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Proactiv Solution Complaints
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2/16/2007 - Jennifer writes:
I bought into the hype and decided to give Proactive a try. I am 29 and don't have particularly bad acne (as I did as a teen) but I thought this would make my skin overall softer and clearer looking. Well...I was wrong. What it did was cause acne like I had as a teen!! I got these cyst-like deep pimples that I haven't had in years. My face turned red and bumpy. I used the product exactly as described. The cleansing (part 1 of the "solution" is ok. The toner stings and the lotion, I think, is what really caused my newfound breakouts. I stuck with it for well over a month as hearing that it might take some time for the product to show results, but two days ago I decided this is not working and it just keeps getting worse and worse. The facial mask that came with my set really caused extra problems. That stuff really dries out your face. Plus, the day after I used that is when I got two huge cyst-type pimples. My face never felt clean after using proactive - any of the products in the set. In fact, after washing w/ the cleansing scrub, if you use the toner you will notice the cotton still has stuff on it as if the cleansing scrub didn't really wash anything. I am going to send what I have left back to the company and hope the refund me (it's been less than 60 days). I called to cancel yesterday and they tried to give me the run around, ensuring me it was a mistake because I'd lose out of the special club pricing, etc blah blah blah. I said I had no intention of using this ever again. The rep said they cancelled. We'll see. So I started using my old "tried and true" facial cleansers, Saint Ives and Biore. Last night after using my Biore, my face looked much cleaner, it felt good. I use the St Ives apricot scrub. It slothed off the flaking and it just feels better and less irritated now. I do not recommend using Proactive. You're just going to spend a lot of money on a worthless product that will, possibly, make your face worse. At best, you'll just see no results. I don't know anyone who's tried this and has actually seen improvment in the condition of their skin. Most have increased problems. Proponents say if it doesn't work, you might just have a bad reaction to Benz. peroxide. But come on- read these complaints. This many people have that bad of a reaction to benz peroxide that is causes great irritation and worse acne than they've ever seen? Please, save your money, and more importantly, don't cause unnecessary damage to your face by using this crap.

2/9/2007 - Anonymous writes:
Okay so before I tried proactiv, I went through a very long list of store bought and doctor prescribed products, but none were successful in helping my acne in the slightest bit. I was so embarrassed of it that I would sometimes skip school and tell friends I was busy when I wasnt. Im sure many of you know what Im talking about. It was horrible. I heard about this stuff proactiv which seemed all the rage. Its kind of hard to not hear about it when its advertised all over the tube, radio, and internet. So I gave it a shot and it helped my skin clear up a little the first week. I was so happy it was finally going away. After that week though, it came back worst than before. I thought it was normal so I continued to use proactiv for a good 4 months. NO RESULTS WHATSOEVER. wasted nearly 150 dollars on this CRAP. I recently found something that has helped me clear my skin very well and I want to tell all of you that are suffering right now. Its funny because its not even ment for clearing skin, but honestly its the best thing I've ever used in the 6 years ive been suffering for PERIOD. this might be a shocker, its toothpaste! I dont recommend it for those with very sensitive skin, but only those with pretty normal skin (besides all the acne). give it a shot. My acne cleared up in literally 1 week and a half weeks. I used colgate anticavity protection toothpaste for those of you that are wondering. Apply a layer right before bed and wear it overnight about 3 times a week. Give it a shot, my skin is so soft and smooth now.

2/9/2007 - Laura writes:
My acne might be considered mild-moderate. I've had trouble with acne off and on since age 12, I'm now 30. I thought I'd give Proactiv a shot to see if it would help; the claims sounded so good! I ordered Proactiv last week. The day it arrived, I was so excited. I order the largest package (the 3-product system plus 2 more products, then they threw in a free bottle of another product.) I read through all the directions very carefully and followed them closely. I thought my face was going to burn off! The next day (and days after and still continuing...) my skin is very itchy, dry (despite moisturizer), blotchy, puffy, and breaking out even more. This was after one use, folks. One use. Calle dthe hotline. Tried to say I must have done something wrong or I could be oversensitive to benzoyl. I've used benzoyl before with no problems. This stuff is toxic. I asked for directions in order to return it all immediately. Kept trying to sell me their sensitive skin version. Finally accepted my no, supposedly canceled the automatic shipment they signed me up for, and would accept my return and agreed to refund minus shipping costs. I put the return in the mail that day. Now... we'll see how long it takes for the return to credit my debit card. Wish me luck!

2/5/2007 - Angela writes:
The product didn't work for me, but that's not really my issue. The problem I had was that after my initial order, I realized it didn't work and then just stopped using it. Two months later I noticed a withdraw from my account for $75! When I called proactive, they said that since I ordered online, I would automatically be billed every sixty days!!! When I sent it back for a refund, it took SEVEN WEEKS! They are VERY deceptive. Whatever you do, don't order this online. Get it at the mall and pay cash.

2/2/2007 - Lene writes:
I ordered proactive when i was living in the US, because the food there gave me really bad skin and breakouts where i hadnt had any acne before. Well, I tried convincing myself that it was working after having used it for a while, but then. Suddenly, I started getting this huge spot on my skin. It was so bad, it litteraly looked like I had fallen on asfalt and scraped up my skin. I tried peeling the top layer off and it was all liquid and infected under. I was in total shock and stopped using proactive, and of course... it went away.

1/30/2007 - Jo writes:
I had occasional break outs, a pimple here or there when I decided to use Proactive. After the first week of using Proactive I started to break out along my chin, which I thought was normal, until it turned into the worst acne I've had in my entire life. When I spoke to a representative, I was told it was basically my fault and that I was using their product incorrectly. Thanks to Proactive I have horrible cystic acne and horrible break outs. I wish I had never tried this. BEWARE of what garbage this "promising" system is.

1/20/2007 - Jessica writes:
I tried Proactiv Solution when I was 14 years old. My acne was very bad at the time. I was going to try anything in order to clear it up. When I heard about Proactiv Solution through magazines and saw it's informercial on TV, I decided to try it out. When I started using it, It did nothing for my skin. My skin seemed a lot more red and dry than ever before. I noticed many more zits appearing. After about a month or so, I completely stopped and threw it away. Proactiv Solution is a scam. People only buy it because well known celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson have "tried" it and "use" it. Not to mention those "dramatic" results of change pictures showing normal people in before and after shots. Most of the time they don't even look like the same person. How do we know that they're actually using it? There's a good chance they're paid to read a script telling them to say what it did for them. Those other people were most likely told to do the same. It may work for some people, however for most; it did not. I would suggest not wasting your money on this so-called amazing anti-acne system. My advice would be to just eat healthy & buy certain brands of face-washes from drug-stores, believe, you will find a brand that works. Ie. Neutrogena and Purpose are good ones. Acne medication is the same way. Overall, Proactiv Solution is just another informercial scam.

1/15/2007 - Dee writes:
I tried Proactive, my story is sort of like the others. It made my skin worse and when I stopped it got even worse. The first day, my skin was very dry and with the continuing days, my rash got bigger, even after I stopped. Now my skin is clearing up no thanks to Proactive or Murad, heck i've tried it all, but due to a healthy diet. I did in return got a refund for my money.

1/11/2007 - Liz writes:
I was SERIOUSLY unimpressed with this product. My Mom uses it and it does a fairly decent job with her skin, so I decided to use it as well. I didn't have horrible skin, but I figured it would make what was wrong, a bit better. I was definately wrong. Immediately after using it my skin just plain HURT. The next day it was red and looked like I had been burnt. By the 3rd or 4th day my face had swelled double its size, and the burned red skin started to break, causing a lot of pain (what was worse, was all of this had happened while I was on a trip, and couldn't go to Emerg. until I got home). I eventually was perscribed medication (about 3 different ones) and it sort of healed up. After it had healed my WHOLE face was peel-y. Extremely dry, and flakey, and no amount of moisturizer could fix that. I hydrocortizol was the only thing that could fix my skin, but I had to have continuous use of it, and apparently that is unsafe, so I no longer use it. My skin healed since then, but every once in a while I get bad breakouts quite similar to my original reaction. Right now, 2 years later, I am dealing with an extremely dry face, acne-like bumps, and flakey skin. Applying moisturizer STINGS like CRAZY, and I cannot get rid of it. Unfortunately no doctor in my city can diagnose what exactly is wrong and how to fix it, and I definately would NOT reccommend using it AT ALL.

1/9/2007 - Alana writes:
I bought Proactiv Solution and have tried a couple of times on several different occasions in the last 6 years. Not only did I did my skin get worse with rashes and itching (especially this last time), when I finally stopped using the product my face broke out worse that it ever has in my entire life. To make matters worse, cancelling the product is not easy. They told me I was using the product wrong - but I used it exactly how the directions tell you to. I cancelled my shipments, but continued to receive more somehow. When I wrote out "Return to Sender" on the box just as the customer service representative told me to over the phone, I received a bill for the shipping and handling. I will say that with one phone call, that was resolved, but I have a feeling that this is not over yet. Think twice before you order this product!! I probably wouldn't have posted anything negative about the company if the customer service would have done what they said they would do the first time I called, which was cancel everything, but it was like they kept trying to get money out of me. I am very unhappy with the service, and after talking with people I know that have also tried the product, I found out they have been through the same issues as I have. I will not use this product again!

1/2/2007 - Leslie writes:
Well my story is the same. I tried it made my skin worse and itchy. I cancelled my membership and I still receied a shipment and they charged my credit card which was my bank card. I sent the product back in August,never received my refund. So I called and I was told it takes 4-8 weeks before I get my refund, that was the end of Sep. November I called back and still NO refund, I since then closed out that bank account and informed the customer service rep. that the account is closed can you please send me a check insteadm she said OK and I will receive it in 2 weeks. Well here I am Jan. 2,2007 still no refund, I called proactiv again and they are telling me that they issued a credit to the CLOSED bank account on Nov.15.I looked over all my statements and there isn't a single credit form them, they are refusing to help me and they told me "to bad." DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM THEY ARE A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/30/2006 - Christina writes:
I got the box set of proactive for Christmas this year, and before I had occasional breakouts due to the stress of being a mom. I used the 3 step treatment for combination skin. I went to bed and woke up the next morning with severe itching, burned skin! I am not allergic to anything, and my face a week later still itches, and looks as if I got badly burned all over causing blisters on my face and neck. I don't reccomend Proactive to anyone! Maybe seeing a demotalogist would be cheaper and less painful. I have been having to use aloe, night creams, and ointments to try and help my skin but still have had no luck!

12/28/2006 - Sharris writes:
I wish I had read these reviews way before buying this product. I bought from one of the home shopping channels, so I do have the option of returning and will be doing so tomorrow. I am getting ready to turn 40 and I have been lucky enough to not have too much acne growing up, but I am now starting to notice what I guess is called hormonal acne. I thought I would try to get a jump start on it and keep it down to a minimum before it got out of total control. I have used the product for 2 weeks and I have had the red splotchy dry spots and am even noticing over the last couple of days the large cyst type pimples, which I've never had in my life and are really scaring me. I've had everyone telling me to just keep using the product and it will all quit after a bit. After reading the reviews here, I am not willing to take the chance with my skin and I have quit the product and am just going to go get good old Noxzema. I used that as a kid and it worked wonders, not sure why I thought I had to shell out big bucks for this. I also read the defenses on the topic as well, and if it works for you, great. It isn't for me and a lot of those obviously that have written here either. Happy New Year everyone.

12/14/2006 - Johan writes:
I'm a thirty-four year old male. I had mild acne and saw the Proactiv infomercial here in The Netherlands. After seeing the celebritiespromoting it, I decided to try it out. I used it for nearly a year (as instructed) and the acne seemed to go away in the first month. But then it came back even worse. I also read that this would be the case and it would go away...wrong I also developed those big pimples and my skin turned red. The booklet said the redness would go away....wrong it got worse. My skin had this slightly burning sensation. After a while I changed from the European version (salical acid) to the US-version (benzol peroxide). That was a bigger mistake. My face turned even more red. People asked me what was wrong. So after a while I stopped using Proactiv...and now 5 months later, my face is starting to heal. I no longer have the amount of pimples I used to get during Proactiv. Heck, I hardly get a pimple these days thanx to a healthier diet and using Shiseido products for men and excersise. Unfortunately my skin has been damaged due to Proactiv and the dermatologist says it is going to take some time for it to heal completely(propably another four to five months). My advice: Stay far away from Proactiv and if you're using it: Stop as soon as possible!

12/12/2006 - David writes:
My wife order this product as she was experiencing mid life break outs. The product had no effect and after month after month they piled up. She called and cancelled the subscription but apparently there was a computer error and they kept sending and charging our credit card. I cancelled the credit card about the same time and called the company myself and told them to stop sending the product but as soon as the last payment was received guess what arrived in the mail. Yup another supply and a bill. I refused to pay the bill and called again they wanted me to ship the box back at my expense or pay for the product. I ate the cost and shipped the product back. I kept getting a bill and they said no problem the return had not been processed. I got a collection agency now sending me a freaking collection notice for 45.90 G.D dollars. I call and sit on hold and on hold. Do Not BUY PROACTIV they are a huge rip off !!

12/12/2006 - Carl writes:
well my story is about the same of all the others, so i have some breakouts from time to time and i decided to use proactive, i ordered online i got it and it was great that after a week i did not have any acne at all it actually disapear, so much that i did not use it all but i was not going to return it or even buy another one next month but this dirtbags send me another one without me requesting it, so i was mad even more when i found out they took the money out of my credit card in which i did not have any funds, and you all know what happen next, the bank charges you. so i'm here to report this company way of taking money legaly. i hope people would read this and be a little bit more careful about what the buy, and dont get riped off be this [email protected]#.

11/26/2006 - Amy writes:
I bought Proactiv - like many people - out of curiosity at the end of September 2006. Having had moderate, hormonal acne - I thought I would give it a try. I was fortunate in that I did not use my credit card - I used debit - and so when I returned it before day 60 - it was a full refund...however, I did not appreciate the salesperson's question after question...I am returning it because it is not good...yes, my face was drier and more red and I felt as though it was breaking out even more so...anyhow...I stopped it...will not recommend it to anyone else...one word of advice...buy it at a mall and pay with debit...or better yet...cash...that way there is no credit card involved. I am trying much more natural products now from LUSH - with no harsh chemicals in it...I'll see. Proactiv is not good.

11/20/2006 - Sid writes:
We tried the product not realizing that they would continue to ship and charge my account. Then when we cancelled, they told me it would take up six to eight weeks!!!!(while they get interest on the money)The product contains Benzol Peroxide which causes some people to break out more( my stepdaughter had a worsening rash from it)

11/17/2006 - Monica writes:
I decided to try just a sample of proactiv on my skin and I ordered it online. Little did I know that by ordering a sample I was signing up for routine deliveries. I saw a charge on my bank account for it, and they said I would need to cancel and the money would be refunded. I did so, and I was refunded. Then I saw another charge for 25 dollars or so.... I called and they told me I had called after the processing date so product was being sent to me. I was told I could return it. I thought oh well I'll just keep it, and thought that was the end of it. But no. I saw, again, on my bank account a 20 dollar charge and when I called I was told that I was only charged part of it last month and the rest this month. I don't know why they didn't charge me all at once, but they are sneaky and deceptive.

11/7/2006 - Kristin writes:
I canceled my Proactiv membership in July, since then, Proactiv billed my account in November for i product i didnt even recieve! After calling the company they told me i never canceled the product. When i asked for a refund, they refused and told me I need to send the product i do not have back to the company then they will credit my account. I asked when i would recieve the Proactiv and they told me in about 3 weeks, then it will be 2 more at the fastest to credit my account. The customer service representives were not rude but made me feel it was my fault and were very general with awnsering my questions, i did not feel like they helped me in any way. Now because proactiv never cancelled my membership, My bank account is now over drawn and i will be charged a $35.00 fee plus the $45.90 i am getting charged for a product I cancelled and dont have. They also told me i wasnt charged yet, so they cant refund me for the product. but magically it already came out of my bank account. They told me that was somthing that i needed to discuss with my bank. It will be over month before this issue get resolved.

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