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7/29/2006 - Sairi writes:
Okay let's see. The machine itselft works just like the infomercial says it works; so for that, I give them my respects. They tell that you can have a money back guarantee on this product and that they'll even ship it for free. To make the story short here's the figures. Depending on which state you live you will be charged a certain shipping cost (you pay it) I live in GA so they charged me 53 dollars for shipping. They said that the only way I'd get to have the shipping free is if I decided to keep the machine and those 53 dollars would coundt towards the price of the machine. The infomericial itself doesn't tell you the price of the product and depending on which payment play you chose 30 40 or 50 payments the cost of the machine will increase. Lowest being 699. Seccond; they will charge you taxes for the machine 29 dollars for me and another 29 dollars to "try the trial" (money back). So okay you pay the hundred and something, can't be that bad right. Next you receive the machine and you decide to return it. Well look at this first of all you ahve to pay the shipping to return the item, and in the package that you received there is a letter that will say that they will refund your money to the initial purchase minus the shipping. And no matter how much to try to argue with the operator if the rest of what you payed will be applied to the cost of the machine she/he will keep saying none of what you've given will be applied towards the product. So there you go unless you don't have the 700-900 (if you decide to extend the payment plan) you will be scammed. If you do this you better clean your whole house in 30- days and return the machine back that way you'd have spotlessly clean your house for 150 dollars

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