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Quick Chop Complaints
Total Complaints: 6
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Jason writes:
This product sucks! It would be really good if it actually did everything it was supposed to... I received 2 of them, and both of them do not turn when the blades retract. When chopping ice, the blades get bent and dont retract fully into its housing! It doesnt chop that well either. 

Verona writes:
ordered a quick chop alomst 3 monts agao... paied by credit card ...also paied amost 6 dollars extra for speed shipping...and havent recieved it as of yet...cant get contact numbers where anyone will talk to me about the problem...thank you.

Ajay writes:
They promise full money back guarantee, but their customer service reps don't answer at all to give the return address. The product is horrible. The food gets stuck to the chopper instead of getting cut!!

Kevin writes:
Ditto on what others have said. This is a piece of junk. It is so much quicker to chop with a knife--and the resulting pieces are nicer. I tried to chop onions, celery, and veggies for a nice stir fry.  Didn't end up with chopped veggies--more like MAULED veggies--pulverized and a mess. I was hoping to find a way for my disabled son to chop food without risk to himself--this is NOT the answer.

Brian writes:
Simply a waste of money. When trying to chop tomatoes, it smashed them. I tried several times but got the same result.

Pankaj writes:
This product doesnt work as they show on TV.It creates a mess of whatever you try to chop.After seeing it perform so flawlessly on TV ; I bought it to chop onions and was so utterly disappointed that I will never buy any informercial products.

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