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2/7/2007 - Susana writes:
I was called during Christmas and the sales rep promised me he would give me the package at $300.00. After talking with him for an hour because he was trying to sell everything else to me. He said I could cancel at anytime. After I said I would do it for $300.00 he started taping and said that it was going to cost me 39.95 per month for 12 months and I just stated as long as it comes to 300.00 and no more. He said the website was free. Well, needless to say he lied, you cannot cancel and there is no where in writing that says you are obligated to pay $479.95 when they send the bill. But and when I tried to cancel, they said it was not an option because I was suppose to do it 30 days. Well, the bill says membership renewal fees and if I don't want to renew, I shouldn't have to pay especially if I didn't even use their package, logon to their website or anything. The just keep charging for both SMC and EMC charges and BofA says they can't stop the payments. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and they said they couldn't handle it and forwarded to another Better Business Bureau with no address. What a scam. Someone at BBB knows someone at SMC.

1/29/2007 - Jamie writes:
i have made a payment of 39.95 for smc payment and membership and they said that all the mony i would have to spend and when i start talking to my couch he wants me to spend up to 3000 dollers on a website to sell the products and i tod him i could not aford it and he said you have to invest money to make money and i siad well when i sign up the rep said the 479 dollers was all i hade to spend and now you guys are changeing your minds and i told him that not rite and i wanted a refund and everything canceled and he said ok and told me i hade to send the kit back and insure it for a 100 dollers and that not rite ether thay should pay for it if they want it back not me

1/26/2007 - Dave writes:
I was in one of SMC's infomercials...they told me to just make up a story and wanted to even put a fake check in a mailbox for me to pull out like it was being sent to me by selling the products. The infomercials are made up. They just tell you to say something that isn't true. I have seen and been in one of their infomericals so I can tell you it is fake.

1/24/2007 - Cindy writes:
Well they got 3 payments from me, I stopped payment..... I know they have ways around that if they want to but I will also switch my checking account. A small inconvenience but an easy solution as if there is a class action suit we can easily get this off of our credit report. They totally tried to "Coach" (coz that is all the coaches do) me into a website, I said NO, I can make my own... they said they recorded that, I said I could not afford thier site, however a 29.99 payment was also taken out of my bank, I disputed it but they said they have me on recording...... I said may I hear it, of course the answer was no... I did get very atimate over the phone with them and said I will get my 29 back and stop payment... as of yesterday investigation is in progress and my bank will return that plus , since they have had this problem before, they said "Go for all the money they took from you" .. hey why not, an eye for an eye right? All you folks said is true, and when I saw the catalouge, I totally thought of the 99 cent store and all of thier polyresin junk. I tried to sell on [], now I owe them 100.00... which I will pay because it's not thier fault. Got a couple of emails too from SMC members saying they didn't need another member on []... I understand now tho I thought it was quite rude at the time...... Anyway.. I was manipulated into joining and stolen from on a website.. they cancelled the website which admits thier wrong.. here is an email after waiting 2 months for that refund I never got... will end this with the email so if a suit gets started, I'm in... Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 11:08 AM []

1/9/2007 - Kristen writes:
I joined SMC shortly after having my baby. I didn't like the membership kit and returned it (as directed) within 2 weeks of purchasing the program. SMC continues to take money out of my account, and they claim they never received my membership kit or cancellation letter. On another note, they keep sending me reminders to sign up for the program. Something is definitely wrong, and I reported them to the Attorney General's Office. Does anyone know what else can be done? They say I owe the remainder of the money.

1/3/2007 - BJ writes:
My story is the same as all the others. I tried SMC. It is a huge scam. Luckily, in speaking to my bank, they agreed to block all transactions when I showed all my copies of the cancellation letters. I also recorded phone conversations. Please join me in filling out this form: []

12/18/2006 - Gina writes:
I had purchased the SMC membership kit on Nov. 28, 2006, upon contacting the Counselor who was suppose to guide me, he immediately proceeded to belittle me & try to sell me additional packages. I immediately contacted an SMC representative stating that I was no longer interested & requested the procedure of returning SMC's kit to them. I followed SMC's return/cancellation procedure to the letter within 30 days as SMC stated. I mailed SMC's kit along with a separate cancellation letter to them on Nov. 8, 2006 and SMC rec'd both the SMC kit & letter on Nov. 11, 2006. I have called SMC (since that arrival date) a numerous amount of times, speaking to many SMC representatives and a supervisor by the name of Maria. I was told by some representatives that SMC was behind in returning refunds and they didn't know when it will be sent to me. When I finally spoke to the supervisor Maria, she told me to send an additional fax to the cancellation dept along with the ltr & UPS tracking details, which I did on Dec. 15, 2006. I have yet, to hear from anyone from SMC or receive my refund. I will NOT accept this fraudulent and unprofessional behavior by SMC. I will take it further. Please let the public know that SMC is a FRAUD.

12/12/2006 - Rochelle writes:
Like some of the others here my family has been scammed by SMC. My husband and I looked at the commercial several times before calling and talking to a sales rep. We ended up deciding it wasnt for us, but my mom really wanted to have her own business and she thought selling SMC's products was the best way to go. At the time she was unemployed so I agreed to purchase the membership for her. I gave them my information and they automatically withdrew $39.95 out of my bank account every month. My mom never could get many people to buy their products. I bought some things from her to try and help get her started. Several people told her they could saw the same items in a dollar store. The few times she actually got a coach on the phone all they wanted to do was get her to buy more "things". They told her if she purchased a website she was almost guaranteed of selling out of items at a faster rate. They told her she had to upgrade her membership status to get more individualized service. I'm glad we have no more dealings with them.

11/19/2006 - Christina writes:
I sent off for the information, and the price was originally $500 or so to start! When I wouldn't write back, they kept sending me mail lowering the price until it was down to $200! By then, I had found this site, and I am very glad that I did. ALSO... if you choose the $25 a month plan.. you will not recieve your items until you are paid in full!

9/25/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I'm 18 and tired of working for people and employers only to be told what to do and when to do it. Thats when I thought a great Idea would be starting my own business just to escape this bullshit. Late one night I was awake when The SMC infomercial came on...shit, I was impressed. Talk about owning a business that seemed to good to be true. I called SMC the next morning asking for their free info. kit. Now, 10 days later I have still not recieved that kit. I called them and asked when it would arrive, fuck, they just gave me a bunch of bullshit run around. After a long wait on hold I finally hung up, I am not risking being late for school...They can suck my ASS! Im still waiting for this shit. After reading the information on the scams I realized I wasnt going to get the kit, 1)when I called the wanted money right of the bat, I didnt pay, I just wanted to see the kit before a decision. 2)I didnt pay 3)I didnt pay!! and since they recieve no dough...my information Kit aint no show, I now realize the Fucking scam these basterds are doing and I thank all of you for the heads up! SMC, dont bother sending me SHIT ALL! Go fuck yourselves and fuck the dirty money that gets you your fucking pride for screwing us all over! But I thank all of you again! maybe I can find something better, for now, my mind stays in school.

9/24/2006 - Sonja writes:
I joined smc in 2003, I just had my first child and lost my job as a truck driver delivering gasoline, money was very tight I was on unemployment and it was about to end when I saw tom bosley who I believed was trust worthy on tv talking about smc but when I started ordering products they turned out to be very hard to sell for much more than what I purchased them for, the only products that I was able to make a profit on were the incense 200 for $10.00 I was able to sell them for 10 for $1.00 and when they were no longer available I never ordered from smc again, even after I paid $299.00 (that I did not have to spare) to join and later saw that they were letting people join for little or nothing "free", the mentors did not help at all, did not return calls, often changed with out notice kept me on hold for a long time or my call would go strait to an answering machine. they seem as if they were just trying to get you to buy certain products like the potty training bear that a mentor told me was such a hot item and some people are buying 50 at a time, well I bought 10 and could not get 1 sold not even at a flea market so I just gave them away to people that had baby showers. the mentors keep you at a distance until the free 6 weeks are gone and then they are quick about letting you know that your time is up for a free mentor and it dose not matter that they never returned your calls or you had to do some kind of phone marathon to catch your mentor and if there was a break in your sentence you got brushed off of the phone. I still have a lot of smc products that no one will buy because the suggested retail price is too high for the item. In the catalog it looked as if the price fits, but after recieving the cheap quality products, all that I can do is break even or lose money in some cases. I never made even close to the amount for myself that I spent buying smc products and when I did start doing a little better with it they took the item out of the catalog. you even have to buy the catalogs.

8/29/2006 - Cynthia writes:
you folks are lucky!!! i got bilked out of over $4000.00 i went for an ecommerce website. coaching was non existant. never returned calls. would send me emails telling me i needed to do this and that to website, which was very poor quality. could not get anyone at tech support. tried to cancel website they told me 30 days to set up. they had it done in two weeks, so i did not have my 30 days to cancel. and do not ever look for a refund on anything this company claims to offer.

7/30/2006 - Jay writes:
I ordered the free SMC information kit online because I was interested in obtaining more information about what they have to offer. There is nothing wrong with MLM businesses as long as the system it legit and can really offer a feasible and rewarding opportunity for the indepedent contractor. My first goal was to at least obtain more information about their business. According to their infomercial and website, the free kit offers a lot of information about their opportunity. The information kit didn't contain as much information as I had hoped for. Their infomercial is structured in a manner that is supposed to convey credibility. However, the information kit is really useless if one wants to learn more about the company itself and its' products. It's simply just a rehash of the infomercial with a small leaflet containing pictures of some additional products that they sell. One of their slogans "the products sell themselves" is used again in the material. This in itself is a problem. If I am going to seriously try this type of opportunity then I want to know as much information as possible about the company, its' products (maybe see some samples), distribution system, payment system, product support, warranties, etc. etc. No information of this nature is being shared. I also didn't like the fact that there is a membership fee to pay. I addition, there are two types of membership fees, one more expensive than the other. I know that Amway also charges membership fees, but my understanding is that this includes a lot of information material to help you get going. I have no clue what SMC will offer for that fee because they are not explicit about it. Explaining these things in detail would seem logical. I put the kit aside because I found the whole thing quite suspicious. For some reason I didn't throw it away. A couple of weeks after receiving the information kit a fellow from SMC called me up on a week night at around 7PM. He introducted himself as Eric and wanted to know if I was interested in joining SMC. I basically explained to him that I needed more information about this and that I would not venture into anything without enough knowledge to make an informed decision. He started to hard-sell me about the fact that it's so easy, the products sell themselves, and that they coach you all the way. His attitude was much like the stereotypical used car salesman often used in comedies. "Come on, don't worry, it's easy. blah blah blah". I had to hold myself back, because I really wanted to laugh at him. He had nothing to tell me that would offer any credibility to SMC, like the information I was interested in obtaining. I even told him that he was trying to hard-sell me, and he argued the opposite. He kept trying to convince me to just try it, and that I would be making money in no time. He asked me if the membership fee was an issue, and if my reluctance to join was because I didn't have the money. Interesting question, isn't it? I wonder why he would ask that. Is it because most people who fall for these false opportunities are losers without money (in their opinion)? I told him that even if it were to cost $1.00 I would not join without the proper information. The entire thing was so unprofessional and it was obvious that his only job was to obtain the membership fee. Perhaps a call centre set up to obtain the membership fees. After about 10 minutes he decided to give up and says "I think you're not ready yet to go into business for yourself". Of course, we now have to end the call by kind of insulting the person, right? Really professional. I just said "yeah, if you think so" and we ended the call. Now, if we consider my story, that of other people who posted here, then it really seems obvious that SMC is not like Amway (for example). I have never tried Amway, but I know people who have and it sounds nothing like SMC (in terms of business practices). I know that Amway was criticized in the past, because much of the business practices seemed to be geared towards recruiting people for internal consumption rather than for a true business opportunity as an independent contractor to sell and distribute products. Apparently Amway has "fixed" most of what caused these problems. SMC, however seems only geared towards internal consumption. The products are all basically of similiar nature, not really much to offer when you think about it. These are just decorative items, and since there are no samples to look at, we have no clue how good the quality is. I'm sure most or all of it is made in China and that the price the member pays is already heavily marked up. The prices they are suggesting in terms of what the member can obtain are simply hypothetical. The actual price you can obtain depends on what people are willing to pay and what your competitors are charging for similiar products. I was really turned off by SMC and would never give their "socalled" opportunity a try, even for a $1 membership. Their entire approach screams "scam".

7/19/2006 - DeLois writes:
Well my story is not as bad as everyone else. I join SMC in 1999 for $199.99 and they said that when i get to $5000.00 in sales at my or their price i would get my $199.99 back.I got a $100.00 gift card to get their web that cost $600.00.I was to renew my yearly dues of $19.99, well that soon went up to $29.99 a year.At first they sent you every book that they had @ $19.99, then @ $29.99 they only sent you the World book. I recruit 5 people to work for me and that did good for a while until it became to hard to sell at that price. Prices went up up up up UP UP UP UP.I did the flea market thing too,but to many people was doing the same thing out their. They didn't make a lot money off me but i never got to $5000.00 either. On the last year I just ordered thing to give as X-mas gift.I never got the coach because they never return my call. It's been a year now and I don't miss it @ all

7/18/2006 - Anonymous writes:
First off I'd like to say I have special information about this company. I know exactly how it works. And your right, if you buy into the SMC scam you will get screwed. We are not out to help you guys at all. It's all about how much money the "business consultants" can make for themselves and the company. The customers don't stand a chance in hell. You'd do better selling cigarettes on a street corner in Harlem. Think of SMC as a mini casino. The only peolpe who make money in a casino are the owners. The coaches are told by the supervisors to upsell you guys as much bull shit as possible. Website, books, giftcards the whole shabang. The more you buy the more commission we make because we only get a base pay of about 500 a week BEFORE taxes. It's our job to pump and dump. We pump up your dreams of owning your own business and then dump a load of merchandise in your lap that not even [] would carry. Some of us make 1500 to 2000 a week selling you CRAP that you'll never be able to sell....anywhere. Once you run out of family and friends that may mercy buy from you. There's usually nowhere us to go. Good luck at that flee market pal. Many of us have absoultly no respect for you guys even though your on our green bar. A green bar is the number of clients an individual coach is responsible for. Most of us have between 300 to 600 customers we are responsible for fleecing through out the week. Pump your green bar is a common saying. It's like a leads list. You guys are leads pure and simple. Your website is a templete that ALL SMC members use. That's why you can't customize it. You can buy one that's customizable if you like. You'll only need oh say about 2000 thousand dollars upfront. The website is complete crap. It's the World Of Products book, just on-line. Think about how it's set up....you have to sell a gift card BEFORE a customer can order. So your constantly buying more and more gift cards. But to make it worst you have to first sell the gift cards to strangers BEFORE they can even buy from your site. I have so many stories I could share with you. It would make your blood boil. We cheer and high five and yell out loud every time a sucker buys an 895 dollar website from a consultant. The cheer is lead by a male supervisior there. If you poor people only knew. Want a better idea of what the enviroment is like? Rent the movie Boiler Room. Here's a better idea, instead of getting screwed by SMC, save your money, go back to school and get a degere in business. Then you'll be prepared to enter the world and make some money. But stop falling for informal scams. Just becasue it's on tv, doesn't make it legit.

7/18/2006 - Amber writes:
My mother is a senior citizen and she fell for SMC's BS. She thought it would be a nice little income to suppliment her social security. She let me read through their catalogues when they came in the mail to her. (She hadn't asked me before she bought into them, so it was already too late by the time I found out she had bought into this scam.) She too thought that I might be able to help her sell their products on ebay or take them to flea markets. After I saw their products I looked them up on ebay and saw what other people here have already said, that huge powersellers were selling them for little more than what they bought them for. I also googled some of their items, and guess what? Only about 2000 people have those items listed on their sites, again, at little more than what they paid for them. Mother hadn't told me about how much the program cost her, so I thought it was only a $30.00 loss. Only today did I find out that for the last year they have been automatically withdrawing $39.95 from her checking account every month. She cancelled her membership with them months ago, only to be told by the woman on the phone that she "should have read the fine print a little better." and, "There's nothing that I can do, they are going to continue to take their money out of your account until your account is paid in full." Well, mom bought a year ago, so her 1 year membership is up FINALLY. After she already cancelled, SMC had the nerve to send her a letter telling her that her membership was almost up and that she should fill out the form to continue her membership! After she has cancelled because of their lies and scams!!! SMC is unreal, their promises are empty, and it's just sick and sad that they are ripping people off like this, not to mention people like my mother who live off social security and barely have enough to get by, not to mention have an extra $480.00 a year to pay to them for nothing. The website was a load of crap, there is no help from them when it comes to tech support, and in all they are the worst company out there. Don't fall for SMC's BS, and warn everyone that you know to stay away from them.

7/13/2006 - James writes:
The truth about Specialty Merchandise Corporation, SMC. Number one: You can not sell SMC products for up to 3 times the value, or 300%, as SMC claims on their infomercials because there are hundreds and hundreds of other SMC suckers already trying to sell it on the internet, in flea markets, to friends, and the list goes on and on. Tom Bosley is a lying motherfucker on the SMC infomercial. Linda Levine is a lying bitch on the SMC infomercial. Kerry Cox is a lying motherfucker on the SMC infomercial. Attention lawyers and attorneys: Want to make some serious dough? Get a class action law suit going against the Speciality Merchandise Corporation, in Chatsworth, California. You could make large sums of $$$ by taking these motherfuckers at SMC to Federal Court for a multitude of charges. Attention viewers of the Speciality Merchandise Corporation, SMC, infomercials: You can not make "thousands" like that sack of pig-shit Tom Bosley says on the SMC infomercial. In fact, you will end up paying lots of money to SMC. The "low start-up" fee of $25-29 is just the sucker game they pull on you. Once SMC gets your credit card info, watch out! SMC will suck every dime you have from any account you have. The "SMC coaches" are just a motley crew of fat bitches and old stick-in-the-mud has-been old guys that don't know the difference between their assholes and donuts. Linda Levine is the daughter of the only man to ever have any pride or dignity in the SMC company. Only thing is though, Linda Levine is a lying greedy sack-of-shit liar! Kerry Cox is the filty hair-ball in charge of "marketing." This dickhead would sell out his own mother for a few bucks! Don't forget: Tom Bosley, the old fuck that he is, and long-time loser, is the very worst of the bunch at SMC. Tom Bosley is a lying sack-of-shit motherfucker! Fuck you Tom Bosley! You're such a cockmuncher! Finally, remember this: SMC does infomercials to keep new suckers coming in! Why, you ask? Because there are hundreds and hundreds of SMC members already trying to sell SMC products on the internet, and swap meets. These SMC members that are already out there are competing like dogs over bones for sales. So, when this bitch Linda Levine says you can buy a product for, let's say, $6.24, and sell it for $35.50, you can be sure this bitch is lying through her teeth. Want to know why you can't sell it for $35.50? Because there are hundreds of other SMC members trying to sell the same fucking thing for $6.50 to make a 26 cent profit. Think of it this way: Do you think SMC gives a fuck about their members? Well, they don't. If SMC cared about the thousands of members they already have, then they wouldn't keep trying to fuck their members by these non-stop informercials trying to recruit new suckers! Bottom Line: Fuck you, Tom Bosley! Fuck you, Linda Levine! Fuck you, Kerry Cox! And, Fuck you SMC!

6/7/2006 - Judith writes:
I had the same experience as Kenneth (post) It took longer than the 30 days for them to get the site up. It's a worthless site; a hook to get you to go the next step. The 'coaches' are bogus. no personal help and I had to wait several days at a time for a call back. Before signing, they told me it was a direct line to my coach. in reality, it's a direct line to his answering machine. I was hooked on the start up of $39.00, also, and I am now in debt on that credit card of over $1500 in SMC 'sales'. I saw the same products at a flea market... that poor chap had to put a $2 price on something he bought from SMC for $7... supposed to retail at $14.95. Of course their shipping charges are way out of line, too. It's shameful that they can target people like us who believe we may be able to make a living at it because they claim it. False advertising is against the law, isn't it? Meanwhile, I can barely make my mortgage payment while SMC takes my money.

6/3/2006 - Sherece writes:
SMC is a joke. The infomercial shows how you can get started for as little as $29.95 and immediately I was sold. I thought it was easy to do and that the products they were selling would be something worthwhile. When I received the package, I didn't open it at all until one day I decided to check it out. Within about 2 weeks I received a bill for $350 dollars!!! I was like what?? I immediately called only to be given the run around. I immediately sent it back about two days later only to find that they had already placed my name into the collection agency where my "debt" is growing. They even have the nerve to write me and say that they are sorry for the inconvenience but my name is in the collection agency. With all the bizarre happenings I must conclude: SMC IS A SCAM. PLEASE STAY AWAY.

5/4/2006 - Kelly writes:
I ordered the starter kit for 39.95,I didn't like the program so I followed all procedures they said in order to get my $ back(minus shipping)I was way below my 30 days trial...They BILLED me for 29.95 AFTER I returned their junk!!!! I'm out almost 50.00 because they are a huge scam artist!

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