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Roll N Grow Complaints
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4/27/2007 - Don writes:
Bought this product from TV infomercial. I thought I was going to get 2 10' rolls, 2000 seeds total. Instead I only got one roll and try to find a phone number to call and talk to a human being. It should be law that all infomercials have a customer service number to call. If you call "As Seen On TV" they will tell you that it's another company and you will have to contact your credit card company to get a number. Never heard of that one before. I'm sure the credit card company is not handling complaints for this company. Never again will I buy anything off the TV. NEVER!!!!!

4/11/2007 - Megan writes:
I bought this product online after seeing the infomercial. The special was 2,000 seeds for $19.95 + shipping and handling. Since each 10ft roll has 1,000 seeds I thought I would receive a 20ft roll or 2 10ft rolls. I only received 1 10ft roll. There is no phone number to call. When I go to the website they only have an 800 ordering line and that is not running right now. I feel completely scammed and hope that at the very least these darn flowers grow. I hate to order on the phone with infomercials because they always try to get you to buy more items. However, in this instance, if you really want to buy these I would call and make sure you know what you're paying for and what the customer service phone number is. Similar products such as roll out flowers are sold and their website info. gives more information and you can actually talk to a person.

10/8/2006 - Deborah writes:
This product is a piece of crap. I ordered two of them. According to the infomerical -this is how it's supposed to work-you simply roll it out on your dirt and water every day for 30 days -I followed directions and nothing ever grew!!!!!!!! There was no invoice with return info so I was stuck with it this dirty looking green tarp on where I wanted all this lucious flowers to grow! RIP OFF!

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