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Shed Ender Complaints
Total Complaints: 6
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3/22/2007 - Connie writes:
I ordered this product over a month ago (wish I had checked for complaints before). I called last week to see why I have not received it, and the less-than-pleasant sales person said I needed to email her my confirmation, since the order number means nothing to them (??). I sent the email but a week later had still heard nothing. I called customer service today, and the second less-than-pleasant salesperson said I had to give her my credit card number, since my zip code wasn't coming up! I refused, saying this company's procedures are bizarre and suspicious, and I demanded to speak to a mangager. She informed me she is a manager and that's the way they do things. She said she would ask the salesperson who asked for the email why she had me do this as soon as the girl came back from the restroom - very professional. I said forget it and tried to call another customer service number, only to get the same "manager" I had just had an unpleasant discussion with. I'm sure the emails go to the same place. I can only hope they screwed up my order and I never get the piece of junk. So far I have not been charged for it. I will never order from Ontel again. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!

2/12/2007 - Nicole writes:
I never recieved the product! I gave my credit card number and everything. It's been 4 months! I wish I had of never given out my information.

12/19/2006 - Diane writes:
I purchased this product at my local store. It didn't work at all. I used it on both my cats. No loose hair came off the comb at all like the product states. I would never recommend this product to anyone.

10/27/2006 - Aliah writes:
DO NOT buy this product. SAVE your money. It is a comb that doesn't take ALL the hairs from your pets to prevent shedding. My experiences has NOT been good and found this product to be a total waste of my money.

10/12/2006 - Sharon writes:
Big rip off.I have 2 shedding dogs.Believe me it's a piece of junk. It doesn't do anything. It's like a short toothed comb. I have no idea how it's a shredder.

9/18/2006 - Patricia writes:
I purchased the shedender on August the 21st and have since used it 3 times. The last time, 5 teeth had broken of the comb. I called the customer service people, and they said that I would have to return the product, with shipping and Handling being my cost, and send them another check for over $11 to ship me a new one. The company is called Ontel, and they do not stand behind their products, and customer service is terrible. I am sending my shedender back to them, and they can keep it. I will tell everyone I know not to deal with Ontel, and don't buy the shedender. Broke the first week.

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