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Sheer Cover Complaints
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2/12/2007 - Anne writes:
When I called to order a TRIAL shipment of this product, I specifically stated that I did not want to enroll in subsequent automatic shipments. But I just received a 2nd delivery and a bill which had already been partially charged to my Amex. I called and was told that I had to mail product back (at my expense,) and that it would take 6 weeks for my account to be credited--WHY? What a scam!! Why is this legal?

2/9/2007 - Norma writes:
Got a trial, then they send repeated shipments which were not ordered. Their website did not take instruction s and they do not list a phone number. This is a crude, rediculous way to do business. Tried to cancel, and they won't take my e-mail. "Contact us" seems rigged to not "submit." What a bummer program from my perspective.

2/6/2007 - Bobbi writes:
I ordered this product a few months ago over the phone. I have not recieved it, but then again my credit card wasn't charged so no harm there. I just think their customer service stinks if they don't bother to process orders.

2/6/2007 - Chris writes:
I NEVER enrolled in this monthly program. I simply paid for a trial. Suddenly I started receiving shipments and called to cancel something I DID NOT ORDER. I was told to mail it back and get insurance. I said I was going to REFUSE IT since I did not order it. I was told by Sheer Cover that "the post office just puts those packages in a warehouse and you will still be responsible for payment." THAT IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE. They just don't want to pay for return shipment for their SCAMS. My story is the same as everyone else's but I'M NOT going to let up. This company uses unethical business practice to sell a crappy product. LiZA Gibbons should be ashamed.

2/3/2007 - Angela writes:
All I have to say is Wow! I cannot believe that this company is continuously getting away with such disgusting behavior. I will make this short and sweet- mostly because everyone else's story is exactly like mine!!! Leeza (come on- your name is Lisa) Gibbons should be so ashamed of herself. She has to know how incredibly awful this company is. I guess it shouldn't surprise me, though. Please- ladies- do not give up. This company is ridiculous and unbelievable! None of us are idiots. We simply wanted to look good. No matter what anyone says, I have NEVER encountered any problems with Bare Encentuals. In fact, no other company has treated me like this. I cannot say this enough- LISA- stop using your face to endorse such ugliness...

1/31/2007 - Pam writes:
Horrible, horrible company. I have spent one whole year trying to cancel. I've packed everything up, but never saw any refund. My understanding of mail order items is that if you cancel but they send it anyway, you are under no obligation to pay for it. I have sent emails and packed up each and every box they've sent. I am getting ready to cancel my credit card to protect my finances. My personal experience was that the sample kit had good make-up in it, but when the next box arrived, it was not the same stuff. It really wasn't. I tried to cancel then, but as everyone here knows, they just keep billing every month. These are some wicked people in this organization. Never, ever purchase this crummy product or they will be after you forever!

1/29/2007 - Jamie writes:
I ordered Sheer Cover on a whim to try it out. I didn't sign up for their monthly subscriptions. But about a moth anda half after i the first set came i saw an unauthorized charge on my account not for the original 29.99 but for 37$. I e-mailed but received no response. It is nearly impossible to find a customer service number on their website. The company still hasn't refunded my money and have since charged my account again. I am EXTREMELY DISATISFIED with sheer cover and will never order again.

1/26/2007 - Kathy writes:
I bought Sheer Cover but told the operator who took my order that I did not want to be placed on an automatic shipping order. They ignored me. Even though i callled and complained, they still sent more products. I paid for the first two shipments, and , as I was instructed, I returned the third shipment. However, Sheer Coverage claims I have not returned the products so they have turned my bill over to a collections agency. This company is a fraud. The product accentuates wrinkles; they make money by ripping people off.

1/25/2007 - Susana writes:
This is by far a horrible product. First of all it is NOTHING!! Like they make it out on television the make up is of very poor quality. I was very disatisfied and called to cancel right away since then I have been charged FOUR TIMES on my credit card for a product I have not even received. I have been holding on my phone for 30 minutes to speak to some one about getting my money refunded. Please stay AWAY!! From this horible product.

1/19/2007 - Junie writes:
Sheer Cover has the worst customer service I've encountered. I ordered this product in an effort to stop using liquid foundation. It did not work as promised, so I tried to cancel. The customer rep. basically tried to pressure me into staying with the CLUB. I told him no, thank you, and to cancel my order. That was in April 2006. January 18, 2007, I received a package from Sheer Cover. I returned it immediately and wrote on the sides Return and Cancel. If that doesn't work, I'll have to try and call them and cancel that specific credit card. Very Bad business practice.

1/17/2007 - Gail writes:
Makeup was mailed to my residence during a serious health problem in my family.I did not order this makeup.Started receiving bills for it.After family member died, I had time to mail back the two kits, which were unopened to Guthy Renker.I still received bills for makeup. I have called them, emailed and written. Can't get through to them. Now, they have turned me over to a collection agency for $37.90. In my phone conversation with these people,they tried to tell me I had ordered from them before and charged to my Visa card.I told them I had never had a Visa card. Only a Master Card from when my husband was working with a union.They wanted that number. I told them NO WAY!! I am really upset that I've been turned over to an agency about a bill I did not incur and have attempted to explain to these people and they do not care. It might not do any good whatsoever, but I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau this morning.If this were the best makeup in the world and made me look 16 again, I would not purchase it simply because of this company's integrity. They don't even try to listen.

1/11/2007 - Christine writes:
I ordered sheer cover back in 8/06 and decided I did not like it, I returned the package and cancelled by customer service the order. It took over 3 months for my account to be credited. Since then, they have charged my credit card 3 different times for the monthly order even though I have cancelled 3 times, both written and verbally. Today I find out they charged my account yet again and this time my account is overdrawn and have cost me more money...... I am calling yet again, cancelling my credit card and contacting the BBB and the attorney general.

1/10/2007 - Anonymous writes:
I ordered Sheer Cover at the beginning of 2006. I actually liked the mineral foundation and the brushes so I decided to budget the $29.95 per month for one year. However at the end of December when I added it all up I discovered they were charging my account 5-7 days earlier every month, so that they managed to charge me 13 times instead of 12 times for the entire year. This practice is not only ethically wrong-- it's also legally indefensable since in every format-- TV, website, phone and on the invoice, they advertise the club being $29.95 per month. I am requesting a refund for the last charge, and have also filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office as well as the BBB. I have to say however, they were very clear on the phone about the auto-shipment policy, i.e. the onus is on the consumer to cancel their account if they don't want to get shipments after the introductory package. Don't get me wrong-- Sheer Cover is a bad company trying to rip people off, but they're also counting on consumers to not be careful when they place their orders. My advice is 1. Always take notes when you call and keep a log of all calls. 2. Record calls if they are not following through (you have to tell them and obtain their consent first) 3. Follow up with written corespondence and keep a copy. 4. Report the charge to your credit card company and include copies of your supporting documentation.

1/3/2007 - Tarra writes:
I placed an order with sheer cover and enrolled in the home delivery service. I tried the product and wanted to cancel because it made me break out in huge bumps. On the day I emailed them to cancel my order (because you can't find a customer service number anywhere on the site) my bank account was charged $97.00. I wanted to obtain the address to return the product to them because of the 60 day money back guarantee. I finally located the number on this scam website and called. They said my order was due to be shipped today that is why my account was charged. I now have to wait for the order to reach my house and pay shipping and handling to return the original product I ordered plus the amount to ship back the order they just sent. I will not be able to get my money credited back until they recieve all of the products back. This is ridiculous. I find it a coincidence on the day that I email customer service all of a sudden my account was charged. This is the first and last time I order anything from an infomercial.

12/28/2006 - Roni writes:
sheer cover is a huge scam/waste of money when I called the 1800 number I was bombarded with other offers wats more THE PRODUCT IS CRAP it has the same results of makeup at the local drugstore. And when I tried to send it back they still kept on charging monthley fees to my credit card "STAY AWAY"

12/14/2006 - Jennifer writes:
I'm glad I'm not the only one this has happend to! I also didn't like the product and returned it. They kept charging my account and sending me more products. After the third order came to my house I emailed customer service about the situation. They said they hadn't received my second return and couldn't give me my money back. They said they needed proof of receipt. Once they received my proof of receipt, they would issue a credit, less shipping and handling. Luckily, I shipped it out from my office using Speedy Delivery Service and I was able to get a signed confirmation that they had received my returned order. Also, because the only address Sheer Cover gives out is a PO Box and UPS doesn't deliver to PO Boxes I got a different address mailing address (see it below). I mailed Sheer Cover the proof of delivery, my email to and the response from Customer Service, and a letter from me sighting all the dates and charges to my account. About a week later, I got a phone call from Sheer Cover saying they got my letter, my account was closed and I would be reimbursed $87.89. I was so happy to be rid of them! (or so I thought) A few days ago, I got ANOTHER box of products! For crying out loud... I haven't been charged yet, so that's a good thing. I'm afraid to return it and I'm afraid to throw it away! Either way I might be screwed. Anyway, below is the fax number, 1-800 number and alternate mailing address. My advice is if you want your orders to be tracked use UPS and ship to the alternate address and get a tracking code or if you ship using US Postal Service ask for Delivery Confirmation service. You can also send it certified mail and get a tracking number that way too. ALTERNATE MAILING ADDRESS:
Sheer Cover 3600 Army Post Rd-East Des Moines, Iowa 50321 FAX (515)237-4469 CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-800-506-6281

11/29/2006 - Barbara writes:
I am right in the middle of the same scam and am frustrated.Is there anyone out there who has been able to solve the problem? Can you share so that I can stop this mess? Barb

11/14/2006 - Pamela writes:
I ordered SHEER COVER makeup via the phone. I received the product and tried it. Then I noticed an unauthorized charge against my account. I called SHEER COVER and even though the "revolving order" makeup (which was not authorized by me) had not shipped yet...they were unable to cancel the order. They have since charged my checking account three times...and caused (1) NSF. Now they are telling me it takes 4-6 weeks before I will receive a credit. This is totally a bogus company. That cannot continue with this type of business practices.

11/14/2006 - Kara writes:
I have had the same problem. I had ordered the product 2005. Canceled the auto-ship, and future shipments in February 2006...and still am having problems with the billing. Yes, it is very hard to have it corrected, not to mention the credit problems with your credit card company! The Customer service staff is very rude, and argumentative with you when calling. Poor service

11/13/2006 - Deb writes:
I had the same problem as everyone is reporting. Ordered sheer cover, didn't like it. Then more shipments came. when I called to cancel I got some idiot who found it funny and was laughing at me. I had to call back and still dealt with rude obnoxious people. Finally I got a supervisor and he cancelled auto shipment. I hope Leeza Gibbons knows what kind of product and company she is selling for.

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