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Angel writes:
I saw an infomercial that told you how to make money in real estate using no money down using the Ron Le Grand system.  I was interested so I attended their seminar at their nearest location.  In the seminar, they got me all hipped up and decided to buy the course knowing that there was an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.  In the seminar, they said that if I purchased the training material, I would be able to attend their free seminar on how to make money buying "ugly houses and pretty houses" with no money down.  I said to myself there is nothing to lose so I gave it a try and purchased the course for $1700.  I went to the seminar on how to make money on the two types of houses and was very skeptical when there were 2 guys that appeared to be in the business only for a few months and were making gobs of money.  The same two guys kept interrupting the speaker on what how they acquired properties and how they had long lists of people waiting to purchase their properties.  To make a long story short, time ran out and they told the audience that if they wanted real information on how to make money on ugly houses and pretty houses, they would have to purchase the next seminar at a cost of $2500 each.   There they would have a live transaction and would guarantee success because they would have specialists helping out the audience.I did not buy the BS so I decided to cancel the training material and receive my refund.   I received my RMA # and was told that it would take 30 days for me to receive my refund.  I called after about 35 days back and I am told that the refund department is going through a computer upgrade and for me to check back in 2 weeks.  I called back in 2 weeks and the refund department has no records of my account.  I was thrown back and fourth for about 2 hours and was told to call back in 1 week because they forgot to submit my refund to the accounting department.  I called back the following week only to be told that since I attended the seminar, they will only refund the money for the training material which was according to them $700 and I have to wait for 2 billing cycles (45 days each billing cycle) to go by before they release my refund.  I told them that the speaker said the seminar was free with the purchase of the training material.   They told me to call back the following week because they had to verify with the accounting department.  At this point I am getting extremely frustrated and I decide to keep track of everyone I spoke from the refund department.  I was finally told that I would get my full refund but that the company was bought out and was no longer part of the Ron Le Grand system any more and will still have to wait for the billing cycles to go by.  I asked to get transferred to the accounting department but I was told that they were no allowed to do that.  I managed to get the name of one of the accounting workers by playing stupid every time I called.  I then got the name of that employee's manager and got that manager's director's name.  After leaving voice message after voice message, managed to get a hold of the director.  I told the director that I wanted my money back and threatened to sue them and report them to BBB if they did not comply.  I told her that I had been tossed around for more than 5 months and needed something to be resolved now.  She apologized and sent the check the following business day.  I received my full refund about 5 days after speaking to the director of the accounting department.  The process took more than 5 months.  I hope nobody has to go through any of this.  It is a mayor scam.  Stay away from Ron Le Grand system. Sincerely Angel. 

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