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Smartware Complaints
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12/30/2006 - Phyllis writes:
I thought these would be so good to use. Bought them at a local store. On Sale! Should have told me something. I did exactly as the instructions said. Watching Chef Tony on the infomercials, it showed cookies just sliding off. YEAH RIGHT! The only way anything came off was with a hammer and chisel. Exxagerating a bit, but you get the picture. Took forever for things to bake. I gave them to a friend, She is a excellent baker and I thought she might get them to work. No such luck, She brought them back to me. Gave them to grandson to play with outside. He did not even like them. In the trash they went

11/28/2006 - Erik writes:
My wife and I saw the infomercial one Sunday morning. She's always looking for things to make life in the kitchen easier, and we decided to get some. We ordered two basic sets. One for us and one to give as a gift. What we recieved was two delux sets with an additional cost of about $100. When I called back to straighten it out, they said that they could only have us return the entire order for a refund(even though I offered to keep the two packages that contained the basic sets). The shipping on the whole thing was $40 which I think is outrageous. I'm sure of what we ordered, and I'm convinced we were "slammed" or whatever you'd like to call it. At this point, we're waiting for a return slip from them to cover the return shipping. What a disappointment.

1/13/2006 - Tommy writes:
We baked brownies in the smartware 9" loaf pan and the brownies stuck to the bottom. I followed the instructions. We baked salmon on the baking mat and it also stuck to the mat. I am very dissapointed because chef Tony made it look so easy with no sticking. 

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