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Roomba Vacuum
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1/2/2007 - Mark writes:
We have hardwood floors and a dog. The Roomba simply DOES NOT work. You can watch it roll right over hair or dirt, without picking it up. It is a good idea, but a waste of money.

7/2/2006 - Yonnie writes:
I tried the Roomba and I do not like it at all. I have wood floors with rugs on them. I also have a few rooms that have a floor slightly higher or lower than the rest of the house. The Roomba will stop cold in its tracks for even the slighters bump, meaning you have to follow it around to help it up. On the wood floors I noticed it just pushed dust ahead, but when it changes course, which it does often, it leaves the clump of hair and dust and never actually sucks it up. I took this item back to the store the very next day!!!

Bob writes:
ComplaintsWe purchased the Roomba Vacuum robot from brookstone. The vac was made to suck up nuthing becuase it couldnt even get as much dirt as a broom 

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