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Roni Lynn Deutch Attorney Complaints
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2/22/2007 - Bonnie writes:
as i have read many other complaints i to was scamed by roni lynn deutch as so was a freind of mine i was told after all my info was given i def quaified for oic and was assured there office takes on no one who dosent qualifi i was told it would take appox 9months well after 12 months $4300.dollars later they did nothing .they are the biggest rip offs this law firm /roni deutch should be not only as a scam with monies given back but crimanal charges should be filed jail time enforced martha stewart went to jail for alot less she (roni deutch)took money well knowing the service by law could not be provided

12/19/2006 - Shelia writes:
I would like to add my opinion on the Tax Attorney scam being used by the company known as Roni Lynn Deutch. They have done nothing to stop a wage garnishment. They give me numerous letters daily asking me for the same information that I provided them with when my case started. $2800.00 later, nothing has been done to save me from my wages being garnished. Warning to all. Do not fall into their trap!!! I think that they are in cahoots with the IRS!!

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