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Pro Seal Complaints
Total Complaints: 8
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4/4/2007 - Angela writes:
I ordered the ProSeal sealer kit and FREE Lazer Storm (steamer) product and spoke to a representative after ordering on-line. They charged me $19.95 for the sealer kit and $20 S/H for the steamer. I even obtained the reps. name and operator ID# (which was Critricia & 013, respectively) in case I needed to speak with her again (or reference the info if there was a problem). However, I waited for the product and I never received it. To top it off, after getting out of a 6 month hospital/doctor stay, I noticed charges on my bank account that I did not know where or to whom they were going. They charged my account for the product(s) I never received AND $16.95/mo for the entire time (6 months) that I was unable to balance my checkbook and verify charges. I have tried to contact the BBB. Since the Customer Service phone number that I printed with my order ID# IS NOT working now either I have NO WAY of contacting the con artists who worked this scam. So, in total, I've been conned out of over $140.00 and have no idea of how to get my money back. In addition, since they didn't have an address on the sheets that I printed from the on-line transaction, I can't file directly with the BBB. I have copies of everything that I conducted with them on-line and NONE OF THE CONTACT INFORMATION IS GOOD ANYMORE!!!!!! If anyone has any ideas, please make sure I am counted in.

2/21/2007 - Dolores writes:
purchased over phone for tv ads of proseal,but never talked to a person only used the phone key pad for yes or no. the product was to be 19.95 and total bill charged on credit card was 108.50. after trans was made called back to cancel and i was still charged and never received the product. this happened march 13 2006 and talked to different people there before they changed their phone number and now no one answers just to e-mail stormvac. i send two certified letters with all detail of whom i spoke to and dates of promised refund but nothing has happened. i don't have money to throw away and i think twice before i buy anything over the phone. on the letters i told them if they will not refund my funds to at least send me the products for which i paid for but nothing yet. it will be a year this march and i hate that company i hope i could help others not make the same mistake i did. is there anyone who can collect my funds???? thanks

2/3/2007 - Mollye writes:
We ordered pro-seal on-line in march of 2006. In may we still hadn't recieved the product and on the credit card statement they had charged us double. i actually found a number and spoke to someone that said our product was enroute and they would take care of the extra charge on the account. in august we still hadn't recieved the pro-seal or the steamer. i tried the previous number and got a recording. i called the 800 number in NY and they said that they were not the people that could help me. i asked them if they had a number i could call and they said no. i asked to speak to a supervisor and he told me that there was none. i then reported this matter to American Express and filed a dispute with pro-seal. in October we were refunded our money through american express. what a scam... don't buy the product!!! nobody will help you and you won't get the product.

2/2/2007 - Amy writes:
I ordered Pro Seal on 3/15/06 (mistake #1) and one month later received my credit card statement and discovered they added an additional order to my card on 3/22/06 which I did not want. Contacted customer service and they talked me into keeping the "bonus" steam cleaner (mistake #2). Did not receive after 8 weeks and contacted customer service again. Was told products were back ordered but would be coming within 4 weeks. Received a box from Pro Seal in September but it was a big box with a brush, plastic tubing and a bag of rubber gloves. Rest of box was empty! Contacted customer service and they apoligized and said someone must have stolen the other parts. Promised I would receive replacement within 2 weeks. Now it is 2/2/07 and I have yet to get my products. Customer Service number continuously says it is down to check for service problems.

2/1/2007 - Gary writes:
After seeing an infomercial, I ordered this product 4/23/06 online from the Hicksville, NY address, got an order #, and was told it would be shipped promptly.They charged my credit card on 5/23. I never got anything, and the lst time I called I was put off by being told due to heavy demand it was backordered and I should wait 4-6 weeks. After that I kept calling, but was getting a "customer service" number which would never answer. Sent a certified letter to them on 12/7/06 that if I didn't have a refund by 1/7/07 I was referring to the NY attorney general, consumer fraud div. Still no response to-date. Sent to NY attorney general's office.

1/12/2007 - Alvin writes:
I placed an order for the Pro Seal Kit in late December on the website []. The contact information listed a Hickville, NY address and an 800 number. The 800 number never gets answered. It is constantly busy (as if intentionally done). Finally, I reaced another company in NY that was related and they simply put me on hold forever. Worst purchase decision that I have ever made.

11/30/2006 - Linda writes:
i ordered proseal online 5-27-06.made a mistake and doubled the order, so called 6-2-06. was told the order went out tues. 5-30-06 and they would process a refund for the double billing. called again 8-2-06 and was told refund was processed and they would make a replacement order. nothing!!!! now i can't even get in touch with anybody. one phone number nobody answers and another one has you on hold forever.

11/2/2006 - Jessica writes:
I purchased the ProSeal kit back in March 2006. Still have never received it or my refund. I kept calling after I ordered it and they kept telling me that the item had already shipped, and I should receive it by the end of that week. When I never received it, I asked for a refund and they said that they would have to process it. I kept calling and speaking to customer service until they had their number discontinued.

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