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Shark Steam Blaster Complaints
Total Complaints: 4
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9/2/2006 - Mike writes:
We bought one as chemical-free way to clean up messes, while we were expecting our baby. It only produces several seconds of steam per heat cycle, and it is waste of laundry if you use white towels to gather er the mess. It does not even take wrinkles out of clothes or sheer curtains...

7/1/2006 - Kelli writes:
I borrowed my mother's steamer. The unit was not easy to use and produced steam for only a short time before having to be refilled. It did not clean as they showed it would. In fact, the only use I found for it was steaming drapes.

3/23/2006 - Jim writes:
Unfortunately, the Silver Shark Steamer I purchased, I did not try to use for several months.  Just forgot that I had it. I placed water in it an got the steam build up and started to "blast away" - lots of steam but it did not cut into soap scum or black midew or anything - just alot of steam and noise. I realized I just spent alot of money on a cool looking new machine but it is a toy.

12/17/2005 - Tim writes:
I saw the ad on tv and sent away for the product, what a JOKE!!. This thing takes 10- 15 minutes to heat up then you have about 2-3 SECONDS of effective steam then the light comes back on and you wait some more.It doesn't hold much water, it's noisey, and works nothing like their add says. So take my advise people stay away from this product!! 

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