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11/17/2005 - Anonymous writes:
I have ordered multiple things from beachbody. I'm tempted to return the ones I thought were okay--- but would have otherwise kept.  The products aren't necessairly the problem (Aside from Yoga Booty Ballet.. which I find rediculous) My problem is the customer service.  This is the THIRD TIME they've messed up my order.  The SECOND Time they have shipped to the wrong address after I spefied that I wanted expedited shipping to an address I will be at for one week.  It was timed perfectly.  But no.. the shipped to my P.O. box instead.  I had to contact them to refund me because the package wasnt even expedited anymore even though I was charged for it.  They didn't just do it on their own or anything.  So now-- this package will sit there until the next time I am in the city I had it shipped to... I  was looking forward to doing the workouts from my room while there... but not anymore.... I hate beachbody customer service... and their shipping is so dog-on slow!  3 months to get a package standard mail??? oooonly beachbody. 

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