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Smart Abs Complaints
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10/31/2005 - Kurt writes:
smart abs is nothing but crap the adjustments are terrible. this is a dump. It also cause lower back pain just a scan for people two buy the product do not get ripped off. It should be called riped off abs. kurt. ohio

Judith writes:
I ordered Smart Abs Machine glider and it has been the most frustrating experience ever.  I place my order on 1/11/03 added express shipping service and paid with a check by phone.  It is now 2/10/03 and I have not received the product or my money back which I have faxed to the company and requested many times to the Customer Service department and Supervisors.  The phone that I was given is not a toll free so everytime that I call I have to wait and pay to receive a stupid girl who tells me they have no record of my order in their system.  I have received no satisfaction or proper service from this company other than getting long distance fees charged to me.  I will never buy anything again from an infomercial, they are fraudulent and totally a waste of time and good money.  I want to file a complaint with the Better Business Bereau..  I hope I can get my money back in a timely manner. Totally Frustrated and Angry !!! 

Christine writes:
I ordered Smart Abs from the infomercial phone number.  I was then offered all kinds of things while I was on the phone with the representative.  Finally, they said that they can ship the item to me in 3-5 business days for an additional $12 or something.  After a week and a half of waiting, I called the "long distance" phone number they gave me (no, it was not the same 800 number I used to order) to find out the status of my order.  They told me that it has not left the warehouse yet and that as soon as it does, I will receive the item in 3-5 business days.  I was very irritated to find this out because the original rep I was talking to did not even mention a waiting period.  I really wanted this product so I said I'd wait a little bit more.  After one more week of waiting, same status.  These people are out of stock and have none to ship to anyone.  I cancelled my order after that.  One great thing about this is that they never billed my credit card so I didn't have to ask for a refund. I still wanted to get this product so I decided to go to Google.com and look for it.  I found the item for $15 less and the vendor shipped it the same day I ordered complete with a UPS Tracking number.  My order is in transit and apparently should be in my hands in 2 more business days.

Tiffany writes:
My boyfriend ordered the smart abs system for me on 2/16/03 and todays date is 3/3/03.  When he ordered it the lady on the phone told him that it would arive in one week.  We waited for 2 weeks and had the hardest time trying to reach the place where we ordered from.  My boyfriend lost the 800 number so we called many places that we thought might help but finally I called the cable company and they gave me 1-888-568-5065 and the lady gave me the customer service number for the smart abs informercial. Finally after sitting on hold for about 10 min. a customer rep came on the line and when I asked about the order she told me that the smart abs was out of stock and that the could credit the express shipping fee back to the credit card.   She said that it would take one week from when they ship it from the ware house.   My order was never shipped and I then canceled.  I learned that if you go to google.com that you can find it for less.

Edmund writes:
I ordered Smart Abs almost 2 months ago over the phone and with a check. I still have the check number and all the information on it.   I also have my withdrawn slip from my bank (with the date and time Smart Abs with-drew the  money from my account).  I have not received Smart Abs and at this point I just want the money put back in my account. I have also tried to contact someone numerous times via telephone, but no one answers the number they have been giving me.

Anonymous writes:
Gloria writes; Like the other complaints I've read about the delivery of the SmartAbs product, I was also deceived.  I regret that I didn't do research on this product before placing an order.  I ordered the product by check - my checked cleared and I have yet to receive the product. I'm in the process of cancelling my order. However, I know that's going to also be a hassel. I'm going to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and see that this company is put out of business.   My advice to all, the next time you see an infocommercial, turn off your tv -- it you save you money and frustration in the long run - I know i will never view or order from another product from an infocommercial. A lesson learned.

Martin writes:
When I Saw the Smart Abs on televison I was amazed with the product and so i ordred by money order. It has passed almost 3 months and nothing yet. I called the money order customer sevice to check on the status of my money and they told me that the money had been cashed but they didnt tell me to whom so i had to send twelve dollars to recieve the information, of who and where they cashed my money, they told me the information will arrive within 30 days and im anxiously waiting. Im hoping to get a refund and if it is not possible i will file a comlpaint on the company or the Better Buisness Bureau.

Shelley writes:
When I seen Smart Abs I thought it would be great.  When I recived it I was a little disappointed to find out that the machine is NOT in the ONE SIZE FITS ALL category.  I am 5' 2" and can not use the Smart Abs easily.  I wish they made a smaller one for shorter people.  My husband can use it in all the was it is supose to be used in, he is 5' 7".  So if you are short you may not want to order this product till they make a small size for us shorter people.

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