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Slim Down Solution Complaints
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Carla writes:
Good luck - they give you two phone # - they are only for the warehouse and the company that places the orders for them. SCAM REPORTED: I ordered my Slim Down Solution ($135.00 worth) only to see that it did not work. I sent it back on February 26th, which was within the one month regulation. It is now April 2nd and I have called them four times asking them what is going on. All I get is "I am sorry ma'am, but we have not received it". Unfortunately I did not insure it when I sent it, however my return address is on the package, if they did not recieve it, it would have come back to my home. I also emailed a letter (Slim Down promises a response within 24 hours) guess what... yep your right, NO RESPONSE. To top things off, the two 800 numbers that they give you are not even Slim Down Reps. The 800# is a teleservice company stating "we only take the orders for slim down" (amongst many other products in this SCAM site) and the other 800# "Im sorry, but we are only the warehouse that ships for Slim Down" (again, amongst many other of these SCAM products listed in this wonderful site). So if you have questions or concerns, you can't even speak to someone in the Slim Down Family. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. DO NOT ORDER SLIM DOWN SOLUTION! I AM REPORTING THEM TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND HOPEFULLY THEY WILL BE INVESTIGATED. SHAME ON YOU JOAN VAN ARK!!!!! 

Lorrie writes:
I received my Slim Down solution this week. I have used it now for five days. I have not increased my calories but have been more conscious of calorie consumption. I gained 1.5 lbs! In researching (on the net) all I could find on d-glucosamine was that it is helpful for osteoarthritis. The only other product was poly d-glucosamine, otherwise chitosan, which is used as a dietary fiber. I'd like to find out more about this 'miracle' active ingredient. So far, my intuition tells me I have been suckered. At this point, I can't recommend the product. Hopefully, I can get my money back.

James writes:
I've tried The Slim Down Solution, and I got nothing out of it. I mean I diet and exercise, but I didn't lose an ounce. Hell I didn't even lose a gram, and I've been on it for 3 months. In fact I needed a major surgery on my liver because of the glucosamine stuff in it. Great, I lost $150.00 and any chance of natural metabolism (cannot lose weight in any way.) I swear, if I find you, Joan Van Ark, you're going to be the next Joan of Ark (If you've read medieval history...burnt on a steak), and I'm going to enjoy every freakin' moment of it, for endorsing such **** as this. **** YOU, JOAN VAN ARK!!!

Cindy writes:
The company originally sent the product to a wrong address. I found this out when I did not receive the product and contacted them because the charge appeared on my credit card statement. I gave them my correct address and they still sent it to an incorrect address, or so they said. I just know that I never received the product. This type of interaction went on for a couple of months. They would apologize for sending the product to the wrong address and promise to make the changes in their computer and resend the product. Finally, I asked to speak with a manager and was told he was not available. I asked that someone in charge contact me in order to get a resolution. That never happened. They will not remove the charge from my credit card. When I disputed the charge with the credit card company, Slim Down then disputes my dispute. I believe this company operates fraudulently. I still have not resolved the problem and I am very tired of dealing with them. This process started last spring. Please warn others and if you know of any assistance I would appreciate hearing from you.

Minerva writes:
I bought this Slim Down Solution, and Never, ever lost any weight.  How can any one endorse a damn product that Joan Van Ark probably never used.  She's been an avid jogger all her life so what weight problem did she ever have? I should have known better. Ms. Van Ark, are you so hard up for the money that you had to be in a commercial that ranked up there with Cher's?

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