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Restore 4 Complaints
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4/6/2007 - Lou writes:
I, too, fell for this total scam; primarily because I was tired of weak in ineffective cleaning products nowadays. Well, Restore 4 was more of a rip-off than anyhting else I had tried. I paid nearly $60.00 for a box of pure packaged SCAM. Why? Because this product is actually more ineffective than any $1.00 products at the dollar store. They send you a box of different cleaners for glass, carpets & fabrics, wood, bathrooms,ect and none of them work much better than plain Comet and water. None of cleaners sent are worth it. I mean, the way they portray it on TV is total deceptive advertising and should be a criminal matter. I am really surprised this has not been seriously investigated. Do both you, me and everyone else: Do not buy this product and if you already have been taken,,,complain! Let's find out who is behind this company and sue them!!

5/13/2006 - Greg writes:
We have a stain in our porceline sink. Use restore4 AS DIRECTED. Guess what? After different applications the STAIN IS STILL THERE! This product is not a product at all but a nice SCAM!

5/11/2006 - Zach writes:
I was up late one nite and i saw restore4 for sale so i baught the base kit that was around 50 bucks.  I explained to the woman on the phone that the only reason for buying was for the water spots on my vehicle, and she reasured me that it would take off any water spots on glass.  I tried it today when i got home from work and it seamed that the water spots actually started laughing when i applied the product to the glass.  I would not recomend this product to anyone it is a big scam i could have bought somnthing that i could have realy used THANKS FOR NOTHING RESTORE 4

Gossip writes:
Restore4 claims to be a miracle that RESTORES, not cleans. This is all bull! It is just another cleaning chemical that must be used with lots of ventilation.  The odor smells very bad and is also harmful to breathe, so be careful when using the product. Does it really do the jobs that it claims? The answer, NO! After following the directions, still did not remove the water stains from the shower doors. Thats the only thing I tried it on since I didn't want to waste anymore time with this product. CLR did much better and cost much less. You can purchase CLR virtually anywhere (Save-Ons, Riteaid, etc.) The conclusion, don't waste your money on Restore4. It dose not do a good job, and is very harmful to breathe. 

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