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Ronco Showtime Six Star Knife Complaints
Total Complaints: 17
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2/27/2007 - Eric writes:
I have a set of knives that I love, they are sharp, hold and edge, stay shiny and work great. I got the block and it is excellent. My girlfriend's aunt has a set and they are terrific also. However.. my girlfriend's father bought the same set and we are all completely dissapointed in them. Every one of the straight edge knives are dull as the when delivered from Ronco. It is impossible to cut with them. I have tried to sharpen them on a 3 sided stone but they don't seem to hold an edge. If I look at these vs mine even the finish and blade style looks different. I am trying to contact Ronco now but have had no response from them.

2/24/2007 - Will writes:
We bought the product thinking they were great knives. The cheese knife worked better as a chef knife then as a cheese knife. The knives were poorly made, the handles were falling off. They are definitely not DISHWASHER SAFE they are getting rust spots on them and when I called to get a new set of knives we were told that we are not in there records of ever purchasing from ronco! I will never buy anything from them again!!

1/31/2007 - Eddie writes:
All what you are going to read on this web site is absolutly true! I have had the same experience with Ronco,Inc. From the ridiculous non-refundable fees, to the same named people you get everytime you call, it is all a lie, a joke and a scam. There should be a law protecting consumers from; for lack of a better word, getting screwed!!!!!! DO NOT BY RONCO

1/17/2007 - Tony writes:
Well, we should have known that any deal that sounds too good to be true, probably is. The "Showtime" knives, Ronco and Millionaire Mr. Ron Popeil all have one thing in common........they are all of very low quality. The knives which are "made in China" are low quality and very cheaply made. Clearly a misrepresentation as Mr. Ron Popeil & Ronco clearly give you the impression these knives are worth nearly $900. We should all know by now that when shipping charges are almost equal to or exceed the purchase price that all spells SCAM. It's simply a deceitful tactic to profit even more on the shipping charges which of course are non-refundable. The only thing we can possibly do is to tell everyone we know not to do business with Ronco or buy any of their products. Write a letter to as many newspapers as you can also describing your experience and your impression of the inferiour products and other deceitful tactics. Try also reporting this to your States Attorney General's Office which usually has a Consumer Protection Divison. Maybe someday if we all don't just lay down, we'll see some state or Fed's going after Ronco for their deceptive tactics towards consumers. Mr. Ron Popeil, you should be very proud of yourself how you have made your wealth at the sacrafice of your fellow man. We all eventually answer to a higher authority and certainly your day will come as you deserve.

1/2/2007 - Joann writes:
my husband wanted the knives from the infomercial.against my better judgement I said ok. During the conversation to purchase the product-and being pushed to purchase other items-I asked about purchasing a block-1-. the knives were to be 3 payments of 13.33 My husband wanted a block so I asked the woman if a block was available and she told me it had to be purchased seperatly. Well my husband wants a block so i precede to tell her that i want to order the block with the knives and if I buy them together @$4O. FOR THE BLOCK and the the first payment of the knives-what would be the first charge to my bank. So I am told that the 1st payment would be $56 and some odd cents for the 1st payment with 2 remaining payments of 13.33. time has passed -no block-customer service informs me (a foriegner) that the 56dollar payment was for shipping and hand. Again I hear repeatedly that I have to buy the block seperatly. Explaining that I was led to believe that was what I was doing -i keep hearing about these shipping charges. Well I did not want to buy the knives in the first place -my husband did- and he and I both know that I would never agree to pay more for the shipping than for the the product. that is just obserd. Customer service was supposed to resolve this with either a direct shipment of a block after review of our taped conversation of the original purchase or a tele call to let me know that the review of the call was not satisfactory and no block.Well needless to say niether has happened and I did send an email to to try again.I will call the bank now and stop any future trans.on my account till this is resolved.

12/11/2006 - Daniel writes:
Well I'm sitting on hold waiting for someone to answer the ding darn phone at this time. According to the recording, they are open now... So what happened? Well I never should have listened when my mom asked for these knives as a "side" xmas gift. I diligently ordered them like any good son, and never was shown any information about shipping and handling... I clicked to go to the next screen expecting shipping options etc... Nope... $34 knives, etc. and almost $60 in shipping... Well screw this I thought, where is the cancel button... oops too late. Well aparently they don't even like to take orders because I'm calling the order line too... I have sent them an email hoping for a reply, nada... All I want is to cancel my order before I'm charged... I will be calling my bank in the morning to try and stop payment... DO NOT do busness with these scum sucker ripoff artists! I am also going to see if I can report em to the BBB, like that will do any good.

12/8/2006 - Bo writes:
I have a set of knives with the block and have been pleased with them. I ordered the buy one get one free deal on TV along with the 40 piece flatware set for Christmas gifts-$60.00 total. I was billed $120.00 on my credit card and, when I called, I was told that there was a $50.00 plus shipping and handling charge and if I returned them i would still have to pay s&h. I like the knives and would rather pay a little more for them than get totally screwed with this bogus s&h charge. Buyers Beware!!

11/16/2006 - Victor writes:
i order the 23 knife set in 05 setp 06 i waited for 5 weeks and call i was told it was been send i call back in oct still was at shipping point will get soon call back to cancel they told call back on monday and i did on 08 nov 06 i call again she the sales operator my order was lost at but she will reset order and send next week i call back on 15 nov was told i should take about 4 to 6 weeeks i told them i want a tracking number she could not help because it takes weeks to get that i got transfer to a supervisor brian so i cancancel my order he said he will piut a request to stop shipment if item do to is was been ship i requested a tracking number he could not give that i requested a refund he said after a request to stop shipment comes back and the item has not been send he maybe able to put a request for refund but i will have to pay for shipement and handling, i think they send the item only after you have call this is criminal they are making lots of money by not sendingthe items out and charging for shipement and handling i just want my money back i will never by over the phone lesson learn ronco corp is a scam

10/17/2006 - Kelli writes:
Purchased the buy one get one free set of knives and the wood block advertised for 59.99. When the bill came in it was for 125.24. When I called customer service to ask about the charge on my credit card I was told that the 65.25 was s/h charges. When I complained that the sales rep did not disclose the the s/h charges they said they would review the tape recording of our conversation and get back to me. After reviewing the conversation they called back and apoligized that indeed the sales rep had not disclosed the additional cost during the conversation and they would like to compensate me by sending me 20.00 dollars worth of free knives. I told them that I wanted the 65.25 refunded to my credit card and they refused. When I asked to return the purchase they said that I could at my expense and they would only refund the 59.99. I have since turned the dispute over to my credit card company and I am awaiting the outcome. I will NEVER buy anything from an infomercial again.

10/17/2006 - David writes:
OK, So I never order from infomercials but I did need knives and this seemed like a good deal. As other people posting here, I was also taken aback by how expensive the wood block was, especially the shipping (but the thing does weight a ton). The knives would be much less useful without the block. The total all told came to about $90. It did take almost two months for the knives to arrive, but that was within their advertised window – barely. I’m not a chef, but the knives seem to cut fine and because there are so many, they are never all in the dishwasher, but therein lies the rub. These knives are *not* dishwasher safe! The very first dishwasher run yielded rust spots. With a lot of scrubbing the rust can come off, but I was rather disappointed. I have soft water and use Costco dishwasher soap so I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. I wonder if there’s some additive I can use. Also told, not a total rip off, but not really all I hoped for. David

5/8/2006 - Julian writes:
Saw the knives on television. I was looking for a good set of knives. The Ronco Showtime Six Star Knife set looked fantastic so I bought them with the wood block for storage. When I got them they were so cheaply made it made me sick to my stomach.  The biggest problem was the handles of the knives.  They were hollow and made with cheap plastic.  There were even little abrasive nubs on the handles where the plastic was broken apart and installed on the assembly line.  They were so poorly made the knives at my local dollar store are made of a higher quality.  I could tell that the handles would get water inside of them and rust, or break, or fall apart...they were so cheap and I was so sad.  I could not bear to look at they or even use them so I returned them.  They refunded the money I paid for the knives but not the shipping and handling for the knives to or from my home.  After the experience was over I was left with nothing but a $40 debt for shipping and handling.

4/3/2006 - Kelly writes:
I purchased what i thought was a complete set as advertised all over the box.  When I received it i opened it and am now  the proud owner o[f a butcher block missing 4 knifes.  The customer service people at Ronco are very much aware of the problem with this set as the rep i spoke with said oh you must be talking about #6, #16, etc.. After 2 days of phone calls and many different customer service people ranging from rep's to manangers to supervisors, I still have not received any help.  I have bben offered many deals   that requireme to spend a fortune to fill the empty slots in my butcher block.   I believe this is a poor misrepresentation of a company that I once had respect for . I wonder if Ron knows exactly how his company is being run. Kelly

1/12/2006 - Tallie writes:
I've had the knives for less than a month and they are already starting to rust.

12/9/2005 - Nat writes:
This ronco knives sells sounded soo so soo interesting almost bought it. When they said sticks on the magnetic bar, stainless does not stick on magnet what a lie. Don't buy this is a scam. Obviously.

8/18/2005 - Adam writes:
Saw the commercial, called to order the knives.  Asked the operator for the set with the block (included with the set according to the commercial--or so it seemed) she said ok and took my order. got the knives today, no block. enclosed order form says it will cost 29.99 + S&H more is that it?  when i saws the commercial, it seemed the block, extra scissors, and some flatware were going to be "thrown in."  I feel tricked.

7/31/2005 - Grace writes:
I saw the Ronco infomercial for the showtime knives. In this infomercial, Ron kept adding things to this "wonderful offer", he added a wooden knife block, special knives,set of steak knives, etc. I mean there was so much that he added I felt that for only $40 I would be getting a great deal. I ordered thru the phone. The operator told me that the knife set only included the 25 knives,everything else had to be paid for separately. I agreed to order the knife block, I mean I didnt have room in my drawers for knives rolling around. My order was shipped and a few days later I recieved it. Guess what, the only thing inside was one single steak knife and the knife block. The box looked like it was tampered with to me. I tried caling their customer service number on their website. They were closed. (this was a saturday and my package was delivered at 5 :"30pm) a half hour after they closed. So I called on the following Monday, the jerky operator could barely speak English and said he had to send me some form to fill out so that they can investigate and resend me a new set. We will see if I ever get it.

Marion writes:
Ron Popeil states this cutlery would cost you $852. I received a set that isn'tworth what I paid, it's cheap, I want my money back + shipping costs refunded, This was a out and out lie and I don't think I should have to pay a price because they lied regarding this cheap product. 

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