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Richard Simmons Blast N Go Complaints
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Alicia writes:
I ordered a set of tapes from TV in April 2002. When I got my credit card statement I had been billed double the amount! I called and spoke to Customer Service who said they would credit my card.  Instead I received more products and was charged two more times! I called back and spoke to a supervisor. I was told to keep the products and I would again receive a refund. I said I wanted nothing more from their company and no more charges. I have received a partial refund for the first overcharge but not the second two. They also signed me up for a shopping service that was billed to my card. I've paid $190 for a $38 set of video tapes. And am still fighting. Yes my card company takes the charges off while in dispute, but then recharges after receiving reply's from Richard Simmons. To top it off I received another delivery! They say they'll remove the charge. Somehow I don't see it happening! 

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