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Slim n Lift Complaints
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1/18/2007 - Kesha writes:
I agree with all the others because what they are reporting is very true! I tried the product and like others, felt like I was ripped off! This product rolled faster than I was able to enjoy it. This product is not what it cracks up to be! They get a "Chop" for selling such a product!

1/18/2007 - Alice writes:
I happen to love this product. I am what is considered "apple shaped" and it is the first product, that I purchased that didn't roll down my belly(I look like I am about six months pergnant. I will concure that the leg area is a little tight, so I can see where pear shaped women may have an issue. I also have to struggle a little to get into the product, but it is well worth the resoulting appearance.

12/27/2006 - Nikkidee writes:
This is the worst. You lose weight trying to get the product on. Aside from the extreme s&h they charge you, I had to call back 2 times to order up to 3 sizes larger than I should have needed just to get the thing over one leg! Needless to say I sent them back, and they actually let me keep two pairs.

12/14/2006 - Shannon writes:
Unfortunately the slim and lift did not work for me. I am a black women with rather large hips and butt (40") and very small waist (26"). Thus it fit somewhat around my rear and thighs (after doing the splits both horizonally and vertically). However left so much to be desired for my stomach (I have a pooch I have been fighting for years). Which was only magnified because the slim and lift did not hold me at all where it most counted. Unfortunately it was to good to be true so it went back.

9/16/2006 - Lydia writes:
This garment was a HUGE waste of money! Don't bother---it's just another glorified, ill-fitting girdle. What really got me was that although my legs aren't that big, the thigh area of the garment felt like it was always cutting off the circulation to my legs! It was like it was cut all weird and had some kind of "banding" that cut off the circulation to my legs! I kept trying to put it on and "get used" to wearing it, but couldn't stand it for more than 10 minuetes or so and had to take it off as I could barely MOVE. What a waste of money.....

8/1/2006 - Liz writes:
This product truely sucks! I ordered two of these one nude and one black and of course, they offered me several more because i would want to wear them everyday. How can I wear them everyday if I can't one on? Total scam! Rolls down and does not stay in place. I think this produt must be glued to those models on tv!

5/19/2006 - Althea writes:
Hello, My name is Althea Smith of Houston, Texas.I have read some of the regarding the "Slim n Lift" I could not agree more. This product is worthless, collecting dust in my closet. I did absolutely nothing for me. The product was to small, I could barely put it on. I think everone should be refunded money spent. Besides that they double charged my credit card. Althea

12/29/2005 - Laverne writes:
The California slim and lift was the worst mistake I ever made in my entire life.  It was a total waste of money. The product didn't flatten anything but my credit card. I will not order any else from informericals anymore. There should be a class action law suit filed against them.

11/14/2005 - Chris writes:
Yes I too was taken by the so called miracle of slim n lift. No where did it say that it would require the aid of someone to get into it. With much difficulty I did finally get into it and once in accepted it as being the first time to be worn therefore it would take at least one wear to become more flexible. Within the hour the waistband, which pretty much sat under my bra when I started out slipped below my love handles as I moved about. As soon as that happened the entire top part rolled down to my waist and sat like a life preserver. I spent the morning running back and forth to the washroom to adjust it before getting completely annoyed and stripping it off. I should have been more aware of how stiff these ladies were when they modeled their before and after pictures. As long as I stood like a statue it worked great. Ladies do not buy this product. I cant even give it away.

10/25/2005 - Regina writes:
I ordered these after watching the infomercial.  I checked and double checked for the correct size I should order.   I am size 4-6 with skinny legs so I ordered the size small, which they say will fit a 6-8. I received these and couldn't wait to see the wonderful difference that it would make in my shape.  Well, I finally got them on with much difficulty and they just about cut the circulation off in my legs.  They did nothing to hold in the tummy, but they sure 'flattened my butt', no lift there at all.  I thought that I was dealing with a reputable company, but found that to be wrong.  I called to try and get a refund for the product and shipping since the item was not as they had promised.  I was given an email address, so I sent the email with the request for full refund and 5 days later I got a nasty email denying my request.  I hope that if anyone is considering buying these will think twice or not mind peeing their money away.

10/8/2005 - Marianne writes:
I recently attempted to purchace Slim n Lift - the infomercial said you would get two pair - neutral and black - for the price of one, which I think was about $30. When I called to order and had given my credit card number and other personal info, the sales person said the company was so I would love the product that I would want to wear it every day and they would send me two more. I turned that down, saying I wanted to try the product first. The sales person then made three more offers of other merchandise to be added to my order. At that point, I got testy and said, "Look, you have my order and you know what I want. I don't want to buy anything else." When she perservered, I said "OK, I'm going to hang up now." which I did. Needless to say, I have never received the merchandise.

8/21/2005 - Jenn writes:
I had a baby about six months ago, and I'm having trouble losing the last 15 or so pounds to get near my pre-pregnancy weight.  Right now I am a small 4, and about 130 pounds.   The product guaranteed that I'd look about 10 pounds lighter and fit into clothes that are 2-3 sizes smaller.  I tried a size 2 skirt on when I wore this, and it didn't fit!  Without wearing this product, I have a pair of pants that are tight, that I can wear - but when I tried the Slim n' Lift with it, there are ugly buldges on my legs - I feel so ripped off!  I took my measurements, too - after I tried on the Slim n' Lift - just like they do on the infomercial, and I am the same measurements!  This product does not do what it claims and it makes me feel bad about myself just wearing it.   Also - it doesn't go all the way to my knees. I feel like such a sucker! Oh, and the website says that an xs is a size 2 and the s is a size 4 - and my mother, who is a size 0, ordered an xs - and the tag says "size xs, 2-4."  Regardless of what the tag says and how small she is - she had the hardest time getting them on!   (She only got this item to lift her butt, and it didn't even do that!) Don't buy this product - it's such a waste of money!  There is $20 shipping that is non-refundable.  I think that's how they are making their money!  What a crock! 

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