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Propolene Complaints
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6/20/2006 - Jason writes:
On 6/26/2006 I placed an order on the "[].com" after seeing the commercial on TV for the buy one at $29.99 offer and get one bottle free. The VERY first thing this WEB site is to ask for your credit card information which was kind of odd before providing the order selections. Anyway, I filled out the order form and credit card information and selected the Buy one get one FREE offer for $29.99 plus FREE shipping. The very next screen that comes up states that as a special offer today you can buy 2 additional bottles at $14.99 each so I said to myself GREAT 4 for about $60.00 is a good offer so I also selected this option and said NO to the auto billing/shipment offer. Everything seemed OK until moments later when I received an email conformation charging me $119.80 I immediately called customer service and was informed that they were sorry, but when I agreed to the additional 2 bottle offer of $14.99 each the Web system cancelled my Buy one get ONE free offer and then totaled 4 bottles at a 20% discount instead. The customer representative then said that she doesn't have access to NEW orders and that I would have to call back in 2 days to get this resolved and said she was sorry. Then after I would NOT hang up she gave me this WEB address "[].com". I had to fill out a form and HOPEFULLY it will CANCEL this transaction, but after reading complaints from your "infomerccialscams" web site I have taken NO chances and have informed my credit card provider and put a BLOCK on any charges and requested a NEW credit card number because of this SCAM. This company isn't going to get a cent out of me and there actions are criminal to the core.

4/8/2006 - Melissa writes:
I ordered Propolene in January 2006.  Unfortunately I did not get the name of the customer service rep. as I did last night.  The young lady that took my order in January offered me your continuation plan stating I would save money with it.  I flat out told her No.   Of course she tried again and I said"I would try my order fierst and if I wanted to order more I would call back."  But I did not want the plan she was offering, and the only reason I refused is because I don't allow automatic withdrawls from my checking account.  There was no money in my account at the time of their withdrawal on April 3, 2006 and I have been charged with a $20 NSF fee plus $ 39.90 for a product I did not order, want, or authorize to be sent to me.  Why would you send this product to me over 2 months later if your so called "continuation plan" meant I would receive more pills about 30 days later?  I don't want theis product. I don't want to pay for S & H to return this product.  I don't want to pay for the $20 NSF fee and I don't want to pay $39.90 or $79.80 for something I did not order.   You need to undo this and you'd better stop charging my account because my next step is BBB and then my attorney.  I trusted you with my personal account inoformation and this how I was repaid.  I find it pathetic to steal from others... That is what I was going to write to their Email address but ofcourse it was a fake address that was given to me.  Thanks for letting me vent.

2/28/2006 - Nanita writes:
I ordered the Propolene buy one   get the other free for $29.95.  I returned the products after two weeks and experiencing a weird burning sensation in my chest near my heart and running down my left arm.  I went to the ER and was told that my heart is okay.  To date, 4 weeks after taking them, I am still feeling weird and not certain if any of these side effects have been reported by any other users. Not only is the price a gimmick, I went to [] and saw that they had a bottle of 90 capsules for $19.90 wherein this buy one get one free for $29.95, you only get 45 capsules in each bottle.  So, for those who want to get more, [] has them cheaper.  The only thing about [] is you cannot return opened products of this nature. If anyone is experiencing the same symptoms that I am feeling, please contact me at [].  If there are symptoms that exist there may be grounds for a class action lawsuit.

1/15/2006 - Grant writes:
I responded to an offer to get two bottles for $29.95 so I thought I'd try it at the discount as they offered a 30 money back offer. I recieved a confirmation email stating that they are billing me $119.80. I read other stories now (after researching this event)and they are doing it to everyone. I don't care if the product works now or not, I just want my money back because they cannot be trusted with truth.

1/5/2006 - Melissa writes:
The product is deffetive. false advertising. dosing requirements are extremely high 3 pills 2x a day 6 pills a day. Even being herbal that is to much. I acquired abdomial pain, dark urine, head ahces, vomiting, and skin color hcange while taking them. I have also filed complaint with BBB also. Ther refused to refund money due to 1 week out of 30 day money back. Get rich quick scam for this company. They don't supress apptite as advertised & i didn't loose any weight within that time frame. I wasn't surprised. They aslo to me didn't provide accurate information on the supplimental label of all suplements and dosaage as states in 1994 supplement labeling laws.

11/8/2005 - Greg writes:
I thoroughly agree and sympathize with all your complaints. I suppose you're all talking about propolene.com. I ordered the 2 bottles for 29.95 and then  2 bottles for another 14.95 for each bottle or both, I thought it said for 2. Regardless, the total should have been, at most, 60 bucks. I got the email from them and it was for $119. I immediately called them and called BS. She said oh it's not in our system yet, it'll take several days, call back in five days (what's this, the stone age?!). So I called back in 4 days and they'd already placed the order, shipped the product and charged my card $119. I said, No, that is not right, it should be about $45. She says, well I don't know bout that, just try the product, you'll like it. I said Ok, I'm calling my credit card company. She goes, Ah, uh, sputter sputter, I'll put you on hold. So she came back on and said her supervisor told her (really I think she just went out for a smoke, she already knew what to say when I threatened her) that they would cut it in 1/2, to 60 bucks. I still didn't like it (I was leary of these guys from the get-go too) but I said OK. Sure enough, on my next statement they'd charged me $119 but credited $59, so that's OK, I guess. But here's the kicker. I was on their site today and noticed one little small-print notice. Here it is: Our TV Offer: Try Propolene For Only $29.95 - Receive your risk-free trial bottle of Propolene PLUS your free bottle and you are billed just $29.95 today. If in 30 days you are pleased with your results there is one additional payment of $59.95. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Hope you can read that, but you can find it on their homepage right after the order form. What it says, I'm sorry to say, is that that extra 60 bucks you had to shell out, slimey and underhanded though it is, is perfectly legit. I've only had these 2 weeks, but as the other guy says, I'll be curious to see what they try to charge me for returning them. They say full money back guarentee except for S & H, but the shipping was free so they're probably going to stick me for "handling". I'm bout ready to cancel my card to make sure they don't play any more shenanigans.

8/18/2005 - James writes:
On the infomercial the price was $29.95 I called to order propolene. at the time of sale I was asked about several other things that would ad to the price. I carefully said no to all but the proprolene for 29.95. I was charged on 4/4/05 42.68 on 5/5/05 59.90 on 6/6/05 59.90 total 162.48 after I saw the billing for59.90 for 5/4/05 I called to complain about the extra cost. I talked to a Monica on 5/25/05. she said it was past 30 days so I was stuck with the extra bill ? At that time I made it very clear not to send me anything else. I just was billed another 59.90 for what? Plus I saw no effect from the propolene. I have been ripped off! thank you James

Chuck writes:
This is one of the cvlassic examples of "bait and switch". I ordered the $29.95 special for 2 bottles. I got 4 bottles and an invoice for another $119.80. Hopefully, the guarantee is better than the offer. I'm sending it all back. 

Susan writes:
After finally giving in to the commercials claims and making sure through the order taker on the phone that the ONLY charge on my credit card would be 29.95 unless I decided differently, he assured me NO OTHER CHARGES would be taken. Well, since then these people have taken over $300 from my bank card account causing me to bounce checks.I sent the product back only to find another charge just 2 weeks ago.  This cannot be legal and anyone out there with information on how to persue this legally I urge you to let us know.  I know I can't be the only one ripped off by this scam.  I am still fighting to get my money back.

Anna writes:
I ordered two bottles of Propolene, which stated buy one at $29.95 and the second bottle is free.  My first shipment was four bottles and $119.00 was charged to my credit card.  I decided to keep it and just try it.   The next month I received two more bottles and was charged another $29.95, which I hadn't used the first four bottles I've ordered.  I called Propolene and they stated there was no refund even though I returned the two bottles I received.  There commercial states if not satisfied, just return for a full refund. The customer representative gave me an email address so I could cancel my order and as usual there was no site to cancel.  My bank states I have to contact Propolene, but they do not make it easy to cancel.  They can keep charging your credit card and get away it.   Please help me cancel this bogus service and I will never......order anything like this again.

Dan writes:
Like everyone else, I ordered one bottle for $29.95 and the second bottle free.  I received 4 bottles and an invoice for $119.80.   I called & was told I could return the 2 additional bottles and would only be charged $29.95 + tax.  I was charged $42.90 ($29.95 + $12.95 tax).  When they received the 2 bottles I returned, they charged me an additional $59.90.  When I called for an explanation, I was told it was because I kept the 2 original $29.95 bottles more than 30 days.  After that you are charged the full price of $89.95 + tax.   I paid a total of $102.90 for 2 bottles.  They are crooks!

Margaret writes:
Ordered 2 bottles in April 2005 at the $29.95 price for one bottle with the second one being free.  I specifically conversed with the man the order was placed with and he assured me the price for the two bottles would be a total of $29.95 plus shipping.  This past weekend my credit card statement was received with an additional $59.90 charged for Propolene.  The 888 number on my credit card was called and I was given the same song and dance as everyone else.   There should be someway false advertising like this can be stopped in order for these companies and individuals to fleece the trusting general public.  I, too, will NEVER fall for anything like this again.  I had misgivings from the very beginning and should have followed my first intuition.  The man I originally talked with tried to get me to go for the four bottle pitch and I had to get angry to get him to understand I only wanted the $29.95 (HaHaHa) initial offer.  That should have put up an immediate red flag and, incidentally, the product doesn't work as advertised either.   The ad says you can eat anything you want and still lose weight.  Yet they send this 'diet book' with foods not to and to eat along with diet menues.  I can do this on my own or go to a legitimate place such as weight watchers.  I am having a really difficult time thinking I will have to pay my credit card account with this unauthorized charge on it.  I only know there better not be any future payments posted to it.  Hey Propolene bigwigs, how about giving a credit of $59.90 to my credit card.  Your credibility would be increased somewhat if you were to follow through with an action of this type.

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