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Red Exerciser Complaints
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2/5/2007 - Mary writes:
I also ordered and received "Red" . . . what a joke! I can slide around on my kitchen chair and have the same results. I read the lengthy return instructions (remember to cross the t's and dot the i's), I called for an RA# (they will not accept the product without one). However, they failed to mention that it is impossible to recieve the RA#. They try to make the return policy impossible, looking for any way possible to not accept the worthless product back. They are just stulling, waiting for the 30 days to lapse, so that you cannot return it. Well, I have news for them. I am also contacting the BBB (and sending all copies of their advertisements and return policy). This is a SCAM big time and I hope all of us can file "class action law suit". As soon as I saw the fitness instructor on the video, I knew I was subject to a scam. How unprofessional to have someone with missing teeth!!! I guess if he rips enough people off, he can afford to get implants. I'm not dealing with these morans anymore, I'll let the BBB handle it. They need to get the "A" holes off the air & prevent them from sucking in more people!

2/5/2007 - Danielle writes:
I ordered this and tried one evening. There was no burn, nothing! I felt like it was a waste of time. I called for an RA # the next day and left a message on the recording-it was supposed to be at my house within 5 days-the RA#. I didn't receive anything for a week, so I called back. I was on the phone for over an hour. I told the CS rep. that it had taken over an hour and she said, "What do you want me to do, give you your hour back?" She was rude and unprofessional. I said I wanted compensated and she said that since I was no longer a customer she wouldn't do anything. I asked how come it was so quick to make a purchase, but took over an hour to get an RA number. She ended up hanging up on me, or as she said, "releasing my call." Horrible service, I will not let them get away with it. Beware!!

2/2/2007 - Anonymous writes:
I ordered the Red Exerciser after seeing the infomercial and thought, “that seems logical in how it works” so I completed an automated phone order for $174.97. I was on the phone for a very long time processing the order and kept getting ala carte’d with upgrades. It better be a high quality piece of equipment for that price. I also got the gym upgrade version. After reading this forum I became a little panicked and started to doubt my purchase. If a product is truly good, no one should something extremly bad to say abou tit. Anway, I called Red Exercise to cancel my order 888-424-7623 and actually got someone on the phone within two minutes. I was unable to cancel because the order was already processed for shipping. The girl who helped me was very nice and helpful but 20 digit USPS tracking number yields absolutely nothing after ordering a week ago! My account has been charged $174.97 so we’ll see if the product arrives and how smooth the return process goes. If I’m shown any shady customer service behavior I will return to this site and speak my mind backed with the facts. I’m a gym rat and love doing crunches but $174.97 is a lot of money for a twisting chair that others say is cheaply made so we’ll see.

2/1/2007 - Krystal writes:
I ordered this product in late Novemeber. I have yet to recieve it and can not reach anyone to find out where it is. They have taken 4 payments from me in the total of 164.79 and I am very upset. I have never even been able to try the product because as of 4 months later I haven't received it!

1/30/2007 - Ada writes:
I ordered this product 1-2 days ago and was charged the full $176.00 as I checked my bank acct. today...I had my rent money in there and I'm also renting a car with the money I had in this acct. also..I did get thru to C/S, and was told by a Carolyn that I would be refunded within 24-48 hrs...I am overdrown on my acct. because of this now!!!

1/29/2007 - Nancy writes:
I order this product early one am and cacelled the products after the machine informed me of the price.(I e-mail my cancellation within one hour.) I also tried to call but the office was closed due to weather there. I e-mailed them several times again to stop the shipment but it was shipped anyway. I have e-mail and asked for a return label but I have not received any response. I think the ad on the TV is very misleading on price.

1/17/2007 - Roxanne writes:
I ordered the red exerciser on-line two days ago after seeing a very early morning infomercial. The specifics on the website, and I quote, were "Make one easy payment of $174.75 and save $32.99 s/h plus $10.00 in transaction processing fees, TOTAL savings of $42.99! Make one full payment and save. You will still get the 30-day risk-free trial period and money back gaurantee! Kee words for me - "one easy payment of $174.75" Hence my huge problem with my e-mailed receipt/purchase confirmation stating that my credit card would be charged $524.25! Seems like a scam to me and I tried calling yesterday, they were closed due to inclement weather in the area. I'd heard about that and can understand. So I notified [email protected] on-line that no way would I be paying $524.25 even with a "money back gaurantee" so if that was really the price, then just cancel my order. I told them it was "an exhorbitant amount of money and not in accordance with the order form I filled out." Just now I got a reply from [email protected] that, and I quote again, "Your order is cancelled and refunded" Gee thanks guys, I think it's time to notify the BBB and anybody else I can think of in the near future.

1/10/2007 - Helen writes:
Ijust called tonight Jan. 9th to order the red for $14.95 I thought. was shocked to find out it will cost $127.00. This worried me as I was thinking why do'nt they say what the true cost is. i know my bank will be hit for that amt. After reading all your complaints, I too won't be able to call them or be able to return it. I am calling my bank in the morning and also the BBB. nother scam. When will we learn???

12/18/2006 - Jim writes:
I ordered the product on Sunday the 10th of Dec., 2006. I tried to cancel the order on the 11th, got an auto response to my e-mail. I tried to call and got a recording that the only way to get an RA# would be to leave my name, phone number and e-mail address. Then they will MAIL the RA#. Is this a joke? I have contacted them daily through e-mail and leaving my information on the answering machine. I did get one person that sent a fake shipping notice, her name is: Stacy Spiers Stacy Spiers Red Fitness Supervisor 8752 West Park Dr., Houston, Texas 77063 USA Tel 713.532.2408 Fax 713.532.2499 I ask everyone to call.

12/18/2006 - Lillian writes:
I called to obtain information about the Red Exerciser. A computer voice was my only contact. I became disgusted with not receiving answers to my questions and I hung up. The order was never completed. The machine was delivered to my home. I will not open it. I am returning it but I need a return authorization number from their customer service number which is never answered. The number 1-888-424-7623 is not answered. This is obviously a scam. I will resturn the machine without the authorization number and will notify my credit card to not pay this company. This should be investigated by authorities.

12/15/2006 - Debbie writes:
My handicapped child purchased on the 30 day trial which turned into talking her into one $200 payment now I am trying to return it and it seems there are a million reasons why we do not have our money back yet strangely everytime I call they say they have not received it yet, I have the tracking number which proves that they did I will keep calling till I get the money back

12/14/2006 - Charles writes:
I purchased this product on November 11, 2006 and have yet to receive anything from this company. I either want the merchandise I purchased or a refund immediately.

12/11/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I ordered this product and it came in a week. The first time I used this product I was disappointed. The DVD is a joke. It looks like a first grader get the resistance on this thing to work. It seemed to be the same level the whole time. But when I called to return the product I got the run around. Everyone kept putting me on hold. Until I kerked out and started kursing people out. They kept saying I have someone who going to take my call right now, because there's a specific person that has to give me the RA#. Then he acted like he had an attitude. So it's on it's way back. Let me not get my money back.

12/4/2006 - Kathy writes:
Have made numerous calls and sent numerous e-mails to return the Red Exerciser...fat chance! The last e-mail stated I was going into litigation if I did not hear back from them soon with a Return Authorization Number...I'm not kidding!!!

11/27/2006 - Liz writes:
I just called and purchased a red exerciser on sunday and the sales rep. told me that there was only a 3 month paymnt plan for 29.95 when I went to the website I saw 39.95. I sent an e-mail and spoke to representatives who keep telling me to call customer service b/c they cant help me anymore, and customer service is always busy....How can I cancel before I recieve for this product?

11/18/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I work for a callcenter that takes orders for the red exerciser. It is a RIPOFF!!! The information that the sales reps give you is to get you to buy the horrible product. We will tell you anything all for a measlie 1.26 commission if we are lucky. (or .86 for a refurbished unit). Consumer please BEWARE. It is very difficult for you to get your money back and GOOD LUCK getting through to customer service. If you want to have some fun keep calling the 800 number as if you have some interest in buying and then just refuse every time. It hurts the call center stats and makes the RED Corp very unhappy as well as the Exec in the call center. Then they will tell the reps to do anything to land the sale. Every call is recorded so if they mislead you you can then report them to the BBB> I too apologize to everyone I have ever sold a RED exerciser.

11/17/2006 - Joan writes:
Good luck, if you've ordered this product and are trying to return it. You will be kept on hold forever. Suggestion call the toll free nuber and enter x227. Ask for Susan she claims she will be able to help. She is extremely rude though. I wasn't able to get anywhere with her I only receive ignorant e-mails to my personal account from her. I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau if I do not get a RMA soon.

11/11/2006 - Toni writes:
I purchased the Red Exerciser on October 6th and requested rush shipping. It took 12 days to receive a receipt for my purchase. I have emailed customer service as to the shipping status. I keep getting promises that it will "ship next week". I was told that are having problems getting the as seen on tv website orders. It's been over 30 days and I haven't received the product. Don't waste your time...these people are ripoffs.

11/9/2006 - Shawn writes:
3 weeks and waiting. Never recieved the product and they dont answer their phones except at their sales department! These guys are a scam! worst customer service EVER. Im going to contact my bank because these sheisters dont deserve a dime! Their "defense" is obviously a lie.

11/6/2006 - Shannon writes:
everyone check your accounts!!! red has been taking the 4 monthyly installments for the last 6 months or longer. i just found out today and now i need to contact them to stop the auto withdrawl.

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