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4/18/2006 - Ann writes:
I ordered SMC without checking it out first. BIG mistake. ONly after you join you realize that the products they sell are EVERYWHERE! I thought I was going to make a go selling their stuff on ebay, but after I joined and got access to the list of products, I found that ebay is EXPLODING with SMC vendors, big mega powersellers pushing these items out at prices that you as a measly new beginner can't even DREAM of matching! They are selling their stuff at pennies more than what they pay for it through SMC, so how are you supposed to be able to sell something for tens and sometimes hundreds of dollars more? As an example they might put a product to be retailed by you for $39, ad you buy it from them for $12. "GREAT" you think, "thats profit!" WRONG! How can you sell it on ebay for $39 when all around you there are sellers charging $12.50 for the same product?? And their "help" with setting up an internet store, well that cost MORE money if you want them to help you with that, but also how are going to drive customers into your store? It is just floating out there on the web, and also regular searches on their products pop up SOOOO many results the chance of your little internet-store coming up is slim. Real wholesellers wont charge you to let you buy their products. And they sure as hell wont say "pay first, and THEN I will let you see what I have to sell you!" That is what I have learned. I got out quickly before the 30 day period was up, but I read reviews from people still being charged monthly fees on their credit cards after they cancelled. So I am keeping my eyes open! Never ever ever will I fall for any infomercial quick-money get rich fast scam. Boy did I ever learn my lesson. You get rich by working hard. Not by paying $40 and hoping someone else will do it for you. There is always a catch! ALWAYS!

3/30/2006 - Termika writes:
I am a unemployed housewife who recently lost my job due to a personal illness. I ordeded SMC thinking that I would be able to aquire a substancial amount of money, only to be dissapointed and have to purchase more materials when I thought my intial payment for the package would cover such items. SMC failled to make these things clear to me, and acted as if you could start the program with little or no money and earn, money, and now I am in the hole.

3/4/2006 - Lynn writes:
I fell for their ploy and ordered their FAST START program for $499.95.  I was to get 120 days of coaching, and had 30 days to cancel.  I was never contacted by my coach until 40 days into the program.   After that they did not return my calls after leaving messages on their voice-mail.   They did not respond to Emails.  I could not access the members-website until 60 days into the program, would not respond to phone message and Emails that I had a multi hundred $$ order, and then when I got frustrated and MAD and sent nasty Emails, they cut off my membership. They have my $500, I have a box of junk samples they sent. I too will join in a class-action lawsuit against them.  The founders are probably rolling over in their graves by the way the current way SMC conducts "business".

11/26/2005 - David writes:
I received the startup kit, which didn't help much and than I had a hard time trying to get a hold of my recruiter and conveinently they didn't respond untul after the 30 day trial period. Than we were talked into doing a website and that we would have 30 days to cancel. We were unable to get into the site for 30 days nd than we couldn't cancel. Everything else we wanted to do was goinbg to cost us more money. They were unwilling to devulge all the information. If anyone is going for a class action suit agaisnt them we are in.

Kenneth writes:
I purchased a kit for $300 from Specialty Merchandise Corporation.  It gave me access to a wide variety of products for resale and were of a decent quality.  The problem came when I purchased one of their website packages.  I asked several questions and they kept answering yes to each one, so I made the $1500 purchase of the service.  They allow a refund 30 days after charging for the website package, but they charge the credit card and do not allow access to the site until 31 days afterwards.  Once I saw the site, I knew what brand of software they were using, which can be purchased for $40 to $60, and it did not provide what they stated.  After several calls and their just referring to their "Technology", I contacted the Better Business Bureau.  I was trying to make some sort of compromise since I wanted to sell their products, but they refused to budge.   I am waiting to here from my states Attorney General's Office. 

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