!! Numerous attempts to call cust svc (or total lack of!), numerous emails only to get automated response that a rep would contact in 48 hrs. Longest 48 hrs I've ever seen!Even sent letter US Mail. Ordered in Feb the 2-fer deal w/steamer. Recd 2 units Thurs b4 Easter-been trying ever since to get that stupid RMA# to send this junk back & get it outta my way. Finally recd letter from NY Windstorm office but, it had my name & address but the "Dear" part had somebody else's name. I ain't sending back w/o RMA because probably won't get credit back on my card & won't have the junk either. I'm with the rest of you-bogus CS #s or hold forever & get cut off. Good luck to us all!!!

6/6/2006 - Lois writes:
I ordered this vacuum cleaner in November 2005--before Thanksgiving. I paid with my Visa card and that bill has been paid in full. I'm still waiting for the cleaner. I've tried calling the company and have waited for as long as an hour to talk with a person. I did talk to a woman there once who assured me I would get the cleaner shortly--that's been 6 weeks ago and I'm still waiting!!

6/6/2006 - Dennis writes:
Lies, Lies, Lies. This Company, I believe IGIA sponsored, is nothing more than a scam artist. My 85 y.o. Dad ordered the vac package through their TV Infomercial expecting a box with two vacs and a steamer at the advertised price of $119.95 + $37.00 shipping. He received a box with 4 vacs, no additional products as advertised and an invocie for $453.70!!!!! charged to his credit card. No return info, customer svc number on invoice is bogus. I researched this on internet and found two different customer svc numbers all are bogus. He has filed a dispute with his credit card company but does not know where to return the unwanted products. I advised him to file a complaint with his State's Attorney Generals Office and I will assist him in filing a complaint with the FTC. This scam must be stopped!!!

5/28/2006 - Ted writes:
Please do not do business with these people!

Sept. 05: Order Vac on 2 for 1 offer for $129.00

Oct. 05: Debt card hit for first payment of $195.00. Call Customer care. Was told we ordered 4 vacs, but they had not been shipped so they would fix the order. Received refund for $179.00. Debt card subsequently charged $279.00.

Nov 05: Received 5 vacs. Called customer service and was told a call tag had been issued and Fedex would contact us to arrange for pickup. Never heard from them.

Called customer service 9 times. Received different instructions each time.

Dec 05:

Called CS 7 times. Each time was told I would have to ship product back at my expense.

Jan-Apr 05:

Called CS once a week. Each time was told my refund would hit my account the following Friday.

May 05:

Found alternative phone numbers on the internet. Called 6 times before someone told me they would research it and call me back. She actually did call to say a check was being sent and we would receive it within 10 working days. Still have not received the check.

Through more research found company offices in Calf. and Tenn. Contact Attorneys General of Tenn. Calf. and Va.(where we live). Have appointments to speak to fraud divisions of each next week.

5/26/2006 - MELODY writes:
Ordered Millinx Storm Vac in Feb 2006 after seeing infomercial. Went to website and placed order there and rec. confirmation number via e-mail. Waited 4-6 weeks for delivery like ad said. Neer got product. Have e-mailed them at customer care on numerous occasions have had e-mails bounced back as being read but no response. Have called the customer support numerous times, it use to just let you hang on the line as long as you wanted. Guess their phone bill was getting outrageous, now they only let you stay on hold for 10 minutes then you are automatically disconnected. Can not get anyone on any phone numbers listed. And no response to any e-mails.

5/25/2006 - Nicole writes:
I too, like so many others ordered this vacuum and never got the product. My bank account was charged, I have the receites to show it, but never received what I paid for. I've sent e-mails, getting no response. I've made phone calls only to be on hold for about 2+ hours and then being hung up on. I've never been able to speak to a human. I would be interested in a class action suit, definantly.

5/25/2006 - maia elema writes:
The last 04/09/2006 , I bought for internet one ofert my order is # [] and paid with my visa card but I called more and more called but they don't replay my calls and my e-mail and my letter they don't send this product and now I want come back my money NO want this product.

5/24/2006 - sandie writes:
I have been trying to get my monies back since Feb.2006. I ordered this product in Nov.2005 and the money came out of my account in 4 days. I have been give the runaround ever since Feb. 21st when I was told that the vacuums were back ordered and would I like a refund. I Immediately said yes and I have seen nothing back in my account. I have been disconnected, given new numbers, made many many promises, every time I get thru to someone.And they are still selling these. This is a scam big time. I hope someone that has some authority will read this and investigate this company.

5/23/2006 - Jacqueline writes:
I recently ordered the 2-for-1 Millinex (windtunnel) vacuum, and I happenened to receive a total of 4 vacuums along with an aroma kit, which I did not order with the 2 extra vacuums that were sent to me. I called the company several times, being placed on hold for several minutes with each call, explaining that I shouldn't be resposible for returning items that I didn't order.  According to each rep, "it's not in our policy", and I had to pay out of my pocket to return items that I didn't order.

5/22/2006 - Angela writes:
still till this day waiting for my refund from the igia powerstorm vacuume and still no response ive been told their customer service has been taken over by another company and that means they don't have me in the system stating ive ordered there merchandise. can u beieve this crap all i keep doing is fighting with these fools. all i want is my refund back they got there product back so give me whats mine. shoot i've never experienced any such thing  like this. like i always say what comes around goes around 10times worst.. gods looking out for those who wait.

5/19/2006 - Brenda writes:
I ordered the Milinex Storm Vac in November 2005 for 313.70. I have yet to receive this Vacuum cleaner. I have called their cutomer care number 1-800-716-8667 and was on hold for 2 hours just for them to hang up the phone. I have sent countless emails and none have been returned or answered. This company should be brought up in a lawsuit for fraud and I am willing to be apart of it.

5/18/2006 - Joan writes:
i ordered one on phone and was suppose to pay 39.99 for 3 payments.  got billed for 384.27  if i have to i am going to get a lawyer.  i would rather spend the money to sue this company.

5/18/2006 - Shirley writes:
I ordered the milinex power storm vac over the phone..gave my credit card info..at the end of the call..there were a lot of sale offers along with the cost of each product s/h..cost of vac 3 payments of $39.99..plus a free vac..and a steamer just pay s/h for each..call customer service at 800-278-6886..called stayed on hold for hours..anytime I called the recording will say we are expecting a large volumn of calls please don't hang up someone will be with you shortly..continue to hold..call back the say thing..e-mail..someone will get back with you..I am calling my bank to cancel the payment for the product

5/16/2006 - Reta writes:
I should have trusted my gut!  I was suspicious when my order was taken by prompts that just kept coming--I assume to confuse me.  I was afraid to hang up as I had already given my charge number.  They did not give a confirmation number to track the order.  I tried to call the customer service number to find them closed.  I tried to call back on a weekday to be left on hold for 30 minutes, at least.  I searched the internet and found this website and my fears were confirmed.  I called my credit card company to find that $211.87 had been charged.  The amount that I was supposed to be charged $39.95.  I have put the charged amount in dispute and will refuse the order when it is delivered. I do not want to do business with this company.  I can't believe i fell for this scam.

5/16/2006 - Suann writes:
No I have not tried the product becuase I am getting ripped off!!!I was watching the informercial on TV on either April 16th or April 23rd.  It should all the stuff that the Vaccum Cleaner had so you could do all kinds of things with it. It never stated that you would need to buy any other parts. It said that if you ordered with in the next 10 minutes you would get a free vaccum as seen and a free power steamer.  I thought what a wonderful thing I could use theVaccum in my camper as it looked like it would fold up and fit in the closet.  I hadn't really thought to about what I would do with the other one.  But when I got on the phone they asked if I was going to give the extra one to a friend and I press the number for yes.  Not realizing that they were going to charge me for another set of Vaccums. Everything it showed that the vaccum could do and all these things that it came with and the Power Steamer.  I couldn't wait to receive it so I could try all these wonderful things.  It stated that you had to pay the shipping and handling. When I was looking at my checking account statement I noticed they charged me $313.70. I called them and after waiting on the phone for 50 minutes I was told that I had ordered 2 sets so I would be getting 4 vaccums I stated that I didn't order a second set and if I didn't want another set.  I said what would I do with all of them.  They told me when the order came in to send back one of the boxes and they would refund my money in 72 hrs after they received the product.  I told them that I wanted them to stop the order and only send the one I ordered, the free one and the power steam.  The girl stated that they couldn't do that as it was already shipped.  I said okay and hung up.  I didn't receive the order in a week and I thought that was weird so I called them to see how it was shipped.  I waited on the phone that time for 52 minutes.  They said that it would be sent by usps or something like that.  I stated that I didn't have the money to be tied up with something that I didn't order, didn't want. and hadn't received. She said that I should be getting it.  So I said okay and hung up.  Then I called right back and asked if I could have a tracking number so that I could have the order they stated that had no way of knowing that.  I stated I had never heard of that.  I said can you look in your computer and find some number and who exactly it was shipped thru.  She stated that they could not get into the computer and if they could they would not have that information. I kept waiting for the order thinking they did not send it out when they said they did.  I finally got my order yesterday and I had 4 Vaccum Cleaners no power steamers.  I called and set for 1hour and 15 minutes before someone came on the line.  I told them that I did not receive the Power Steamer that was promised to me.  Which there should have been 2 of them 1 for each order and that there was only one box so how was I suppose to return the stuff I didn't order without paying for the shipping and handling.  She stated that I didn't receive the power steamer because I didn't pay for the shipping and handling.  I told her that I did.  She said that it showed in her system that I didn't.  I told her I had the Paper right in front of me and that I paid $74.00 in shipping and handling. She said okay I guess you did pay it.  So I asked again why I did not get the power steamer she said because I had to order assesories and I didn't so I wouldn't get a power steamer.  I stated that it did not say that on TV or on the telephone.  She said well that is the way it is.  I said well I would have never ordered the thing if I wasn't going to get the power steamer.  I also wish I hadn't ordered any thing because they were a ripe off. I asked her if I could speak with her Supervisor and she said she was on the phone.  I said I would hold.  She said no you can't do that. She said she would put me into the voice I told he no that I had already left 3 messages and no one has ever gotten back to me.  I was very upset and did get mouthy and I said agian I want to talk to your supervisor.  She hung up on me and a recording came on stating their hours.  I left another message stating that I was going to contact the better Business Bureau and the Attorney General if I didn't hear from some one by 11:00 today.  No I never did hear from them I called them again and I asked for Milinex telephone number and she stated she didn't have the number.  I asked to talk to her supervisor and she said she would transfer me again I got the recording of thier hours and told me to leave a message.  I told them to call me imediatley as I needed to speak to a supervisor.  No I have not recieved a call back.  I called my bank to see it there was anyway that they could help me and to make sure that that company never took another penny out of my account.  I have to fill out some papers and they are going to see if there is anything they can help me with.  I told them that some how this company has to be stopped.  I told them that there are so many complaints on the internet because they have riped off so many people.  I said to her how many more people have they riped off that haven't complained on the internet. I am very upset that I have been put on hold for a total of 31/2 hours total, I have been hung up on twice,(even when I was being calm and nice)and I also didn't get my power steamer and I am assuming now that I didn't get anything except for 4 vaccums that you can't use because it has none of the parts that the promised on the TV.  I don't dare to send anything back because then I will be out of the $313.70 plus I will have no items either.  Even if it costs me money to get this company to stop ripping off people I will do it.  I work for the state so I am going to see what they suggest and see if they will help in getting them closed down.

5/16/2006 - Lori writes:
I ordered the power storm vaccume cleaner from TV.  I did not pay over the phone as I don't like to do that, I sent it to their address with my name, address, etc and request for the product.  That was in February.  I called, an hour on hold multiple times--they say that customer service has changed hands and they would forward my request.  That was a month ago. I finally got a call from someone named Erica, said I have your check, do you still want the power storm?  What kind of question is that---I ordered it.  She left a message as I wasn't here and now I can't reach anyone again.  They have never cashed my check, they are just holding it.  I do not feel I should have to pay a fee to stop payment on it--I want my merchandise or my check back.  Has anyone heard from these people?  I have never purchased anything from TV ever before and I can say, I will never do it again!

5/15/2006 - Bernice writes:
I saw the advertisement on TV around February 25,2006. I ordered this Millinex Power Storm and never received the item. I called on April 14,2006, and they told me there was a problem with shipping. I was told I receive the item in about 3 to 4 weeks. It is now 4 weeks and I haven't received the item. Now all I get when I call is a recording about the high volume of calls, or try the email. I just want my money back.

5/12/2006 - Sue writes:
I saw the infomercial on TV for the Windstorm/Powerstorm vacuum and thought it might be good for me because of back and muscle problems that I have.  I called and they took a check # and said it would be $39.95 in 3 or 4 payments. It never came out of the account until 6 weeks later and then it was $313.70! I called the number I had and got no answer. I called the bank and they told me to file a dispute form, which I did. I also called another number that I found on this website and was told to wait a few weeks. The bank has gotten the money back to my account, thankfully, but we must stop these crooks.  I saw the ad on TV again yesterday and promptly called the station to tell them to look at this website and take that infomercial off the air.

5/11/2006 - Natalie writes:
I ordered a milinex sweeper clear back in november of 2005. My charge card was billed for 2 sets of sweepers, and 2 set of filters.  At that time I called, and after a unbeliveable amount of time being put on hold, I was told that a refund was being issued for 1 sweeper and 2 sets of filters, and 1 sweeper, along with the 2nd sweeper they had offered for free, would be shipped to me on Friday, which would have been in December. Boy what a joke. Every time I called it was to be shipped Friday, and my refund was on it way.

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