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Russ Dalbey - America's Note Network Complaints
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2/16/2007 - Michael writes:
Their new name is Dalbey Education, or is it Dalbey Institute? I had the misfortune of involvement with this company breifly. Of course the slick sales people were laying the schpeel on even me. Well, Oddly enough, even the people working there were sickened by the agreedious sales techniques, and limited returns. Some pretty nasty people, all-in-all.

1/6/2007 - Russell writes:
After reading these responses I know for sure they are crooks. When Dalbey's people called me on the phone they said I qualified to be in the winners circle and I would get on TV if I did the course. I knew it was garbage from the start. Funny thing is I told them I wanted a few days to think about it and they said THE ANSWER HAS TO BE NOW! I mean they can at least give people a chance to think about it with some hope they will come back. I wasn't going to come back but I thought I would nicely say I would think about it. These are without a doubt the most greedy salesman I have ever come across. They make used car salesman look honest.

10/29/2006 - David writes:
They got me a while back, I was looking for a chance to make money, and me and my family weren't doing to well. You take the package, and do everything they tell you the 123 find them, list them , make money. I found them, listed them, but where was my money? I don't know why these people do this, they're not just screwing people out of their money, but also a better life that never gets fulfilled, but so long's to be. Money is a very hard thing for the average person to come by, and there is a war going on over money for poor people, many I knew made their living killing for it. So for someone to do that is like one of the worst ways to destroy a person's life. These people should pray that they don't burn in hell for the dirt they do with a smile on their face over, and over again, that is so got damn low, and it doesn't make since! All t.v. infomercials like that should be government, and BBB approved first, before going on the air!

8/27/2006 - Gary writes:
The main thing that "gullible America" has to learn is that there is no such thing as a "get rich quick" system, except for those who are offering them. Russ Dalbey's system is a perfect example of this kind of rip off. I called to order this system and thankfully inquired about the refund policy IN DETAIL. And as I had expected, the sales people were very ellusive about the important details, constantly trying to steer me away from this "attitude of failure". I got a phone number, though. And while I am still on the phone with them, I had my girlfriend call that number--she got a general voicemail message. So, before I committed to any money, I declined to participate. To my amazement, the sales person on the phone began to entice me with all kinds of "deals" in a very pushy manner. I realized that this was truly a scam system and hung up on the person. THEY CALLED ME BACK! How? Caller ID. The nerve! I threatened them with legal action if they continued to pursue me. Being shocked by this outlandish and severe scheming practice that Russ Dalbey concocted, I started looking for more evidence. The first and foremost is that EVERY SUCCESS STORY IS A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. They even state this in small lettering on the TV screen. And indeed it is correct, so unique in fact that the odds of you being able to do the same are almost as slim as winning the lottery. What they don't tell you is that most of these people are already sales professionals. IF this system were really true, a person like Russ Dalbey would hire his own team of people to work for him and do ALL of the business on his own, keeping this profit making business an exclusive secret. But this kind of business is a very hard sell--you have to be a highly skilled sales person to even have a chance at it. So Russ is taking the easy way out, by peddling this so called "easy money" system to the unsuspecting people of America. This man should be financially reprimanded for not properly disclosing the TRUE requirements (you have to be a very skilled sales person). I am very disappointed in the American "justice system" for allowing crooks like this to proliferate across our country stealing money from its citizens.

8/11/2006 - Laura writes:
Its as my Father always says," If its sounds too good to be true, it probably is...". Not the most original line but definitely TRUE. I just called today to order the cd version program after watching the infomercial for a few months now. I finally decided to take a risk and buy it; only because they touted 30 days money back garantee. After giving them my credit card number the male salesperson suddenly runs through the total and shipping fees. Which immediately set off my internal "being taken for a fool" alarm! I asked him to repeat the information to me again more slowly and he says delivery takes3-4 weeks and if I wanted express delivery it would only be an additional six dollars with change. Sounded good since usually infomercials charge a large fee for 5-6 business days. That was until he told me it didnt apply to non-continental U.S.territories. What got me was the REGULAR postal fee to Puerto Rico where I am from. Almost 40 dollars! Add the first installment fee of aprox. $39.95 and you have 79 dollars to pay! I asked him why so much for regular postal delivery? And he says thats their fee for-again- non-continental US territories. I was flabbergasted! 80 dollar?! What he didnt know is that I had previously worked for FedEx and the US Postal Service. So I know very well what the aprox shipping fees are for a small box with cd's in it. Including what UPS would charge. Obviously, their shipping charges are another way of scamming their customers. I told him my Bose System's s&H fees were cheaper than a box of cd's! I told him to cancel the order that I was no longer interested in buying their product and even less interested in paying exhorbitant shipping and handling fees! He wasnt to happy about it. Its time we the CONSUMERS take charge and show the infomercial bad eggs that they cant get away with all this. The people whom did lay down hundreds and thousands should most definitely come together and submit a class action...Good Luck!

8/4/2006 - Henry writes:
I purchsed Russ's Apprentice program for $1000 about 1 year ago. I was told i would have phone coaching, but when i got it, they said phone coaching would cost more money. I asked for a refund a week later and since i signed a contract, they refused. I filed with the BBB and they never followed up. Anyways i finally have accepted my loss, but i want to save people from this scam. I have heard of people losing many thousands. I just called ANN and they said my program was for only five months and i can't even access the worthless E-Books i payed $1000 for. Take care!!!!

6/14/2006 - Lee writes:
I paid for a five months business which I have not received, nor can I get any one tell how to get the coarse. I believe they have ripped me off for $3,000.00.

5/18/2006 - Zoris writes:
You are all right! I myself purchased the "good" program to help my family and I with extra cash. Unfortunately, I did everything but get extra cash. It was all a rip off. I saw the infomercial & called right away. It cost me $54.95. A few days later, I received a call from a "support" representative who told me everything I wanted to hear. He was very nice. YEAH FAKE. He got me. I threw $4933.17 away. Can you believe this. We all have to do something about this. We have to sue this people. It is unfair!! If anybody is interested in filing a sue against this guy let me know.

5/4/2006 - Ana writes:
My husband is always looking for that quick fix for our money problems and america's note network is just one of the many programs he has tried. I am so pissed off because he spend our saving $6000 on "coaching" which guarantied his money back. We live in California and he drove all the way to Denver, CO for the magical coaching which did NOTHING. They gave him a list of people he could call and ask if they had a note to sell and let him borrow their phone, that's it. $6000 for that??? 3 days doing that!!! calling people. No coaching, no teaching, no special tips or nothing. They told him... we are taking your fear from talking to strangers.... come on!!! these people should be sued, taking off the air, put in jail for taking advantage of people like my husband who are only trying to make a better life for their families.

2/8/2006 - Arnold writes:
I ordered the product. I was not looking for get rich quick... I am too old, and too smart for that... So when I listened to Russ.. I understood this was the real deal.  I had no doubt, no questions. I stopped the billing right away.. so I only lost $291 so far... oh, sure they offered me a coach... for $6,000 ... no thanks... they then suggested a coach of $4,000 that could ensure my return on investment....   don't think so...  then it was $2,000 and if I pay now they will give me the $4,000 coach for the $2,000 price.  I guess it was like a $4,000 coach 1/2 off sale. I decided on a refund... can't do it they said... I pointed out that I had the product less than 30 days (their magic number for no quesions refund).. you are right sir.. we will have a credit person call you back... No Call I called back.. again I want a refund... no sir.. now you are past the 30 days... I fought that and they caved-in.. they gave me a return number... and an address.  The package came back.. wrong address... smooth move. Now I am sending it back again with a threat of lawsuit....  I will keep you posted.

10/26/2005 - TJ writes:
I am a double MBA and sometimes I send for products out of curiosity and to see if they will work. I did this 4 times with 4 different products. My problem with RD's company is that I found a lot of info on notes on the Internet and determined that the course is not necessary if you are really interested in the business. I decided to cancel my order but they said it had already been shipped and that I would have to call them when I received it so they can assign me a number for authorized return. Then they said it would be 2-4 weeks before my $ was credited back to me. I have to pay for shipping it back too. I received it yesterday and opened it because I wanted to atleast look at the info. A lot of the recorded CD talks about how people don't know that they can sell their notes and tells you how to scalp to make a profit, i.e. you negotiate a low price with the seller and then get a higher price offered by the buyer (investor) whereas you keep the difference. Another thing you can offer is to accept a one month's note payment as your fee. Well, I know that most people want money now not later and I know some people probably view these methods as helping others, but I'm not sure I want to be preying on people in financial distress or in pre-foreclosure. My own idea is that if you really wanted to help them, you might want to offer to shop their note around for them directly to the investors, get them the best price on it that an investor is willing to pay, so that both the seller and buyer can benefit. You would take a one or two month note payment as your fee and get rich slower but have staying power and people's genuine appreciation. Of course maybe I am too idealistic hence I shouldn't be in the note business. I feel the business is not quite as simple as "find em, post em, and make money." There's a lot of competition and currently there are over 800 notes listed on ANN (), so if the network is so good at moving notes why are so many lanquishing there? It's not RD's fault that I bought the course and some people have had some success...in fact Don B. from Syracuse had great success and went from $80,000/year to a millionaire. He was in Auto sales previously though and I feel maybe he had a network of connections already established, which is not to detract from his success, just saying he wasn't some small fry in dire need of fast cashflow. For the average person though unless you are a great networker or have connections and some money to market with, it will be more effort than people brokering who need cashflow now can likely endure. There are a lot of backend products offered to help you grow your business but I don't know if they are all that effective. This is just my opinion as a double MBA in Marketing and Project Management. I definitely am pro-microbusiness and entrepreneur and don't think you need a high-falutin' degree to be a success. I am just telling it as I see it. I hope it helps. Russ seems like a nice enough fella and his Olympics cyclist background makes him a natural for success in business. People love a winner! But, he was a stock broker before he entered the notes business so I am presuming he had money to invest and market with when he made the change. He also had an un-named mentor to help him along.

8/22/2005 - Derek writes:
i bought the network and spent 1800 dollars on it and the program did not work i read all of the books and did the school thing for 300 more dollars and it got me no were all i wanted is to buy my wife a wedding ring because i only make 9.00 an hour so i took a chance with money i have been saving for 1 year to buy a ring and spent it on this p.o.s. network crap to get her a better ring and i got bent over on this shit i hope no body buys this program because it is a scam from hell so now i cant aford the ring i wanted to give to her so thanks alot russ you p.o.s. asshole...... 

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