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Revitacel Skin System Complaints
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Elaine writes:
The Biozhem company makes Revitacel skin care system. Their website has been "under construction" for a couple of weeks now that I know of, no email capability for customer service. There is an 800#. I ordered the 30-day supply of Revitacel skin care system (so good it's supposed to be used on burn victims to regrow new skin, so really good for wrinkles, right?). The 30-day supply was at a sale price of $29.99 (plus s/h of course). I received the product and am using it, nothing so far but it's only been about seven or eight days. However, before I even received it, I was billed over $40.00. Now less than two weeks later, I get another billing for $52.00! I called the company and the customer rep told me that the product I received was a 60-day supply (I thought I was getting a 30-day supply) and the $52.00 was for the SECOND half of the shipment. No mention of this was made at the time I ordered. I thought I was ordering and paying for a 30-day supply. I'm going to send it back and then comes the fight to get my money back! 

Sandra writes:
I bought the revitacel system for 29.95 I was the billed over 80.00 dollars, at no time was I told about the addional charges, until after it was here then I called the company and they were very very rude to me It's a big scam there is no change in my skin at allthey need to close them up.

Lynda writes:
Purchased product, was overcharged and product made me break out. I contacted customer service (twice, both times they were very pleasant). I received an authorization code and returned products within "guarantee period." Used USPS delivery confirmation receipt. Return address turns out to be Universal Distriubtion Services of Nevada.  Credit card was never credited. "800" number is no longer in service.  Is there any recourse?  I've purchased through info-mercials before and no problem.  But never again!  I am out over $120!  Please someone get these guys!

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