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Russ Dalbey - Winning in the Cash Flow Business Complaints
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2/13/2007 - Linda writes:
I received the package, the calls before I received it to upgrade. I went over everything and did the homework... the calls did not stop. With that I decided they were too push, so I returned everything before the end of the trial period. I received confirmation that it had been recieved and the name that had signed for the package. That was over a month ago. I have yet to receive my refund. I spoke with them today and was told it will be issued within 5 business days. I will keep this site posted as to their adherence to the scheduled refund. Simply, DO NOT GET INVOLVED!

2/9/2007 - Franklin writes:
hi i got suckered into trying a new business cash flow.well i felt like this wasn,t for real but i had already charged for the scam 134.00. It really makes me mad to have something like that pulled on me as well as many others. Some legal charges should be brought to a scam ring like that.I had to have my credit card changed so they couldn,t rip me off.

1/31/2007 - Jackie writes:
If it smells like crap, sounds like crap, and looks like crap, "Guess what?" Yep, It's crap! I agree with many of the other individuals who have tried this program. The sales people will call you 10 times a day to try to get more money out of you, claiming that "You are among the chosen ones hand picked... blah, blah, blah. I did try to list two notes that I found on my own just to see what happened. I got one bogus response, and the other note was never even answered or listed on the website. The customer service people are so incredibly ignorant, and down right rude when you ask them to help yopu understand the technicalities of the program. I feel pretty stupid having wasted 159.00, but at least that was all! DO NOT waste your money!

1/31/2007 - Paul writes:
I tried the product . My wife saw the commercial on TV and she really wanted us to try it. Sounded very good and quite easy, so we bought the package. I have a boss who has a super good note he's holding. So I posted it on the Dalbeys special site for notes to find an investor. The note could not be ignored. I really expected many, many calls on it , particularly on a national scale. Note for 750000$, 3775 $ a month, 22 payments without problem, ballon payment after 7 years and the property over which the Esso station is located surely underevaluated, no tie to another loaner... I had no, and I say absolutely NO one answer at all. All we got is a lot of offers from the cie to help us in our struggles!! More money needed to be spent! Don't fall for this . This is a scam.

1/22/2007 - Patty writes:
the infomercial said you could make money in 30 days. i got phone call after phone call on getting the proteque program. yep like a dummy i paid 1695.00 dollars for this course and all it has done is send me so called lessons that i have learned nothing from. i purchased their 500 leads for 39.99 or 95 heck i don't remember the cents just all the dollars i have spent to not even get a nibble. then i keep getting all these wonderful emails about these wonderful seminars that cost 4,000.00 dollars for two days. the cost of post cards the time spent at the court house, the time spent day after day wishing and hopeing for just a little nibble so i could make one so called deal and get my 1695.00 back (considering it was my whole savings account.) well here it is almost four months later and i'm not any richer and i have spent a chunk of money doing all the little stuff they tell me to so i can be more successful. what a crock or crap. you only sucessfully delete your bank account

1/11/2007 - Sharie writes:
I was impressed by the chance to start a legitimate home business; by Gary Collins; by the "helpfulness" and honest portrayal that was presented, and the opportunity itself seemed very doable. So, I bit and began the 30-day free trial spending 3 weeks thoroughly going over all the materials. (which BTW arrived 3 weeks sooner then I had agreed - via EXPENSIVE FedEx!) I was convinced I would be able to pull this off as I have sales, legal and real estate background; and with 4 days left of my trial period, I matter-of-factly did my due diligence on the internet. I wish I had started there! I spent 2 hours reading all the horror stories of the myriad of ways this "opportunity" has stung it's victims. Stunned, I checked in with the BBB in Colorado and found Russ Dalbey is not only NOT a member, but there are (as of this writing) 296 complaints against him, 172 of which are from 2006, alone, and 34 remain unresolved! This guy really had me fooled! That's when I woke up to the fact that Russ Dalbey is an unsrupulous business person - judging solely from the internet reports and the BBB; and though he offers a legitimate business opportunity, I knew I couldn't afford to screw up my own perfect reputation by having him and/or ANN with their unscrupulous business practices as MY BUSINESS PARTNER! I could just picture getting stuck in the clinches of a deal, depending on him for help, and having "Goofey" either answer, or not answer the phone -- and I'd loose the deal be screwed by these "Goofey-like" idiots. Like everyone else, I too was hustled after only 10 days of free trial into buy the coaching package (via telephone) but dusted them off. Many were not so lucky and have lost thousands of dollars for nothing much in return! I was especially swayed against Dalbey when the BBB's phone report told me that "buying and selling is at your own expense" Gee, no one disclosed that important little PIVOTAL tid-bit of information!! When I combined my own experience with them, their distinct lack of professionality, the unreturned phone calls, the wrong name when they did return them, the lack of mention of the detailed message I had left; the complete ignorance of the people on the other end of the phone -- except for making the sale, of course, I knew it was curtains for this "business opportunity"! LESSON: Do "due diligence" first!

1/9/2007 - Melissa writes:
When I bought the initial program, I was very enthusiastic and anxious to get started. I would visited the chat rooms and found the knowledgeable ones who boasted on their merits. Some had no clue. One fellow closed a deal and ended up paying the processing fee. This was an oversight on his part because he failed to issue a release from all costs. After studying the documents inside and out, I came to the conclusion that this practice was very unethical and misleading. We just bought a home and I wouldn't want anyone trying to steal the roof from over our heads. This program is centered around first time home owners with at least two years invested. I found that the program is about filling a home owners need or want by offering a second mortgage, which is actually a lien against the property. The first time home buyers are obliged to sign their property over as collateral and a form that notifies their mortgage company of the second mortgage. This authorization allows their initial mortgage company to release information to the second mortgagor. The terms are that these victims pay the second mortgager who will in turn pay off the first mortgage. This is the slammer, any late or missed payments will immediately cause the property to go into foreclosure without any recourse on the behalf of the first-time hime owners. After gaining the property it is then sold to a buyer for the remaining balance. What first-time home owners need to under is, the second mortgage is actually a home owners loan that is based on your escrow account. I didn't buy into the program, once I understood what was being done to first-time home owners. Additionally, as the negotiator, you are at risk of losing your property should you be sued; which is why some have started businesses that are Inc., Ltd, or PLL. By the way, a BC12 calculator was required to compute financed charges and such. It is known by some to be a realtor's calulator. I hope that all first-time home buyers will beware of this scam and others like them. What is offered as a last resort is handled better by your own mortgagerp or bank. Banks do second mortgages all the time. It takes about two years for first-time owners to accumulate a liable escrow. Plus scammers always prey on the not so knowledgeble ones and look to recruit the greedy ones. I try to live a humble life, so greed was not my motivator. I was only seeking an honest income that I could gain by working from home.

1/6/2007 - Colton writes:
ok so i am a seller of this product. when we are trained to take the calls for this programn we are given very little information on..so i start researching it...its a complete scam dont by it

1/5/2007 - Russell writes:
These people never stop calling me! I bought the $99 manuals from the website and then after I received them, I got hounded day and night from Dalbey's people. First PMI company called me and tried to get me to wire $6200 ASAP to get into their special "training" program. Then a few weeks later I get a call from the corporate office of Russ Dalbey where they talk about how PMI is bad and their training program is better, blah blah. Of course they have three levels, the best level of training is $10,000, the second level is $6,000 and the regular level is $3,000. They try to convince me that $3,000 isn't a lot of money and it won't take food off the table if I am an investor already (which I am). It still is a lot of money and I must have spend 2 hours listening to their BS about why it is a good program and I will fail if I don't buy it. If Russ Dalbey is so rich and successful then why does he need to hire people to sell training programs? I was almost arguing with the "top mentor" after I kept saying no. I said I need to at least think about it and he said the program is only available now and that I would say no anyways if I thought about it. Such money hungry people.

12/27/2006 - Brent writes:
I ordered the russ dalbey program through the mail. I recieved it and read through it carefully. In my opinion it is used to confuse you so that you spend more money on more information. Today i got a phone call from one of his salesmen and he started in with all this BS. I felt like i was in the boiler room movie. At the end of the conversation he wanted 750.00 dollars to put me in a program and made it sound like he was doing me a favor. This salesman didnt even know anything about the cash flow business. Next time he calls i will cuss him out. His name was tim dodge at extension #6754 at (800) 860-4900. I do not recommend purchasing this program and i am glad i found out this was a scam before i spent anymore money or time on it. I think that 60 minutes should do a report on russ.

12/23/2006 - Anonomous writes:
Winning In The Cash Flow Business I have been in the program and I have spent over $10,000 on the winning in the cash flow business program. I got the Protege program and the Master marketing program and the Russ Dalbey Boot camp. I just found out that all of the tools that I paid for in these programs will disappear as soon as the programs run out. Let me explain. I paid for the Protege program with the news letter and the web site. The website is really cool it works well. I put a great deal of time into marketing this site only to find out that after the Protege Program is over ( in about 2 months ) I will loose access to the site. Also the email account that goes with it will be gone ( and It doesn't work half of the time ). And to make matters worse, I and about 20 others just finished a program which involved flying out to the headquarters in Westminster Colorado to a program called Boot Camp. It was a two day program that involved basic telemarketing techniques for following up on leads that were generated by them. Most of the leads that we worked from were already pissed off because they have had so many calls about their notes, and didn't want to be bothered anymore. Some of them were receptive but none of the ones that I talked to turned into deals. As a part of the sales pitch to get Boot Camp attendees, was to say that they would guarrantee that we would have deals in the works before we left Boot Camp. What they must have meant by that was that we would have note analysis work sheets filled out. To me that does not constitute a lead.This was $6,000 So I have been bustin my ass to get this business going, only to find out yesterday that after the Protege Program is over, I loose the website, the e-mail account, and and have to start all over again if I want to make this work. Now, I don't know about you, but I think that is unfair. I did a little research and foud out that I could have a website created and hosted for about $250 per year. and that is a very good site with all types of promo. The templates are adjustable to your needs and you control everything. Mann! What a rip-off this was! If I learned anything, it would be that before I ever do anything again from a TV info-mercial Please shoot me! I will give this to the program however, I am able, now to make my own contacts and I think I can use the knowledge of the note business to creat a viable business. I don't believe that all of the money I spent on this was good for my family or worth the pain of finding out that this whole thing was a scam to milk my line of credit account for funds to the tune of over ten grand. Pissed off Bill

11/27/2006 - Johnathan writes:
When I First Saw Russ Dalbey On TV,He Made It Sound Easy,So I Received His Information Through Postal Mail And I Ordered It.When I Got The Package I Started Marketing And No Results.I've Been Doing The Note Business For 2 Years.I Have Not Made A Dime Using His System.There Are So Many Get-Rich-Quick-Systems That Will Take Your Money.The Truth Is If It Sound's To Good To Be True It Usually Is,I've Never Met Anyone Who's Gotten Rich-Quick.If Your Interested In Making Money Avoid Home-Based Business's That You See On Television Start Investing Your Money In Real Estate,Now Carleton Sheets Course Works It Is Not A Scam But You Have To Know What Your Doing.

10/26/2006 - Danille writes:
I tried his crappy program also just trying to see what is the difference between these cheap and cheesy infomercial real estate courses and some of the more expensive ones and boy was i shocked to learn that you get what you pay for. this program was a complete waste of time. if anybody wants some good ron legrand, john burley, lou brown, robyn thompson courses e-mail me []

9/13/2006 - Deborah writes:
I was told my information package about the program, and not the program itself, would only cost me $10.99 plus postage and handling, but I found that I have a pending transaction where Dalbey is going to take $67 out of my checking account tomorrow morning. I have to dispute the transaction on time or lose the money.

9/12/2006 - Mary writes:
My husband ordered this product thinking I could do it and we could make enought to pay off some of our bills. I watched the video and read through the first book. He bought me three books. I thought that this would be easy. Boy was I wrong. They kept calling him adn wanted to talk about hwo by spending this much money , we could get the help needed to make money. Then they would call me and talk to me and try to do a conference call with me and my husband, on our cell phones. They wanted me to join the elite group for about $1500- $2000. I kept telling them I do not have the money to join. I did what they suggested, in April. I went to the court house, spent time infront of the computer trying to find notes. I sent out post cards. Go nothing in return. By now it is past the 30 days. I tired again just recently and all I got was a woman who was very upset that I would send out a post card with private information on it. This is a waste of time and because it is past our 30 days I am stuck with it. The phone calls did stop, but it is frustrating. I wish I could have looked at these sites before my husband ordered it. I would have told him not to waste his time or money. Is it possible to try and send it back, or is it something I am now stuck with and should just use as kindling?

9/5/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I was also conned into this scam. At first they bombarded me with tons of other extra offers which required more money. I said if the program works without the extras why would I need them? The representative's answer to that was that I could make more money investing in the extras. I stuck to my guns and declined the extras. The package came on time but upon review of the material it was immediately apparent to me that this was a complete scam. They say all you have to do is post some info on the internet but that is bs. It is a whole LOT more involved then that. You have to call people like a telemarketer and bs. They never said that on the infomercial. The information they give you is totally misleading and confusing. They never spell out clearly how to go about doing it. It is clearly meant to confuse the reader into thinking they need to purchase more "extras" to succeed. I immediately called to return the package within a week of recieving it. I had better get my money refunded. Don't waste your money on any shit off the tv. It is all waste of money.

8/27/2006 - Anonymous writes:
THIS GUY IS A RIP OFF JOCKEY! I feel Like Slappin this son of a -----upside his balding head!!! He tries to sell you his $#!^, but then never stops with the frucking calls, e-mails, etc. The god [email protected]^* program doesnt even work for christs sake! I am warning you all, DO NOTBUY THIS PRODUCT, IT'S THE BIGGEST RIP-OFF SINCE FRIGGIN ENRON!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

8/17/2006 - Nick writes:
I just want to get off his email list. I get at least ten emails per day from this joker and have never inquired about his stupid "product." All emails come from a different place so it does no good to block the address or the domain. Don't buy from this spammer. He should be locked up or charged a penny for each email he sends. I heard that his address is in Colorado. Does anyone know his address?

7/29/2006 - Anonymous writes:
Ordered the Winning in the Cash Flow Business for the same reasons that everyone orders - an opportunity to make additional money on the side until I could switch and become self-employed. Advertisements promised unlimited wealth. My guy reviewed the product and said it was worthless. I repackaged it and made the necessary phone calls. By this time I had only a few days before my 30 trial period expired. I paid Fed Ex almost $50 to have it delivered before the end of my 30 days. I ordered on April 11, 2006. I shipped back at excessive personal cost before the end of my 30 days. I haven't heard a word or received a refund since then. Now I have no information or method of contacting this group of scam artists!! Does anyone have a number I can call? I will contact my credit card company during business hours. In the meantime, I am out over $250 for NOTHING!!! Do not purchase this business opportunity. You could easily start your own cash flow company by doing some library research. It's possible that I will never see my money again. I figured losing $50 in shipping was better than losing $200 for the program. Now I'm out $250. If they cared about their customers at all, they wouldn't deal with us like this. They are dishonest, they misrepresent their product and they are ONLY interested in taking YOUR hard earned money. The only people making money on this scam are the people who take your money and make it almost impossible to back out and then blame the you for not meeting the details of the agreement. This is no way to run a business. I am glad I found this forum. I guess I am a natural born sucker for some of these ads. The truth is, I suffer from health problems that make it very difficult for me to work a regular job. Then I see an opportunity like this and I hear the testimonials - work 2 hours a day and make thousands, and I go for it like an idiot. I FINALLY have a place to review the experience of other "victims" before I make that phone call and throw my hard earned money to the wind again. I hope you listen - I'm just like you. A normal person who wants a little bit more security in my life. Instead, I got ripped off again!

7/14/2006 - Anonymous writes:
This is a TOTAL scam! I ordered this package after a few months of being unemployed and broke. I figured if I reviewed this package and didn't like what I was dealing with I could return it for a full refund less s&h!! So what happens after two weeks? I called them to return and they gave me the run around. Then finally I was able to talk to their "manager" and they assured me that I would have a whole month to review it again and gave me "free leads" and a "website". Let me tell you, I can create a website like that since it was worthless anyways. The leads were worthless and it's not even user friendly at all. So I called on the day they told me I had to return by, which by the way they are SO hard to get ahold of unless you have nothing to do but sit on your butt all day, and they gave me attitude about returning it. They told me that I had to RETURN it the same day with it post marked or else there woudl be no refund issued. So a month later I still receive no refund and I ask them. They try to get me to contact their 888 number which I told them I couldn't. So after more excuses they tell me that I am not eligible for a refund because I returned it AFTER the 30 day allowance! What complete nonsense they are so full of it. Now I have to call and dispute this transaction through my credit card. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS, THEY ARE JUST SCAMMING YOU! I wish I had done some research prior to trying this out. Had I read the reviews submitted by other victims of this scam I would have stayed away.

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